Sunday, March 14, 2010

Barack Hussein Obama and The Trouble in River City

Until March 2009, did you ever realize what kind of trouble there was in the "health care" industry?

Had you ever heard of all these miserable people losing their homes, being forced to wear their sister's teeth, and having a sore throat to the point of doctors making more money to have their tonsils removed?

I was reading an article at The Cleveland Plain Dealer's online presence, tonight which discussed team Obama's latest heart-string puller; a woman named Natoma Canfield of Medina, Ohio, a self-employed cleaning person who, according to David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs, wrote a letter to President Barack Hussein Obama describing how her insurance premiums had skyrocketed, forcing her to choose between her health care insurance and her home.

Seems President Obama will be meeting with Ms. Canfield tomorrow in Ohio, if she is able. According to the Plain Dealer article, "Canfield is unsure she can do it. She is sick and is undergoing medical tests. She said it's unclear what is wrong."

In the words of the President, Let me be clear: I feel for Ms. Canfield, and I wish such situations never happened. This sounds like a terribly difficult situation, and I sincerely wish Ms. Canfield the best. But can somebody please show me where in The Constitution it states that we will not have to make difficult choices in life?

However, this is part of the ongoing fallacy that is the team Obama health care debate. Every aspect of Obama's plan is emotional, and on the facts they fall short

Thirty million uninsured - certainly we can do better, but the fact is that the problem is not the uninsured, it is the cost.

Preexisting conditions - again, it is terrible that people with preexisting conditions have difficulty being covered by insurance companies, but isn't it possible that if costs were lowered across the board insurance companies might be willing to take greater risks?

'Evil' Insurance company profits, they claim, are sky high - sure, if you consider 3-5% profit margins to be sky-high profits. Certainly the millions of dollars of profits gives an appearance that the 'evil' insurance companies are raping their customers, but when you consider the extreme costs they incur, in addition to their absolute necessity to be solvent, such a margin is rather minuscule. Most restaurants operate at a 15% profit margin, many retailers operate above 20%.

What most amazes me is that since this debate began a little more than one year ago, I am actually hearing about premiums escalating. I never heard anything about this before Obama's election. To be honest, it seems as if the insurance companies are reacting to the debate with a sort of self-preservation; they realize the need to make as much as possible now, because soon through the implementation of ObamaCare they will be driven out of business.

All this brings me back to the article at, where a commenter said, "This health care think reminds me of this...

I never knew we had such troubles, until somebody made some up!


The Conservative Lady said...

You're right. The Dems have sob stories coming out the wazoo. The more they tell, the more lame they sound. They've tried everything to pass their health care bill and playing on people's emotions is just another one of their tactics. Now they've added student loans into the bill...what the heck does that have to do with anything?
The video was perfect!

tammy said...

It's my belief that we all came to this world knowing we'd have trials. I'm sick of the sob stories and the made-up stories.

You know what? When I worked in the dental field, dentures and extractions were one thing that the state would pay for if someone was unemployed, so I don't buy the story about the woman having to wear her sister's teeth because they don't have insurance. She probably just didn't want to go to the dentist. And if she's not unemployed, it's her own fault for letting her teeth get so bad as to need dentures. We're supposed to take care of everyone that doesn't take care of themself? And what the hell does passing healthcare have to do with our lead in technology like what's her name said in that video?

Soloman said...


I can't believe they've added student loans into the bill. They're really pulling for the all-in Socialist plan. Unbelievable.

Soloman said...


I don't know what passing health care has to do with anything except for ultimate power for government.