Monday, March 22, 2010

A Victory For Common Sense...?

Last night we learned that Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak is just as much a DemocRat and abortion proponent as the rest of the slime-balls on the left side of the aisle in Congress and The White House. Amazingly, this man who attempted to portray such an honorable position for so long has now placed his faith in the most pro-abortion president in our nation's history.

Last night we watched in disgust as San-Fran-Nan joked about bets being placed about the exact number of YEA votes in the final tally. We witnessed the horror of her pathetic attempt to portray this unconstitutional monstrosity of a legislative debacle as something worthy of mention alongside the greatness of our Founders and The Declaration of Independence.

Yesterday we were forced to witness the disgraceful behavior of the leftists as they gathered around Speaker Pelosi, who insisted on using the same gavel used in 1965 to pass Medicare reform.

Last night we listened and watched as the leftists hissed and booed at Minority Leader John Boehner as he gave an impassioned speech which included his request for a simple call of the role - a request for each member to stand and be counted as he or she cast their vote.

Last night and this morning, we once again saw headlines from the leftist "lame-stream media" as they attempted to denigrate the Tea Parties and anyone who voiced disdain for this abhorrent gathering of special interests payoffs and special favors. Patriotic Americans were accused - without proof aside from the words of known race-baiters Sheila Jackson Lee, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and James Clyburn - of spitting on Congressional representatives and using racial epitaphs. Mind you, should these accusations be true the actions described are reprehensible, but just as disgraceful (and maybe more so) is the willingness of an entire media to run with a story with absolutely zero validation, based purely on political ideology.

Last night we witnessed Barack Hussein Obama as he attempted to credit those who voted for this legislation for voting with "courage and conviction."

Last night we watched as Barack Hussein Obama had the nerve to call the passing of this legislation "A victory for common sense."


Common sense did not experience victory last night on the floor of The House of Representatives.

Common sense experienced victory today as America's sleeping giant awoke to the dawn of a new era. If there was ever a doubt about exactly who we are dealing with currently in elected office, that doubt was shredded last night as one liberal leader after another championed this purely partisan debacle of legislation as something grandiose to the level of Social Security and Medicare.

Exactly; and thank you for the clear definition, leftist liberal leaders.

I for one am so grateful that the left are willing to champion this new legislation in the same fashion that they champion the two most fiscally destructive social programs in the history of The United States. Social Security and Medicare are currently responsible for approximately $91 trillion of unfunded liabilities, and if Medicare Part D (Prescription Drugs) are added in the total unfunded liabilities reach closer to $108 trillion.

As Wisconsin's Paul Ryan said last night, there is a lot wrong with this bill. However, last night's vote was not simply a choice regarding health care, it was a choice about what kind of nation we are to be moving forward.

We now have two clear paths from which we can choose: the path of dependence on the government which will eventually lead to financial ruin and the destruction of America, or the path of individual sovereignty which will lead to great possibility and offer the only possibility for the continuation of The United States of America as the greatest nation on God's Earth.

We can choose to be the great monolith of non-thinkers who simply trust that the entitled class knows best, as they tell us we should all be cradled from womb to tomb as we are given equal results, having no opportunity for individual excellence or prosperity, or we can choose to resist the restrictive nature of progressivism, instead striving to utilize all of our God-given talents and accepting that we are all born into this world with equal rights and opportunity, but the results are directly affected by the cause of our actions.

As we make these choices, over the past forty-eight hours one thing has become crystal clear: True Conservatism is the only path to success in America.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Ah, November is a sweet month.

Soloman said...

Odie -

This November most certainly will be...

Urban Pink said...

Wow, your certainty that there is only one path to success in America is stunning and so limiting. How in the world does having health insurance limit our individual excellence and opportunity? I think you're protecting the entitled class. I think we benefit by taking a progressive step and I hope we can do the same with medicine, science and technology. We're behind other nations in those areas, do you all care about THAT stuff, ya know, SCIENCE? Obama does.

Soloman said...

Protecting the entitled class?

What the fuck does that mean? I'm from an average middle class family. My dad busted his ass, just to be laid off during the end of the Carter recession. He owned his own business during the Reagan era, because that's what Reagan brought to America - the ability for the individual to succeed.

I have a few college classes but no degree. I'm a high school graduate. I make just over $30K a year and have been working a four day work week for the past year because of the "progressive" agenda of TARP and the Stimulus.

I have no desire for the entitled class. They are the people who support your man Obama. Soros, Buffett (although he's backed off quite a bit), Gore, Gates, Wall Street, Universities - those are the entitled class, and that's who you think I'm protecting?


Having health insurance doesn't limit anything.

Having the government mandate the purchase of anything is unconstitutional, and using the IRS to enforce that mandate or collect fines for those who choose not to comply is simply thuggish. Also, the government is, step-by-step, dismantling everything that is capitalism and pro-business in America.

Our government owns two of the three American auto manufacturers. They own the mortgage industry. They now control the medical insurance industry, and by default control the health care industry. They now completely control the funding for higher education - how is that possibly good?

We are witnessing the escalation of a completely out of control government, and it is nothing near what the American Founders had in mind when they risked their lives over 200 years ago. They left England and King George because of exactly these types of governmental impositions into the lives of the citizens of that era.

My final thought - think long and hard about this one... the same political party (Dem) that has for years screamed that government has no business being involved in a person's body because of the abortion debate, now wants complete control of every person's body with this health care legislation, and they want everyone's tax dollars to pay for the issue (abortion) at the heart of the first debate.

And don't try to sell this as not being government control. Insurance companies will be out of business in less than ten years, and all that will be left is government - single payer - which is a disaster.