Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How Barack Hussein Obama Got Elected, And What The Future Holds For America

You've all probably seen the woman who expected Barack Hussein Obama to pay for her gas and mortgage, as long as she helped him get elected.

Perhaps you've heard the clips from Detroit, recorded by a local radio reporter when millions of dollars of stimulus money was distributed to local citizens, many of whom have been unemployed or underemployed for months if not years due to liberal government policies and unions' bastardization of the automobile industry. It is from these clips the phrase "Obama Money" was coined.

Remember Henrietta Hughes, the woman who claimed she was living in a vehicle with her son, but was later found out to be a fraud who had chosen to sell all of her belongings? She was then given a free place to live - by a Republican, no less...

And of course there's Edison State College student Julio Osegueda, who had some very serious concerns about his benefit package from McDonald's.

These are all well known Barack Obama supporters, and are all cases in which the majority of Americans took pause as they witnessed very different attitudes and behaviors from what we once believed was... well, American.

I believe there is a new, rather extreme and extremely undesirable sense of entitlement in America, mostly found amongst today's youth. I do not blame President Obama for this change in our culture, because it existed before his election, but I do believe that his election can be directly attributed to the the shift in morals and civility in America over the past few decades.

I also believe that amongst the politically left-leaning class in America, there is a new aggressive agenda in place which is determined to undermine the very foundation of Constitutional law, as well as to portray honest, decent, hard-working Conservative people as racists, hate-mongers, and violent dissidents who simply can not stand to see a Black man in the Office of The Presidency.

I do believe that President Obama exemplifies much of what is wrong with a certain segment of today's America in his redistributive, "spread the wealth around" mentality. There are many who believe that simply being born entitles them rights to a job, a home, food, and... yes - health care, and President Obama is most certainly guilty of perpetuating these beliefs.

However, to say that my issues with President Obama are due to his race is simply ludicrous. There are many fine, upstanding people who come from different ethnic backgrounds for whom I would cast a vote in a heartbeat. My differences with President Obama are not based on the color of his skin, but instead the content of his stance on substantial political issues - his political character.

What makes America great is that in America, we are driven first maintain our existence, and further to achieve the lifestyle we desire. We do not wake up every day and go to work because the State tells us to do so; we go to work with a purpose. First and foremost, of course, our purpose is sustenance, and sustenance is no doubt a wonderful motivator.

Many in America are able to find a sense of purpose within society's possibilities that offers them enough comfort that they do not need to strive for riches. Therein exists America's "Middle class."

Not everyone in America feels the need to become exceedingly wealthy, and in some cases it is purely a matter of skills and capability that brings a person to their proper place in society. Of course, there are also cases in which some, for reasons beyond their own control, are not able to

The following story and video provide what I believe to be solid evidence of such a change in society. Of course I can not prove that Ms. Robyn Foster, the subject of the story and focus of the video, voted in the 2008 presidential election and if so for whom, but I do believe she represents a problem in American culture today.

The problem Ms. Foster represents is a sense of entitlement coupled with a complete disrespect for authority. While the disrespect for authority alone might be chalked up to youth and immaturity, the addition of a sense of entitlement can be seen throughout much of network television and other media, most specifically MTV-like entertainment programming such as reality and "dating" shows like CBS' "Big Brother" and Tila Tequila's "A Shot at Love."


University of Wisconsin Milwaukee student Robyn Foster may have crossed the line last Monday, March 15, during a discussion with Anthropology professor Kathleen Foley Winkler.

In a video posted to YouTube , a student identified as Robyn Foster, yells back and forth with Foley Winkler who remains off camera, reportedly arguing over the wording of a question on a recent exam.

Things got heated and when a fellow student told Foster to sit down. Foster allegedly threw a water bottle at the student compelling the professor to call campus police. That's when an unnamed fellow student and intern at a Milwaukee TV station began recording the incident.

Campus police arrived and took Foster to the ground when she refused to leave the classroom. Foster now faces a charge of disorderly conduct. A witness told WTMJ radio that before calling police, Foley Winkler gave Foster "four of five chances" to leave the classroom on her own.



Candle said...

Oh she ABSOLUTELY voted for Obama....probably 5 times. Dear lord... Amd you are absolutely onto something when you say "sense of entitlement". You see, it isn't just "spread the wealth", it is also "spread the respect". These young people all seem to think they deserve the same respect as a 60 year old man or womyn...without DOING anything to earn it. IN fact, "earning" it is for chumps. They were BORN worthy.... this womyn should go to jail and experience what its like when "keeping it real goes wrong".

Soloman said...

Candle -

Good call on the "spread the respect" point, I know it's there but didn't think to discuss it.

Your poll says you've had three voters, but it keeps saying I must be signed in to vote. I'm signed in. I can't vote. Damn.

Candle said...

I only let illegals vote on my site :(

tammy said...

The video's gone now, but I agree that this sense of entitlement is mostly found in today's youth. I've seen it even in the small things like refusing to work in fast food because they're "too good for that", or expecting to have all the luxuries when they move out that they had living at their parents' house.

(And I'm laughing at Candle. He always makes me giggle - and I'm pretty sure Candle is a "he" from one of the comments in the post above.)

Soloman said...


I saved a different copy of the same video to my YouTube channel and embedded it in this post, in case you care to see it.

Regardless - you've got the right perspective. Plus, like Candle mentioned, it's not just entitlement but a misunderstanding by today's youth about how respect is earned. They seem to think it just exists and that they just get respect for being.

And I'll leave Candle's gender issues to Candle for definition... heh.

tammy said...


(And you're right, Candle could very well be one of those Morebians.)

ck said...

I can excuse that stupid woman in the video for voting for Obama. She dosen't have two brain cells that collide. What chaps my ass is the spoiled educated white women that let their hormones take over. That's who elected the won.For example, Althouse,NcArdle,Noonan,Parker,Brooks,Frum and VanVoorhies.

Soloman said...

Tammy -

I must live under a rock... I had to go to Urban Dictionary to learn what a "morebian" is.

Soloman said...

ck -

You essentially define white guilt... because although there are many women guilty of losing all rational thought capacity, men certainly did the same, and it had a lot to do with race guilt perpetuated by the Democrat Party.

Interestingly enough, I just last night watched a Carlos Mencia stage show during which he discussed this very concept. His theory back in 2008 was that if everyone would just vote for the Black guy, the race card would be void and the world would be a better place.

boy was he wrong...

tammy said...

ha ha - I actually got that word from one of Candle's posts. I had no idea it was in the urban dictionary.