Thursday, October 8, 2009

Obama Money!

Here it is, folks.. remember the lady from the campaign who thought she wouldn't have to pay for gas or pay her mortgage, because of Obama?

Now we have this in Detroit, Michigan.

Welcome to The ObamaNation!


Candle said...

Haha, I was LOOKING for this on youtube and couldn't find it. I was going to stick it on my site and say something like, "Ooo my friend's on that horrible radio show" or something.
Its funny, every time I play this clip, my clock stops, cell phone dies, calculators stop working, people walking by the office faint because they forget to breath. The stupidity is infectious.

Soloman said...

And sadly, they just perpetuate the stereotype...

You really should put it up on yours.. you could always play the left-right game of "see how the enemy mocks us in our time of need, as the great Messiah extends his gracious hand in help" or something.

Your blog is a great concept, and a lot of fun. I give you credit, you're very creative with it and I can't believe some of the off the beaten path stuff you find, like that video with the stereos, or the other one with the Mexican immigrants. Great stuff.

Candle said...

Thanks for the compliments - means more than you know. Its getting hard to come up with new stuff - notice the awful "rush limbaugh / hitler" video which I think fell flat. So your words are encouraging, and that's no platitude.

I may put the 'obama money' one up on the blog tomorrow. Its just draw dropping.

RightKlik said...

Amazing! I'm sharing this on Twitter.

Soloman said...

Candle - platypus? Duck-billed platypus? lol..

BTW - related to the comment thread from your blog - I remember reading your first post, and your first comment or two here. You actually had me believing you were a liberal for about a day. I caught on because of commentary over at Opus' blog, actually...

keep up the good work..

Soloman said...

Hey RightKlik - good to see you again!

Absolutely... share this one around. I was dying today when I heard this on Rush's show..

And they wonder why we associate Obama with the demise of America. "Obama = Free money, who cares where it comes from" is not my idea of an inspirational or American message.

tammy said...

Wow. Amazing, funny and sad all at the same time. Just where was she headed to get this money?

Soloman said...

Tammy - there were a few places in Detroit that were set up to take applications for the money. It seems to be part of the Stimulus, as it was described.

and to all - I've done up a new post on the subject, with a better clip from Rush's show, as well as 2 video clips with some interviews. I also added a bit of commentary - imagine that, me adding commentary?

Anyway - that post is

The Conservative Lady said...

I heard these audio clips a few times. Amazing and this is just the start. These are Obama's idea of the perfect American citizen.

Soloman said...

TCL - you know it.. your words are exactly the words used by Rush on his show. I think
my second post
on this topic, which includes a better clip from his show, catches him using your exact description.

You should have a radio talk show!! lol..