Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Little Coffee For Your Cream, Liberals? Coffee Party More Like Coffee-Mate

If you have not yet heard, there is a liberal AstroTurf movement which, according to The Washington Post, The New York Times, CBS and CNN is gaining great momentum and is the next best thing since sliced bread... or perhaps coffee creamer.

As Cliff at Another Black Conservative points out, all of these media outlets are making a great issue about the "diversity" of the newest protest organization, all in an attempt to further paint the Tea Party movement as racist and homogeneously white.

Courtesy of The Powers that Be, Cliff has posted a few pictures of gatherings from three politically blue states:

New Jersey



It seems that at the Coffee Party YouTube site nearly every video contains at least one strategically placed Black person, yet when the real photos come to light, it's an awful lot of cream, not so much coffee at the party!

Check out Left Coast Rebel's most recent post on the subject, which displays just how much of an epic fail the Coffee Party's USA launch turned out to be!

Again, a giant hat tip to Cliff at Another Black Conservative who gathered his information via The Powers that Be. Check out Cliff's post for a link to the "Coffee Party" Flickr account, which gives Coffee-Mate's whiteness a run for its money!!


Opus #6 said...

The Tea Party is WAY more diverse than that!

Just a conservative girl said...

I think I may have to go on a conservative girl adventure. I live very nearby to the person who started this movement. It should be interesting to hear what they have to say.

Soloman said...

Opus -

Having never attended a Tea Party event I can't say firsthand, but I know I've seen plenty of photo and video footage that tells me you're correct.

The thing that really irks me, though.. is the darned media and the lies they continue to tell, even when the truth is so easy to find!

Soloman said...


I'd be very interested to hear any report you had to offer!