Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Obituary Of The United States: A Must Read At MAINFO

At one time in my life, I was truly complacent and apathetic. I was not a welfare case; in fact I worked two jobs during much of my 20's and early 30's. My complacency was more a lack of concern for politics and what was happening in the world than a lifestyle or political belief system that wanted the government to support me. Therefore I believe I was at that time in my life very different than today's "Progressives" who seem to truly wish for government funded everything. The youth of today obviously have no understanding of how a nation operates, and that government does not create the wealth that funds the social programs they wish to have enacted for their benefit.

What I didn't know, because I didn't learn enough during my years in our public education system, was exactly how unique our Republic was (and still is) in history, and how absolutely vital it is that we preserve freedom. History class was boring for a 17 year old with a driver's license who was on the swim team and a had girlfriend during the early MTV era when they still really were "Music Television."

I was young and I didn't pay enough attention, but I did not understand that at the time. I'm sure the school system taught the basics well, and in the mid 80's when I graduated high school the liberal takeover was not in full effect so I don't think I was taught this revisionist crap they're offering today. I now very much appreciate the high school education I received, as I know full well I developed my "3 R's" better during those years than many are able to, after a full four year Bachelor's degree curriculum.

However, during that time in my life I did learn a great deal about our political system and how Washington, D.C. operates, because I had a very engaging teacher in my Government class. For this I am extremely grateful, as now there is so much happening with regards to our Constitution, and it is so very important to have a handle on what the discussions are all about. I also thoroughly enjoy engaging "Progressives" about issues of The Constitution, because they haven't a clue and I help them find one - even when it is against their will.

I had the great fortune of taking a field trip my senior year to go see Ronald Reagan at a campaign rally in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, just one month or so before the 1984 election. The location was remarkable, as we were surrounded by the tall buildings of the city, and Reagan's words reflected off the walls, creating a slight echo effect. What a thrill that was, even for a young man who didn't understand the history of the moment.

We truly are the "Shining city on a hill" that Reagan spoke of, and as he also said in that famous speech -

"We are told every day that the assembly-line worker is becoming a dull-witted robot and that mass production results in standardization. Well, there isn't a socialist country in the world that would not give its copy of Karl Marx for our standardization."

I wrote this tonight because I was inspired by a post over at Opus #6's great blog, MAINFO. This post presents some fascinating statistics regarding our nation's population. If you don't believe we are still a center-right nation, this information will give you hope. At the same time, the simple fact is that there was just enough shift in the balance to cause the election to the office of president the most radical person ever. I believe this post will both frighten and inspire you, and it is truly a worthy read.


The Conservative Lady said...

Great post, Sol. I'm headed over to Opie's blog now.

Soloman said...

Thanks, TCL - enjoy her post.

Opus #6 said...

Sol, I think we all slept for too long. The creeping socialism/communism as described by Yuri Bezmenov (search my blog for his name to see the shocking video) has been at work in our nation for decades. The changes in our educational system are the most pervasive and damaging. That is how Obama was able to pursue and win the "youth vote". The uneducated youth are ripe for the picking and it is partly our fault.

Thanks so much for the kind link.

Soloman said...

Opus, it is actually now the "educated youth" (who truly are uneducated) that are our danger, because of the changes in our educational system as you mentioned. They have college degrees, but they have less knowledge of the truth than ever.

Glad to link you. Getting the good word out to all we can, we are.

tammy said...

I had seen that before, and was actually going to post it, but the blonde in me made me forget.

I am worried about the youth today too. Of course they're all about sharing the wealth because they have none and think everything should be given to them. I'm always amazed when young people get married and expect to have all that their parents have right away.

Anonymous said...

The loss of any sense of pride in American history is the cancer that keeps spreading. Sol, you and Opie are doing a great job.

BTW, I've added you to my blogroll. Make me proud!

The_Kid said...

When I was in school, I'm quite sure I learned why capitalism works and socialism sucks.

I was able to take those concepts with me from a young age through life and test them out time and time again, and just by the time I graduated high school, I had a lot of it figured out.

Kids don't get ANYTHING like that. What they do get is totally liberal clap trap

Soloman said...

Tammy.. no stealing credit from Opus, she got to it first fair and square... :`)~ lol! I've got my blondie moments too now and then, I know what you mean.

Your statement about young people expecting to have the lifestyle of their parents is spot on.

Soloman said...

Nickie - I couldn't agree more. Knowing our history and being proud, as well as understanding what the future could hold based on the actions of today are vital.

Thanks so much for the add! I'm honored you consider my work worthy of the "New Pamphleteers." I'll not disappoint.

Soloman said...

Kid... I believe I had the lessons of Capitalism instilled in my more at home than at school, although as I mentioned I'm pretty sure my schooling was not harmful, as I'm sure far to often it can be today.

I'm glad to know that at least in my area, kids are taught solid American values. Of course I am in the rather Red State of Arizona, and the area I live in is not one of the newly developed suburbs such as Chandler or Surprise, where I'm willing to bet much more liberal thinking prevails.

The_Kid said...

Sol, there is liberal thought in AZ. How else could one end up with Janet Neapolitan ice cream for a Governorette.

Anyway, when I was out there, I believe it was Gilbert or Chandler that had to have an emergency meeting of the council to put an injunction on housing development until they could enforce some standards. The developers were putting houses so close together, you could literally open your window and shake hands with your neighbor who had his window open.

Point being that there was solid well thought out development in the Phoenix area for decades then all of a sudden it went to hell. I have to include local government in that criticism.

We looked at a house in Gilbert but Ixnay'ed as soon as we noticed you had ot drive a few miles on a 2 lane road to the freeway with a 25-35 mph limit. Speed trap!

And the Ahwatukee area had one way in and one way out for tens of thousands. Probably still that way.

You sure have to watch yourself, which brings us back to these idiots that want to had over total control to the government...