Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today on March 17, 2009, a relatively humble guy from Phoenix, Arizona sat down in front of his computer and began a rambling account of an afternoon out at a place called Oggi's, where he had a beer and a small pizza and met a bunch of others who normally weren't very politically active.

Motivated by Glenn Beck's We Surround Them event, this patriotic individual had come home the night of Friday, March 13, 2009 and signed up for the local "Meetup" group that evolved into a 9.12 project group.

Not feeling like joining that group was enough, and uncertain what would come of this new "membership," he decided that he should use whatever tools and skills he had in front of him, so he looked into what was needed to write a blog.

Why a blog, you ask? Well, he had a computer, and he had an internet connection. So far, so good. He had taken a composition class during a short-lived venture into secondary education and had received nothing but 'A' grades for his work, and his classmates always wanted to do study groups with him, so he figured he must be a decent writer.

So the account of the events of March 13, 2009 were written, and The Wisdom of Soloman had begun.

It was a slow start, as I'm sure many bloggers understand. March brought just one other posting - a discussion about some time spent on my favorite hate-filled liberal stomping ground, The Huffington Post. This new blogger didn't know much about what he was doing back then. No links to external sources validating statements, nobody to have discussions with about his writings. He had installed this neat little thing on the side of his blog for "followers," but didn't even know what that meant, and really didn't know much about where to find other blogs written by like-minded individuals.

April, May, June, July... six posts total across those four months. He had a couple of people add themselves as "followers" (Thanks to Track-A-'Crat, Jill from Pundit and Pundette, Nickie Goomba, and Opus at MAINFO, some of my first followers!) but didn't have a whole lot of interaction.

Then Van Jones and the radical smear-machine attacked Glenn Beck, and by proxy smeared the blogger who was searching for inspiration. A post was written on the blog, a letter sent to Glenn Beck offering support, and - the rest is history, as they say.

The aforementioned blogger had found his inspiration, and since then - with the exception of a couple of sicknesses, a wonderful Christmas break, and one or two spells of blogger's block - The Wisdom of Soloman has been a bustling scene of activity.

Along the way through all of this, the blogger (who by now you certainly know is me) has had a wonderful array of experiences.

I've been inspired by some incredible writers. I've even written some pieces I'm actually impressed with from time to time.

I've made some friends through online discussion, and I value all of you who visit me here in my little corner of the blogosphere.

I believe that through this experience I've grown as a person. I also believe that I have gained more wisdom by learning from all of you than is imaginable. I can only hope that I am able to offer the same.

I honestly take great pride in being one of the people who someday will be looked back upon as those who saved America. We all - including me - probably feel rather small and insignificant as we fight this monstrous political machine that wishes to strip us of our individual liberties.

Of course, our fight will never be finished. As I write this, in the background on TV is Chris Matthews playing clips of presidents including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Richard Milhous Nixon, James Earl Carter, William Jefferson Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama... all discussing how important this damned health care legislation has been throughout the years.

Of course it is important - to politicians. They think they are giving us something as they do this, but what they don't understand is that we have all we need as long as we have freedom, and with this legislation that must be defeated, they are attempting to take away our freedom.

I've said this before because I sincerely believe this is true: we all have many things to do with our time. We have commitments to family, work, friends, community, church, and so much more. The fact that out of all the things you could do with your time, you come to visit me - well, it's beyond humbling.

So with this post, I celebrate my first anniversary as a blogger, and I thank you all very much.

God Bless us, each and every one, and God Bless The United States of America.


Opus #6 said...

Soloman, I remember when your blog was new. You had quality back then as you do now. A good writer is a good writer. And you speak from the heart, making your works a pleasure to read. Thank you for your toil in service of our country. And thank you for sticking with it through the long weeks and year on and on. Our nation is worth all of this and more.

Yours in patriotism,
Opus #6

Soloman said...

Thanks Opus... you make me blush :)

Pedaling said...

happy anniversary.
the words and thoughts you write here are a pleasure to read!

Soloman said...

Pedaling -

Thanks, friend.. I enjoy your blog as well - even some of the non-political stuff is fun for a wonk like me once in a while!

Just a conservative girl said...

God Bless you as well.

We have a fight on our hands, but with people like you on my side, makes it easier to believe we will win - eventually anyway.

It is so funny, so many of us started right around the same time. I started in April, Cliff over ABC, Left Coast Rebel. Great minds I guess.

Z said...

So glad you're part of this part of the blogosphere..OUR part!
Congratulations, Soloman...keep writing and keep fighting!

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Happy Blogiversary! I'm so so so happy that you're here and fighting the fight with us. You rock!

Bungalow Bill said...

Congrats. I was reading that over 95% of blogs are abandoned in the first year. It's tough to get an audience, but you have done well!

Thanks for your support in helping to defeat big R Republican Billy Long at

Adrienne said...

Happy Blogoversary, Soloman. Keep up the good work!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You're still rambling Soloman. Congratulations on your first of many years of inspiring and informing others ... me included.

The_Kid said...

Soloman, you put out a great contribution here. You're on the short list.

As far as government, I have very little use for it. I was talking with a friend at lunch, and the only thing I get from the federal government that is worth a damn is national defense, and all of it's associated supporting mechanisms.

Aside from that - Nothing - The states can take care of people truly in need in some way or other, so I'm not forgetting about those thing - all of them can be taken care of by the state.

I think I'll turn this into a post...

Best regards,

Chris W said...

Happy anniversary Soloman. You have a great blog and something to say. The interweb is a better place because of you.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Happy One Year Anniversary!

I remember March 13, 2009. I watched Glenn's 9.12 Project with 200 other people. I was blogging at the time but felt it wasn't enough.

Never enough...

tammy said...

Happy Blogiversary! I always enjoy what you write and kind of feel a bond to you since we're both in AZ. Keep up the good work!

Clifton B said...

Happy Anniversary Soloman. Sorry I missed the big day, I did not notice your email the other day.

The story how WoS came to be is similar to mine, frustration turned to motivation. I look forward to seeing you celebrate many more!

Soloman said...


Great minds indeed...

Soloman said...

Z -

I too am glad that I am now on the right side of the discussion!

Soloman said...

Fuzzy -

Thanks... and You Rock! Glad we're in it together!

Soloman said...

BB -

Those are interesting numbers - I'd never heard them.

Glad to help.

Soloman said...

Adrienne -

Thanks! One year in, and going strong!

Soloman said...

Odie -

Rambling indeed... glad you enjoy!

Soloman said...

Kid -

I'm on the short bus? heh.

Seriously, though.. thanks for the compliments.

Soloman said...

Chris W. -

Thank you, much appreciated.

Soloman said...

Pamela D. Hart -

Thanks! I too remember that day.. it is one of many this year that will be hard to forget, but that day was inspiring on a number of levels.

Soloman said...

Tammy -

Many thanks.. plus I fly SWA, which makes me ultimately cool!

Soloman said...

Cliff -

You didn't miss a thing, 'cause here you are.

Thanks to you for some help along the way, and you too keep up the good work!