Thursday, October 8, 2009

Obama Money, The Sequel

This is more or less an update and continuation of my previous post. I caught the audio on Rush's show and posted during lunchtime, so I had to work quickly.

For this "update" I'm adding a different audio clip, which includes the previous clip but contains much more of the "man on the street" audio, as well as more commentary from Limbaugh.

I'm also including some video which will explain the situation more thoroughly, as well as some footage of a scene at a different location.

One of the most disturbing things about this entire scenario is the belief that some of these people have - that it is Barack Obama to be thanked for the money they are trying to get their hands on. Granted, this city's problems existed long before Obama took office so Detroit's woes are not completely his fault, but these people do not even understand that this money they are trying to get is coming from other Americans, not Obama.

I also take great pause at the fact that none of these people asked President Obama where the new jobs are for Detroit, rather than thanking him for what is honestly a measly few thousand dollars, as compared to a new way to earn a living and therefore a new lease on life.

This is a sad commentary on the state of political knowledge and awareness in America today. I sincerely believe that the Democratic party is responsible for the dumbing down of Americans to the point that they believe that politicians will save them. Detroit has been run by Democrats for years.

Unions teach liberal voting values, and given the overwhelming number of families from Detroit (as well as other Great Lakes region cities) who have had generations of union members, the attitude prevails in that region that if times get tough, there should be somebody there to take care of things. Barack Obama is emblematic of this syndrome.

Anyway - off the unions and back to the issue of the day - I would like to point out that not all of the people interviewed present this helpless liberal viewpoint. The man near the end of the first video clip seemed very willing and determined to work, and mentioned that he knows many around him feel the same. Additionally, there is a woman interviewed in the second video who really handed it to the city of Detroit, and I say good for her. She clearly saw the chaos and lack of organization surrounding these events and rightfully made mention of the fact that nobody in Detroit's city management seems willing to take responsibility.

And really that's what a lot of this entire story is about - responsibility, or the lack thereof.


Candle said...

What kills me is that they are getting my money, for utilities or housing or whatever, for FREE, and they are complaining. "Oh my God I have to stand in a line"...."Oh my it sure is crowded"... "Oh no they are out of forms"... I could care less, its free money. How about "oh deary no, what will I do when the money runs out? How will I get more money?"
Great point about them needing to question where the jobs were, and the democrats running the place for years. Some Republican needs to blitz the airways saying, "stop electing democrats, you fools". Let him get real nasty about it too. It'll get some play, and since he's not looking for friends, he might get some kind of viral grudging respect. I dunno. He won't get elected the normal way. Ok dumb idea. I just wanted to call them fools.

LL said...

They'll elect anyone who's willing to pick somebody else's pocket for their benefit.

Amusing Bunni said...

They act worse than rabid weasels at the zoo. This is going to happen nationwide thanks to the democrats and their crazy leader, obama.

I see these types in Chicago all day...they are crowding up the busses with a stroller filled with 5 or 6 kids, and just collecting welfare and cashing in food stamps...then complaining when they have to wait in line. They eat better than I do. I'm disgusted with the whole sorry mess., and their "messiah".

Soloman said...

Candle - I agree about the complaints. To some degree I sympathise with the older woman with the cane who has a bad hip, but at the same time, that pain will never equal the pain of homelessness or starvation; she should be grateful.

Sadly, this is conditioning that comes from being the richest nation - and even more interesting is that I honestly think a lot of the most rich (those who have personally earned it) would have a more survivalist attitude than those who, by American standards, "suffer" on a daily basis.

This nation needs a serious wake up call.

Soloman said...

LL - if by 'they' you mean the unfortunate who have been conditioned to believe that liberal policy is their salvation, I agree wholeheartedly.

Soloman said...

Bunni - God I hope this kind of problem does not go nationwide.

I see this kind of behavior here in Phoenix too. What's amazing about this city is that since it has been developed slowly over time by those who had entrepreneurial spirit and then flooded within the last 10-20 years by liberal ne'er-do-wells, in some parts of town we literally have welfare abusing trailer trash and ghetto mommies shopping in the same grocery stores as some of the most socially elite in town. Makes for interesting people watching, to be sure!!

Even worse... now that I think about it - many of the people from both sides I just described voted for the Obamessiah. For totally different reasons, or course, but wow.. there's some good fun!!

One Ticked Chick said...

This is what happens in a nanny state. Rob people of the iniative to work and the pride that comes with standing on your own two feet.

Soloman said...

Ticked Chick.. in the case of some.. probably most - absolutely.

I did notice (and pointed out) that some in the videos seemed more than eager to work, or in the case of the one lady, more than capable of seeing that the city leaders were inept.

Ultimately, Detroit is the perfect example of what becomes of a people who buy into the Democratic party mantra that they are the answer for everyone and everything. Pretty much as you said - nanny state.

Sadly, between the overbearing unions and hyper-greedy execs destroying the American auto industry, and the liberal politicians raising taxes and creating massive social programs, Detroit is in shambles.

too bad.. it's a beautiful part of the country with great natural resources, and now nobody in their right mind wants to move there...