Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rhetoric Matters

Today across the front page of every major newspaper, and headlining every news show on cable and network, were stories about "hateful right-wing racists" and "teabaggers," as the leftist smear machine went into full effect.

I caught the beginning of every prime-time MSNBC show this evening, and all three lead with stories condemning the violent actions and threats perpetrated against Congressional representatives this weekend and over the past couple of days.

First, let's make sure we all understand and agree that if some of the events described actually took place, that would be reprehensible. However, to date there is no physical evidence that any Congressional member was called a racial epitaph or spat upon. No video tape, no picture, no audio. All we have is the word of a handful of members of the Democratic party, but then I doubt they would make any effort to smear Tea Party Patriots... especially given that there were, what - 30,000 or more people in the surrounding area, many with cell phones and video cameras, plus news agencies? Not one person managed to capture these events on camera?

An interesting side note - it seems Andrew Breitbart has offered $10K of his own money, to be donated to the United Negro College Fund, to anyone who can produce such video footage.

It seems there has been a window broken at one member's local office, and a handful of nasty phone messages left for Bart Stupak. I do not wish to diminish the seriousness of such events, but there should be full investigations conducted before blame is placed upon anyone - after all, isn't part of the American legal system the presumption of innocence until guilt is proven beyond reasonable doubt?

So as the leftist media and left wing politicians ratchet up the smear campaign - spending an amazing amount of time just on Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, Mr. Beck decided to turn it back on the left in one of the funniest segments of television in recent memory.


Anonymous said...

Did you happen to see Wednesdays Glenn Beck show, very frightening. They were the radicals of the 60's and they need us to become them by painting us to be racist and violent. It's all about us now on every channel, taking the attention away from them and the health care bill. We are in grave danger. Point was made that middle America does not like radicals. I for one advocated to revolt but aafter watching Glenn Beck, I am rethinking that we maybe should calm down,focus on the issues and get this done in Novemeber. We need to tell the people who we are, what we believe in, what our plan for America is, not be so hostile and argumentative. We understand what they are trying to do. We have every right to be angry but we are being set up and we have falling for it.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I saw that last night and was laughing my ass off. Then I thought of how James Cameron must be seething with anger towards Glen Beck after that piece and I'm still laughing.

Signed, a Denier

Candle said...

My friend, if they usher in 11-25 million democratic voters from the pool of illegals, we will have zero voice at all in government, all due to a political ploy for them to have a lockhold on power. When that happens, it is over. And I'm telling you, there is NOTHING I wouldn't put past a person who feels they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. I'll say no more...

Urban Pink said...

All I see you guys worrying about is power. Tell me what you want for either yourself or your countrymen. I'm listening. The GOP is guilty as charged. Bullying without substance. But hey, if I were smart I'd just let you keep cussing us out and constructing conspiracy theories that most of America doesn't buy. It may help you to realize that this has always been a predominantly tolerant country (with some particularly evil bits that haven't survived long--except nation building/exploiting is still happening) that has slowly PROGRESSED.

Urban Pink said...

I just watched the Beck video. First, Cameron offers a challenge, a shoot-out in the street, not that he's going to go off and pop people. Words matter, in other words, words have meaning and logic. When someone you don't know calls you an anti-christ, how would you react? I don't know if Cameron hates Beck, but he thinks he's a f#@$@ing asshole and I think I agree. I don't hate Beck. I think he's a nearly psychotic bully. I also think the list of people who Beck thinks "hate" him (he thinks he's very important, doesn't he?) is too short.

Candle said...

Umber Pink: We do worry about power, absolutely. That's why we're trying to limit the power of the federal government to its original and sane boundries.

On Beck:
You fear Beck because he's effective. If a person existed who actually fit the bill as a racist hate-monger advocating violence in the name of conservatism, and he was on TV every day at 5pm, you'd laugh yourself silly and shout "more! more!" because of the tremendous damage he'd do. But since that's not the case, you make it up about Beck and hope it sticks. Did you know that Beck usually clocks upwards of 3 million viewers a day, and I've seen it at 3.5 on some nights? And this is a miserable 5pm show on cable. And I'm not sure, but I don't think it counts the millions more who must be DVRing him, as my wife and I do, and as many of our east coast friends do. Good times.

