Friday, October 23, 2009

Are you Taliban?

I've heard this rhetoric on Huffington Post in the comments section. I expect it from the Berkeley types that populate that echo chamber.

In the era of the War on the Fox News Channel, however, one might expect that other "news" agencies would consider the contemptuous remarks they allow their commentators to put out on the airwaves.

Pay specific attention to the effort Chris Matthews makes to get this statement out before the end of the segment. He was stopped by the continuing conversation more than once, but absolutely made it known where he stands regarding Conservatism.

Given the nature of the statement made by Chris Matthews in the following video, one might assume that either MSNBC has no concern for the possibility of the White House cracking down on them in the same fashion as they have on Fox News Channel, or the White House takes no issue with statements such as this.

As Fox News Channel famously says: We report, You decide.


Candle said...

Wow that statement didn't even fit in properly with the topic, which was "Do the Afghans want us to stay?" He just threw it out there, unattached to anything. Great point about them not fearing a Whitehouse crackdown. Also, the non-bald, non-tingly guy's an idiot. Rather than answer the question, he began to invalidate the person asking it, calling it a "red herring". When you can't argue logically, attack. Dum dums.

You do realize we just doubled their ratings, right?

Pedaling said...

i guess, i am.

who knew?

blackandgoldfan said...

Yep. Just don't make me wear a burqa. I'll whoop someone's a$$.

One Ticked Chick said...

They're all bomb throwers over at MSNBC. I don't take anyone who gets tingly things up his leg seriously. What's really disturbing is Ron Reagan, Jr. They must have dropped him on his head when he was baby.

The_Kid said...

What Candle said.

And the right are not all religious. Another tactic they use to paint conservatives with labels they know the left shy away from.
Relisuous, Evangelical, etc. Never just conservative.

Conservative means: For the Constitution, Small Government period.

The_Kid said...

PS - They totally invalidate themselves with these comments. When people come to their senses, and they will someday, these bastions of assholery will serve as the laughing stock to fuel the future land of critical thought.

tammy said...

I'm part of the Taliban now? I didn't realize.

Soloman said...

Candle -

Great catch with the "red herring" statement. That non-bald, non-tingly guy, if you don't know, is Ron Reagan, the gay son of Ronald Reagan - the liberal squack boxes love to bring him on; they use him as an attempt to marginalize a man they know they will never have an answer or equal to.

And damn... we've more than doubled their ratings now.. look at all the Taliban here commenting!

Soloman said...

Pedaling.. I had you pegged as Taliban all along :`)~

Soloman said...

B&G -

Based on my comment on your blog about the Steelers tix, you know how I'd have it.

Women would have whatever they wanted as long as it makes them happy, because happy women means men living peace-filled lives!

Soloman said...

Hey Ticked.. I agree, I'm not sure what happened to Jr, other than he's gay and so he got on with the 'gay' agenda which tends to lean far left.

Of course his dad was more liberal in his youth, so there's still hope for him, but we're in a different age today, no doubt.

Soloman said...

Kid, I fully agree that they totally invalidate themselves with their rhetoric.

That's what amazes me about this entire 'debate' right now; the left is clearly angry, disrespectful, and telling untruths. No doubt there are some on the right who push the envelope, even Glenn Beck's "Obama's a racist" comment was made with some reason. This is just hateful, plain and simple.

Unfortunately, as we've discussed before, we're now educating a society of non-educated or ill-informed people who either can't see the absolutely incredible falsehood that liberalism at their level represents because they're literally not smart enough, or they are sold on the leftist bill of goods to the point that they won't step outside their own little world and see the big picture.

Soloman said...

Tammy... just as with Pedaling, you were easy to spot.

Congratulations, you are officially outed as Taliban :`)~

Teresa said...

Matthews is a fucking douchebag. He isn't even on point in his own segment. The man is a disgrace. He lives in a fantasy land and believes that if they all sing kumbaya while holding hands with our enemies that everything will be peaceful in the World. What a delusional bastage.

The_Kid said...

Soloman, Oddly, I'm not much of a Beck fan or even a Rush fan, though I generally agree with a lot of what they say.

Obama a racist?, Hell, all ya need is the 'typical whitey' comment.
And he's Anti-American. As I've said before he was taught to hate America to the point that made it impossible for him to absorb any of America's greatness.

Liberals live in a fantasy world, which is why they flail about wildly when a piece of information comes along that threatens to deflate that fantasy world.

As far as talk radio hosts, I enjoy listening to Mike McConnell, which is local Cincinnati, but is nationwide on Saturday from 12 - 3 pm our your local clear channel station. Though I don't agree with everything he says either, there is a total lack or hype and emotionalism that you get from Beck or Rush.

Dr. Dave said... and Osama were just talking about this last night over some nice sour goat's milk. But then Osama got a thrill up his leg and said I had to leave so he could pleasure himself to this video.

I had to go out and beat up one of my wives just to calm down.

Soloman said...

Teresa - how do you really feel? lol..

Seriously.. can you believe this guy wanted to run for office in PA? I know they've got liberals in PA, but I can't believe any of 'em are this lost, except maybe if he ran for the House as a rep from Philly or somewhere far east coast. Even Pittsburgh in the city isn't this looney left, as I know B&G can attest to..

Soloman said...

Kid - I guess my point there was for comparison's sake, as much as anything. I don't know if you listened to the audio I linked, but Beck really broke down with great clarity why he called Obama a racist.

That's something I've never heard Olbermann or Matthews do.. they just say we're racist, and it must be because we don't like Obama. Check a policy difference at the door there, asswipe??

Anyway.. I also like Dennis Prager, who's on opposite of Rush during weekdays(12-3pm Eastern). He's very mellow, and has a few hours a week where he strays from politics. I have a desk job that allows me to have a radio on in the background.. kinda lucky since I enjoy the forum.

Soloman said...

Dave.. you kill me.. WTF do I say to that?

Oh well, I'm sure the other wives will clean the cave for you..

The_Kid said...

Soloman, I didn't listen to the whole thing. For me, it's a case of preaching to the choir. I did hear the audio he played of Obama saying he didn't know shit about what was going on at Cambridge, but was sure the police acted stupidly. What else do you need to know !!! Talk about freakin racial profiling !!!

FME! ...Makes me wanna grab a baseball bat...
You know - and play some baseball.

Just seems to me Beck and Rush are more entertainers than information givers. Rush even says so as far as I know.
Not putting ANYONE down. Personally, I just can't spend that much time in the bowels of politics. I see what's going on and can easily extrapolate from there.