Friday, October 15, 2010

Tides Foundation CEO Claims Fox News Advertisers "Will Have Blood On Their Hands"

To say the left is running scared is an understatement.

On Huffington Post tonight, an article describes the most recent attempt by the leftist propaganda machine to discredit radio talker and Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck.

The founder and CEO of Tides Foundation, a man named Drummond Pike, has reportedly written advertisers asking them to remove their sponsorship of Beck's Fox News Channel program or risk having "blood on their hands."

Mr. Pike penned a letter on Friday to the Chairmen of the Boards of JP Morgan Chase, GEICO, Zurich Financial, Chrysler, Direct Holdings Americas, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Lilly Corporate Center, BP, and The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

In this letter, he detailed the alarm he felt over having a "person carrying numerous guns and body armor" attempt to start a "revolution" by murdering "my colleagues and me."

The article from the self described "Internet Newspaper" describes how the radical leftists and Mr. Pike allege that a recent shootout with California Highway Patrol and arrest of a delusional psychotic 45-year old man named Byron Williams was inspired by none other than grand puppet-master Glenn Beck.

Facts, however, are tricky things.

Williams' own mother was well aware of her son's mental problems, which according to her stemmed from is inability to cope with society following his release from prison more than 2 years ago for a bank robbery conviction.

When interviewed shortly after her son's arrest (by an ABC local affiliate), Janice Williams said she knew the gunman was her son, 45-year-old Byron Williams.

"I have no doubt it is him," Williams said. "I looked in my driveway. My truck was gone, and then went to my gun safe and my guns were gone."

"He's ruined his life because now he is going back to prison and he's ruined mine because he is my only son," Williams said.

Williams said her son had also felt ostracized at church following his parole.

In addition to his job woes, Byron was extremely upset over the U.S. political climate, often ranting at the TV about how his rights were being taken away by the government.

"He's been upset with the direction the country is going," Williams said. "He feels the people of this country are being raped by our government and politicians."

Williams said her son also blamed politicians for destroying the U.S. economy.

Since the arrest of Williams, the left has made every effort possible to affiliate his psychotic break to Glenn Beck, particularly his analysis of Tides Foundation.

However, in the following jailhouse interview, Byron Williams clearly differs with Beck in many thoughts, even stating that Beck is "Not too bright in that area."

Williams also states very clearly that he knows Beck advocates peaceful resolutions, and admits that he absolutely disagrees with Beck in this regard.

Williams offers that he was well aware of Tides Foundation long before Glenn Beck began to disseminate information about the anti-capitalist organization. He clearly expresses his belief that Fox News Channel does not pursue issues to their fullest extent, and that they seem to "drop issues" before reaching a complete resolution of the facts.

Williams does admit that he enjoys Beck, and that Fox News Channel is his network of choice "because they are conservative," but says he also watched CNN and local news. He labeled himself a "news junkie."

Not exactly the words of a sheeple following his shepherd, which is certainly what the left-wing would have you believe of people like Williams and others.. like say peaceful bloggers, perhaps...?

Meanwhile, back at the "Blame America or a Conservative first" ranch, Tides' CEO Pike believes that that nothing short of financial insolvency will stop the shepherd of the uneducated, zombie-fied masses, therefore he asks the network's benefactors to take a stand or risk future violence.

In a moment of (for lack of better description) journalistic clarity, Huffington Post writer Sam Stein describes Tides Foundation as "A non-partisan entity whose stated goal is the promotion of social justice."

(laughter break)

Journalist Stein continues by stating that Tides has, up to this point, been remarkably silent with regards to the steady stream of hyperbolic criticism coming from Beck's program.

However, the journalist explains, the recent incident involving Williams - who apparently has been (conveniently) described as a "Progressive Hunter," although I can find no record of that being a self-imposed title - has "undoubtedly forced the organization to recalibrate its public relations mindset."

Mr. Pike wrote an op-ed for shortly after the arrest of Byron Williams, and to contrast that piece with his current statements, I'd say it's rather clear that the "recalibration" Pike is undertaking is quite simple:

Blame Glenn Beck.