What Makes Us Right said...


I just watched the video as well, and either we watched different videos, or you just don't understand sarcasm..GB was obviosuly messing with Cameron again when he discussed Cameron's poor choice of words about shoot outs in the streets. As to your question "When someone you don't know calls you an anti-christ, how would you react?" I guess I would laugh a bit and move on. I sure as hell would not give it credibility by talking about it three years later. Then again, maybe he is just jacked that he didn't win the big one this year!

by the way, I am not a Beck fan..

Candle said...

Beck is the greatest thing since they invented the word "awesome" (have proof).

innominatus said...

Beck nailed my funny bone with that one. Still smiling.

And what we all knew would happen has happened: the left would cry wolf about racism until nobody cares anymore. We're at that point.

The Conservative Lady said...

I saw the show, too, and that segment was great. The rest of the show (as Babs noted) was worth watching as Glenn's theory about Obama and his radical friends being "The Man" makes a lot of sense. As a matter of fact, I posted the entire show earlier tonight before I stopped by here.
I also agree with everything Candle said.

Soloman said...

To all my right-minded friends -

What I am most impressed with at this moment is Eric Cantor. He put the left completely in their place today. He is a real subject (victim, if you will) of a real threat - shots fired at his office, and anti-semetic messages left constantly on his voicemail, not these lies that the left is creating. However, when he put forward the fact that this has been the case for years and that he doesn't ever mention these concerns publicly, because to do so would be trying to score political points... well, Eric Cantor just showed that he is truly a man of principle.

Babs - You are correct in your change of heart. We are peaceful people, and we do not need to stoop to the level of our political opposition by lying, or worse by resorting to violence.

It is extremely likely that every event the left is putting out to the media is something fabricated by them for political gain, and we must simply remain above the fray and let the truth expose itself.

Anyone guilty of any violence must be condemned. However, at this time nothing has been done to any liberal except that they have had some mean-spirited voicemail messages left, and it's likely Obama said nastier things to most of them in his efforts to sway their votes.

This is pure AstroTurf, and it will be shown to be exactly that in time.

Soloman said...

Pink -

You haven't got a clue.

You have carried on in previous comments about how violent and hateful Glenn Beck is, and then you defend a guy who calls Beck a fucking asshole and says he wants to "shoot it out" with "boneheads?"

Anyone from the left - which is damned near all of them - who decries the right for anything they say had better check themselves.

Most of them, including nearly all the cable hosts and many of the Congressional reps, have called Tea Party people "teabaggers," and with that one simple phrase they have completely discredited themselves.

And like What Makes Us Right said - you clearly don't get sarcasm. Beck calling Cameron the anti-christ was sarcasm. Beck playing with Cameron about the "shoot-out" statement - again, sarcasm. Glenn Beck is an entertainer, in addition to bringing information.

The difference you'd find between Beck and someone from the left like Bill Maher, for example, is that Beck is not hateful and mean-spirited. Beck is truly a good-natured person who simply wants honest discussions about what might be the best course for America, because he knows - as all of us on the right know - that when it comes down to ideas and facts Conservatism will win any debate, any time.

America was founded on Conservative principles, and has been the best country ever known since the beginning of time.

Read these values and principles, and I believe you'll understand better what we believe in. From there is all begins to make more sense, if you're willing to open your mind to the strength of the individual, and that America is a bottom-up society, not a big-government top-down society like Europe, Cuba, Venezuela, and other Statist nations.

Urban Pink said...

