Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hogg Finally Challenged

I want to get away from the media hype and start focusing on the facts of history, regarding why our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms was a vital part of the beginning of The Revolutionary War, and why we must maintain our Rights in order to protect America.

But tonight I must say; it is nice that someone in the media finally challenged David Hogg, the newly minted child advocate for “common sense gun laws, at least a little bit.” His rhetoric has been ill-informed, and beyond reprehensible.

It is worth noting that Hogg will not appear on any news network where he might face scrutiny or difficult questions. Nor will he be interviewed by any individual who might ask him questions that differ with his own sheltered opinions.

He also refuses to debate a fellow Parkland student whose opinions lean towards the protection of The Second Amendment and the individual’s right to responsibility keep and bear arms.

But setting that aside for a moment, Hogg is still wrong about Senator Rubio.

By all accounts, Senator Marco Rubio is a decent man who wishes no harm, nor ill will, towards another human being.

Hogg is also wildly misinformed about the NRA. Or, he is using lies as talking points to promote an anti-Constitutional agenda.

The National Rifle Association is not in the business of promoting the killing of children, or anyone for that matter. The NRA at its core is an organization that promotes the safe and responsible use of firearms. It also happens to lobby Congress towards the protection of The Second Amendment of The Constitution of The United States of America.

For the sake of comparison:

Planned Parenthood is also a lobbying organization. It publicly promotes what it calls family planning and women’s health.

But Planned Parenthood also performed 323,999 abortions in 2014, according to statistics givens to CNN. And that’s likely a consistent number, year over year.

Planned Parenthood lobbies for the protection of abortion rights, which means it lobbies for its own right to take the lives of unborn human beings, under the guise of “women’s health.”

That means whether or not I like it, some of my taxes are paying for abortions. Many, including this American, consider that fact a violation of our First Amendment, which protects our religious liberty from the intrusion of government.

The NRA is funded by individuals and companies. It receives no taxpayer funding. It is true that firearms manufacturers donate to the organization.

Planned Parenthood was involved in the organization of the so-called “March For Our Lives” rallies held nationwide last weekend.

I find it deeply ironic that an organization that lobbies our government for its own right to take life as a business, is promoting children in their advocacy against another organization which does not take life, nor promote such immoral behavior.

Friday, March 23, 2018

About That Omnibus...

There are no two ways about it; Planned Parenthood kills unborn children.

In addition to "100 years of providing education, information, and services to help you make informed choices about your sexual and reproductive health” Planned Parenthood performs hundreds of thousands of abortions each year... 323,999 in 2014, according to information provided to CNN.

Additionally, Planned Parenthood is a huge political funding and lobbying organization. In 2016 it contributed $4,070,102 to candidates seeking federal office (all Democrats). Over the years 2015-2016, Planned Parenthood spent over $2.35 million working towards the election of only one political party, as well as maintaining its own right to kill unborn children.

Furthermore, Planned Parenthood is, albeit indirectly, one of the largest supporters of the so-called “March For Our Lives” event taking place tomorrow. This event sounds great, and I am quite certain many well-meaning people will attend.

I hope it’s an educational experience for all... perhaps there will be readings from TheConstitution, or The Federalist Papers... I hear Federalist No. 46 is an excellent read...

But if we’re being honest, the “March For Our Lives” is really a Democratic Party anti-gun rally.

Sadly, it seems a handful of outspoken if not somewhat undereducated children who lived through a horrific experience have now been co-opted by a couple of cable networks and a few “news” outlets, as well as a handful of prominent Democrat politicians.

Don’t believe me? Try to find Kyle Kashuv being interviewed on CNN or MSNBC... or anywhere in the "mainstream" media

Count how many Democrats make speeches at these rallies tomorrow compared to the number of Republicans invited. It’s not because Republicans don’t care about the safety of kids in schools; it’s because the ideasRepublicans offer don’t involve removing Constitutional Rights from law abiding citizens.

I am willing to accept some abortions are done for medically sound reasons, and I’m willing to understand the idea of termination due to rape or incest. But evidence has been presented repeatedly that shows Planned Parenthood helps (if not encourages) teenagers to have abortions as a form of birth control, often without parental consent.

I am not willing to accept teenagers who don’t even understand The Constitution telling me that my rights are less important than their friend’s embarrassment about carrying a tampon in a backpack.

And I don’t appreciate my tax dollars funding any political party. I don’t want my hard-earned dollars funding Planned Parenthood and the Democrat Party through a spending bill, the same as I know some would say of the Republicans and the NRA. Therefore, neither.

Today President Trump signed a spending bill that, amongst other incredibly unnecessary things, gives $500mil to Planned Parenthood.

As much as I have appreciated some of the accomplishments of his administration, as far as I’m concerned, taxpayers continuing to fund Planned Parenthood is a fireable offense. 

Because as I’ve said since I started writing here in 2009; it’s not about right or left… it’s about what is right and what is wrong.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

In Defense of The Second Amendment

Tonight, March 18th, 2018, the CBS news documentary show " 60 Minutes" is airing an interview with some of the students who survived the February 14th shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

I am interested to see which students are interviewed.

Or, more correctly, I am interested to see if some students are not interviewed, and what if any statement is made by the news team at CBS.

Regardless, I will be watching,

Afterwards, I will return here.

And when I return, I will begin to work in defense of The Second Amendment, in the one place I feel I can most effectively help the cause of saving our nation.

Because it is my firmly held belief that without The Second Amendment, we cannot defend any other. Our Founding Fathers understood this, and they documented it with great clarity, in their time. Of course they weren't of the time of YouTube, and 1:30 snippets of cable news, or social media pages like "Occupy Democrats," where information can just be put out there without reasonable challenge, and then shared across the world at the touch of a finger...

But for now, I’m off to ride… I've got a steel horse out there I call Liberty, and we're off to listen to the sound of freedom for a minute.

God Bless.