Thursday, October 29, 2009

Should Joy Behar have a TV Show?????

Witness Joy Behar as she listens and responds to Gore Vidal discuss George W. Bush.

I will live with the fact that Vidal makes fun of Bush. No doubt that is the thing to do in the land of the liberal loon. However, after Behar listens to Vidal explain that killing Bush is "One murder that I miss not committing," Behar reprehensibly says "Well, it's too late anyway."

Excuse me? A man just "joked" about killing the former president of the United States of America, and the best you have is "Well, it's too late anyway?" I'm not sure about the laws regarding former presidents, but were Bush a sitting president Vidal Gore would be behind bars right now. Imagine someone saying such a thing about Barack Obama.. not right now, but after his time in office. We all know the show host would be losing their job, and the person who made such a comment would be publicly chastised.

The only saving grace here is that Joy Behar has no viewership to speak of.


Opus #6 said...

Of the gals I have watched on the view, Joy is one of my least favorites.

Candle said...

This is absolutely VILE. In my darkest day, in my most drug-induced haze, I would never wish this on an American politician. Totally vile. Totally wrong "comeback", and worthy of no less than firing squad. Laid off? Yes, she should be laid off.

Seriously though, I didn't know she had a show. Not kidding - and I'm normally tuned into these things. I think I may have heard some rumbling about someone from the view wanting a show of her own, but didn't know it happened, or that it was her. Once again Soloman, you're the only audience of these loons :)

Soloman said...

Opus.. I can't stand this louse. She is disgraceful. Period.

Just the idea that she didn't stop the show and put Vidal in his place at that moment is enough that she should be fired, in my opinion.

Soloman said...

Candle - you think I watch this vile piece of dog dung?

I only know about this clip because they played it on O'Reilly's show. Otherwise it would remain in the obscurity it deserves.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't these two in jail for talking about killing a president!!!
And Obama is too smart for this country???!!! LOL
He can't speak without his teleprompter!!!
Her show should be pulled, I can't stand this loud mouth "B"!!!!

tammy said...

I hope Elizabeth Hasselbeck rips her a new one. That was so not right, I don't care who you're talking about.

Soloman said...

Anon - well said.

Soloman said...

Tammy - interestingly enough, Bill O'Reilly was on 'The View' today. I wonder if the subject came up.

O'Reilly definitely knows of this, I saw this on his show. If Elizabeth didn't bring it up, Bill just might have. He's been a champion of calling out media bias for a long time, regardless of who is president.

Pedaling said...

the far left love this imbecile.
she represents them well.

Soloman said...

And all I can say to that, Pedaling, is that what you describe is a perfect display of the liberal's hypocrisy.

Glenn Beck was excoriated over his "Obama's a racist" comment, but any offensive nature in that statement pales in comparison to this tripe.