Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

First tonight, a great summary of what the left wants us to forget about their behavior as they call us racists, homophobes, misogynists, and criticize us for non-existent violence.

Ah... the good old days when dissent was the highest form of patriotism:

Next, we have CBS reporting on the G20 in Pittsburgh.

Notice how calmly and reasonably the reporter presents her information. She is very unbiased about this clearly ferocious and radical protest:

Finally, a video we all remember all too well, courtesy of CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen:


j summ said...

the kid in pittsburg did have it right, just the wrong administration.
the msm at most probably the governments request, is trying to drown out the peoples

strong conservative leader- marginalize her, SARAH P.

conservatives assembling, exercising their right of free speech, TEA PARTIES- demonize them.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The greatest example of the hypocrisy on the left I've seen. That info babe was really off the deep end. I hope that poor little CNN extremist got out of there alive.

Urban Pink said...

Video 1: War protestors using the same language against a President who spied on Americans before 9-11 and lied us into a war that has yet to benefit us; and the tea party folks use this same language against a healthcare bill. Both have the right to do it. The question is, why does no 2 do it? The left doesn't see an equivalency between what George Bush did and what you think Obama is going to do.

Video 2: Anarchists who appear to be obeying the law except for a city ordinance that requires a permit. Do you think it would be fair to treat tea party folks with a huge police presence like that, for not getting a permit?

Video 3: Obama is not the only President responsible for the debt--and not even the worst. Was that guy that mad when Bush spent his trillions? Obama is spending less and just has different priorities. His healthcare bill has the same mandates (liberty!) as Mittcare.

Anonymous said...

My goodness... so much hate speech. So much anger.

I blame Bush.

ozzie said...

Must have been a whole lot of liars in Congress as well since they all apparently lied us into a war that the UN didn't have the balls to fight. UN to Saddam, "Saddam, if you do it again we're gonna write you another really mean letter, we're serious this time- just keep those checks coming and the oil cheap for us and we may forget about it." 14+ resolutions later and still no action. It's international cowardice like that which leads to nations like Iran and N. Korea developing nuclear weapons. At least Israel will have the stones to take care of the Iran threat, even though we are doing everything we can to get in their way.

The anarchist video was simply there to show examples of the bias in the media in how they treat their citizen dissenters. Remember, we hold the trophy for most violent and radical and hateful of all protestors. Anarchists may as well be playing with Lego's- we bring flags and copies of the Constitution while the Anarchists bring silly effigies to set on fire. They're not even in the same league.

Obama is spending less- either you are lying or you just don't know the facts. My guess is that you are so indoctrinated with liberalism that it is a central part of your identity. To even come to terms with some of the facts disproving your argument is destructive to your belief structure and you would rather ignore said facts and live in ignorance or put up another ego-protective barrier by dismissing everyone else as liars. The more you convince yourself of it, the safer you feel- Whatever you have come to believe is not the truth, and it will all be easier once you stop fighting yourself (it will never end because truth doesn't disappear easily) and decide to observe the facts and build opinions from the facts and not get your facts from the opinion.

RightKlik said...

When's the last time a business had to "board up" to deal with a Tea Party?

Soloman said...

j summ -

funny thing is, If memory serves me correctly Obama was president when that G20 took place, just last year.

Of course I'm sure you're right in that he was making an effort to smear Bush. We know that's what was going on there.

Soloman said...

Odie -

"poor little CNN extremist"

too funny. I'm hoping she got out alive too.

Of course, if she didn't we'd never hear about it, because that would be the leftist media reporting negatively on their own...

Soloman said...

Pink -

If you wish to continue to have dialogue here, please be rational, don't stray from the topic, and know some facts.

You're so far off both topic and fact I'm not going to bother.

Soloman said...

Nickie -

Yeah, him and Darth Cheney... looks like a board of directors meeting at Halliburton.

Soloman said...

ozzie -

thank you very much for explaining the facts to Pink, I greatly appreciate you.

Soloman said...

RK -

The only boards involved in a Tea Party event are the ones used to build the platform for the guest speakers, and most businesses in the area actually fare quite well, I'd figure.