Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Media Is Spinning Out Of Control

As broadcast on CNN today, as well as reported on by's Keva Andersen, First Lady Michelle Obama spun a hula hoop around her waist a documented (as in somebody actually counted) 142 times before it hit the ground.

In other White House News, President Obama reportedly agreed to commit an additional forty thousand troops to help fight the war against Fox News.

Thank goodness we have integrity in the news media and comedy to relax with late at night...??


The Conservative Lady said...

BO plays hoops and MO hula hoops...hoop hoopty doo.

Soloman said...

TCL - You make me laugh. Not quite in the same way that I laugh at the media these days, but trust me.. that's a compliment. :)

tammy said...

Oh my hell. Hula hooping??

Love the Leno bit. That is too funny.

Anonymous said...

We've all been touched by the Socialist mop. Yuch!!

Soloman said...

"Oh my hell"

Never hear that one before, Tammy. I loved the Leno bit too.. it wouldn't be so funny if it were not so true, you know?

Soloman said...

Nickie... if you mean the dirty mop that's been soaked in socialist slime and filth, and is now being dragged across the beauty that is America's freedoms, I couldn't agree more.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Soloman! I'm trying to catch up on all the news online this week, I was otherwise occupied ;-)

It is just horrid what the media and the so called pres. considers priorities these days! That tombstone for the USA is Right on. Let's hope America can be resurrected one of these days....and they mayhem and destruction that obummer & his commie minions are bringing down on us is not irreversable.
I hope you have a nice weekend and that your kitties have calmed down! Glad you liked the video.

Soloman said...

Hey Bunni.. yeah. I caught the impression you've been having a week. Enjoy your time off!

Cats are much better.. everyone's sleeping again thankfully. That was funny though..