Monday, March 22, 2010

A Bloody Mary for the Health Care Debate Hangover

I honestly can't stand Bloody Marys, and I quit drinking some years back so I've kinda forgotten what a hangover feels like... But I'd imagine if there were such a thing as a Bloody Mary to help bring one out of a health care hangover, this might just do the trick.

So... in case you missed it, here's the better part of Monday morning's first half-hour of the Glenn Beck Radio Show. If you were - or are - feeling down about the health care mess, here's a little pick-me-up that's well worth your nine and one-half minutes.

Warning... Beck makes fun of Michael Moore's "cottage cheese ass," so be careful about consuming food and beverage while listening to this clip!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

He voiced how I'm feeling better than I could ... thanks Glen and Soloman.

M-Cat said...

This is exactly what I was looking for today. Hope you don't mind, but I linked to you over on my page today.

I read you often, but not a commenter. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I needed this. Thanks.

Soloman said...

Odie -

glad you enjoyed!

Soloman said...

Hi M-Cat, long time no see...

Feel free to link to anything I have to offer, anytime. Whatever I present is for the benefit of anyone who might enjoy it (or learn from it?)!

Soloman said...

Hey Nickie.. glad to hear this served its purpose.

Hope you are well!

Urban Pink said...

It's rich that this bully is accusing Obama of bullying. I'm sure he'd be so careful and slow and placating in implementing his partisan ideas of what America should be like. I'm sure he's upset when the conservative Supreme Court asserts it's power, just because it can. And by the way, Michael Moore isn't happy with this bill because it's full of Republican ideas and customers for the insurance industry. Frankly, as a nation, either we continue to pay for everyone's healthcare through insurance, or through the emergency room, or through Medicare. Which is more affordable? There's no substance or comment about healthcare in this clip. He just screams "You're socialist enemies and we're gonna kick your ass!" His number's up.

Soloman said...


you're so far off the mark it's pathetic - but I'm going to keep it short.

"His partisan ideas?" Sorry, his ideas - which in general are the same as my ideas - are America.

We believe in an America where individuals are the strength, not where the governent takes over and runs every facet of life for everyone in society.

What Obama is trying to do to us is nothing short of destroy us. Remember, he even admitted it - "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming The United States of America."

End of discussion.

Urban Pink said...

Do you feel that America has been fundamentally transformed? All those people who expect the government to give them a handout are going to be bitterly disappointed. They'll get a tax break in 4 years, if they even earn an income. Obama's comment was hyperbole--he's fundamentally transformed health insurance by taking away their ability to cut people off because they get sick. RADICAL--not. Humane, yes. I guess you all had no problem with an industry that was happy to let people die, or go personally bankrupt, for profits. Well if Beck's ideas are American and not partisan, they are probably different from mine. He certainly sees people differently than I everything he says is full of fear. He's afraid of the dark, and the light. So if you're going to stand up and say "The government should not regulate the insurance industry because of X and Y." Just say it. But we fundamentally disagree that that is a government takeover. You will never convince me, or most Americans, that Obama is trying to destroy this country. That is paranoid and there is no evidence to back up your claim. When Bush was in office I believed he was willing to do anything to defeat his enemies and to keep in power, but I never thought he was trying to destroy our country on purpose. He just thought making his friend's rich was good for all of us (or most likely just didn't care that it wasn't). I just don't get where you all are coming from. Obama still reaches out to Republicans much to my frustration; Bush was clear that we were either with him or against him. That's partly we why we're so divided now.

Soloman said...


I've been down this road with you once before and I refuse to do so again.

You clearly know nothing about the ideas Glenn Beck has about America, and you clearly form your thoughts about him based on talking points of the left.

We on the right are not all about fear, but we are rightfully concerned - and therefore to some degree fearful - about the fact that progressivism (formerly known as liberalism, previously known as progressivism) is designed to slowly erode our Constitutional rights.

America has not overwhelmingly changed, but yes - America has drastically changed since Obama's election. If he has his way, he will change America even more. His idea of a perfect America is very similar to Cuba or Venezuela.

Obama is exactly radical. He surrounds himself with people who in the 60's were the anti-establishment, radical, and even sometimes bomb-planting domestic terrorists.

Those people are now his biggest influence. They have hated America since their youth, and now they have the power to change America into what they believe it should be. This is no joke.

What you need to understand is that it is perfectly American to have your point of view, just as much as it is to have mine. However, where the problem begins is in the fact that Obama flat-out lied to America about who he was ans what his agenda really was all about. Since we have been largely a nation of dormant, non-involved people regarding our politics, when the election came around in '08, the media was (and still is) on Obama's side, so they sold him as the best candidate. Since Americans thought their media was honest, they believed what they were told and elected him. We are now suffering greatly for our own mistakes, but the sleeping giant that is America's population of center-right thinkers is now fully awake and engaged.

And to quote The Who... we won't get fooled again.