Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gallup: Guns Aren't Bad, M'Kay?

Americans now more than any time over the past ten years believe that gun laws should be less strict, or not be changed.

According to a Gallup survey released October 9th, 43% of Americans believe gun laws should remain as they are currently, while 12% believe they should be lessened, for a total of 55%. Meanwhile, 44% believe America needs more restrictions placed on firearms.

These figures present a drastic shift in beliefs even from one year ago, when 49% believed gun laws needed to be more strict, while 41% advocated less strict laws and 8% believed they were just fine. Even more intriguing are the differences between the 2009 numbers and the results from ten years ago, when 66% believed gun laws were not strict enough, while a combined 33% were fine with the laws or believed they could be lessened.

Not completely surprising were the breakdown of the numbers by demographic. Liberal Democrats overwhelmingly favor more strict laws, although surprisingly 28% of those who declared themselves "Republican" favored tighter controls on guns, with a combined 62% of independents stating less or constant laws were sufficient.

For more information, including further breakdowns by demographic, Gallup has provided the following video:


Amusing Bunni said...

Mr. M....He's a hoot.....I love that episode where his head is floating around like a ballon.

Funny you should do this gun post today, I saw a video everyone should watch.

This might change the mind of the misguided fools who think gun control & destroying our second amendment rights are a good thing.

Soloman said...

Bunni - love the vid you linked, what a perfect depiction of what it's really all about!

Sadly, your idea will never fly. I've been in many a debate at HuffPo with the lefty loons, and they swear that more strict gun laws makes for a safer America.

I always tell them they're welcome to post a sign on their front lawn advertising their home as a gun-free zone. No real takers yet..

j summ said...

your story reminds me of one i did in march for ski over at global domination. i've re-posted it on my site. sorry about your back, hope you start feeling better.

Soloman said...

j summ - checked out your post - amazing, isn't it, how with liberals no good deed can go unblemished by a new law?


Steve: The Lightning Man said...

You can definitely tell me & Jim were in the Army one else calls me "Ski" LOL!

My gun is perfectly controlled. It sits next to my bed ready to "deter" any intruders not scared off by the dogs.

The_Kid said...

Mass murder in America in the last 2 decades has occurred in gun free zones. Schools, Offices, Universities.

They can keep Meth out of the hands of 13 year olds, how does anyone think they'll keep guns away from criminals.

It's a friggin mental disease.

The_Kid said...

Sorry... CAN'T keep meth out of the hands of 13 yr olds.

Soloman said...

Steve - I liked your statement in your addition to j summ's post - "Gun control is being able to hit your target" I believe it said?

Soloman said...

Kid - absolutely true that there's no way to stop people from getting what they want... even (and sometimes more so) when it's something they don't need.