Solomon, any sense of fairness in you has gone out the window. You are right, I should not have resorted to calling Beck a f@#$%ing asshole and I apologize for that weakness on my part, but I fail to see ANY difference between the meanness in him and Bill Maher. You just happen to agree with Beck. The lot of you excuse hateful language such as anti-Christ as "sarcasm" and find parodies of Hitler funny. You fail to recognize that crazy people do take this stuff seriously--and that's why words matter, and that's why it's not funny. If you were a progressive, like I am (Beck's definition is wrong) you wouldn't feel like he was good-natured. I've never heard him say anything substantive about policy.

Urban Pink said...

It's also unbelievable but that you've been disbelieving and tearing apart the Democrats for not producing evidence of racist epithets, but you're happy to believe Cantor even though he won't produce any proof of his and the cops think he wasn't purposely targeted by that shot (I don't know what to believe, we can't know for sure on any of it). If our reality is going to be that we only believe the people we like, we're going to fail as a nation. This is ridiculous and, again, not about substance or policy.

Soloman said...

"you're happy to believe Cantor even though he won't produce any proof"

You want to be flown to his office so you can touch the bullet-holes?

Sheesh. Fairness? I'm all for fairness. God gives all of us an equal opportunity at birth. From there we determine what comes of our skills and capabilities. It is not the place of the government to determine what is fair.

Please tell me the last time you know of that Glenn Beck said Americans are "not bright enough to understand" or that they're stupid. There's your Bill Maher.

This clip of Bill Maher is completely telling about how little many on the left understand The Constitution. The Marine Corps and Post Office may be socially beneficial programs, but they are specifically mandated in The Constitution, health care is not.

Go to about :30 in the clip. Maher says he thinks it would be good if people would "just take a position." That's fine, and he's correct - so what does Maher think about Stupak and all the newly pro-abortion Democrats who were agains abortion before Obama twisted their arms, Kucinich who was of the belief that this bill stunk on ice - until the magic carpet ride on Air Force one...

I'll bet now Maher now thinks they are brilliant for their new-found position. The difference between Maher and me, or Maher and Beck? We've always known that we were against this bill, and there was no changing our position. It doesn't matter if Ronald Reagan introduced this bill - no true Conservative would have supported it. That's why they even show clips of Nixon talking about it but it never gained traction with him either. Conservatives know it's wrong, and it's not what America is about.

Beck's definition of Progressive is perfect. You don't know history. Sorry, the facts are on my side on that one. You are a compassionate person who thinks that today's Democrat Party suits your political agenda, but if you truly understood what Progressivism was, you'd quickly disassociate yourself from the term.

Soloman said...

BTW Pink,

Regarding believing Cantor versus believing the others... here's a little common sense for you.

There were 30K plus people on the lawn of the Capitol Sunday. Nobody has audio or video that proves anyone said the "n" word.

Meanwhile, a bullet definitely went through Cantor's window.

Regarding the voicemail messages - there has been no threat made. There have been harsh words said, but no threats have been made. Also, remember that many from the left could be guilty of these same actions, because many leftists believed that a bill without a public option was not worthy of passing.

And if you can't understand that Cantor has been taking the higher road by not bringing these things to public, then I don't have any reason to further discuss this issue with you.

What Makes Us Right said...

Solomon- "Sheesh. Fairness? I'm all for fairness. God gives all of us an equal opportunity at birth. From there we determine what comes of our skills and capabilities. It is not the place of the government to determine what is fair."

I could not have said it better. For the life of me, I cannot understand why the dem's think that everything should be fair and equal, regardless of how hard you work for something. I work hard for the opportunity to have access to health care and other goods and services. I would not expect this opportunity if I was to lazy to get of my ass and go to work.

Urban Pink said...

Twist, change, redefine my words. My statement of fairness
about you becomes fairness about government. I don't defend Maher and you're probably right that he gets stuff wrong and so does Beck. I am telling you that Beck is just as mean to liberals and you don't Admit it. He's got people calling our centrist President a communist, has he ever told you Nixon tried to get HeAlthcare reform and Reagan covered the homeless? Is that legislated charity? Yes. Was Teddy Roosevelt a Progressive? Yes. I like Beck's principles and there easy because they are not about tolerance. We can all aim the right to not be cled anti-American for our views, but I guess we can tl those we disagree with that they are unAmerican. And honesty? I'm waiting for it. You're side is never wrong, huh?

Urban Pink said...

It's hard to tell where you're coming from, Candle. I guess you preferred our restrained govt when Bush was in charge? That's sarcasm.

ozzie said...

Urban Pink:

Please define centrist- From his own words I would identify him as a Marxist whose center belief system is based on the creed: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need".

No one has called Obama a Communist, although Beck has pointed out many times that Obama did hire several Mao cheerleaders and self-described Communists.

Beck has actually said several times that he doesn't care what ideology people are and which direction they want to take this country in, so long as they don't do this behind the backs of the American people.

Fairness when uttered by liberals is anything but. Conservatives usually stress fairness as equality of opportunity and as a function of outcome. It is not fairness to have a punitive tax system, it is not fairness to limit free speech based on opinion, it is not fairness to offer different opportunities based on race and socioeconomic status (although conservatives do offer some concessions on the latter). Finally, it is not fairness to take forcefully from some and give to others whose benefit is decided by a government whose corruption is would make mobsters walk away.

Soloman said...


I'm trying desperately to find some sense in your comments but it's getting harder every time you return.

Glenn Beck is on my television right now and he's telling the truth.

What he is saying is that part of being a good president is being willing to listen and honestly debate with the other side. Barack Obama has made no effort whatsoever to work with the right.

He was the most liberal Senator in Congress when he represented Illinois, and he is the most leftist president in history.

He has studied and follows the tenants of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. He passed the stimulus on a party line vote. He passed the omnibus last year on a party line vote. He passed health care on a party line vote.

This is not because the Republicans will not work with him, it is because he couldn't give a shit what anyone else has to say.

He mocks the right every time he has a chance. He has gone on stages in front of people and made fun of a movement (the Tea Party) that includes in membership millions and at heart likely near half the nation. He has literally told people who disagree with him not to speak. He continues - almost a year and a half in to his time - to blame those before him.

He is the most narcissistic person I've ever witnessed in my life. Did you know that reports are he actually took down paintings of past presidents in one hallway of the White House and put up portraits of himself? WTF is that?

Look, I'm sure you're a nice person, and we probably could sit down and have coffee and have a decent conversation. But I have to tell you, until you get your head out of the sand and realize what we are dealing with in this man, I don't think our conversations are going very far. You're blinded by either your media or your ideology. I'm not a hard-line Republican. I'm an independent who - until this health care bill anyway - would have voted for a Democrat who seemed to have decent ideas. This health care bill proved to me what the Democrat party has become, and I can't support a political party that works against the interests of The Constitution.

If you disagree with that statement, I'd recommend you spend some time learning more about how and why America came to exist.

Soloman said...

Ozzie -

I don't know about you, but I think it's clear that Pink calls Obama a centrist because Pin's media calls Obama a centrist. Anyone with any sense of reality who can do some simple investigating into voting records knows Obama is a far leftist.

One of the things I like most about Beck is his willingness to look to both sides for people of principle. I suppose it's the former registered Democrat in me that wanted (until recently) to believe that good could still be found on the left. Now the only good I find on the left is a few former advisers... Doug Schoen, and Pat Cadell come to mind.

Anyway - as we can see - you, as did I, clearly twisted Pink's words around about fairness. However, it is interesting that - as you point out - that the right is willing to offer more support through reasonable government programs (like school vouchers) to those with lesser means, yet the left always (excuse the language) shits all over those ideas.

ozzie said...

Soloman: Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Obama remove the voucher program which had helped a number of students of the background conservatives are supposed to hate.

Edit for my earlier post: forgot the keyword "liberal" in the second half of my sentence about fairness of oucomes as desired by liberals rather than equality in opprtunity.

Soloman said...

ozzie -

Yes, by all accounts you're correct.

I even found an article by a guy I never agree with - Roland S. Martin of CNN - in which he admitted that it was purely political and that the program had displayed success.