Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flashback to 2001: Senator Robert Byrd Singlehandedly Blocked Clinton Health Care Bill

Breitbart TV has an extremely interesting clip of Senator Byrd in April 2001 describing a conversation he had with former President Clinton.

As Byrd explains;

"President Clinton got on the phone and called me also and pressed me to allow his massive health care bill to be insulated by reconciliation's protection."

Via: Memeorandum.

More discussion at Pajamas Media.


The_Kid said...

Good find. Not only does it show how slimy these democrats are who approve of the bill and process, it shows how slimy these democrats are who approve of the bill. ;-)

More importantly, it clearly demonstrates that these people have LESS THAN ZERO respect for the people who they know will be victims of denial of medical services.

Pure evil they are.

Soloman said...


That was good... I had to read it twice. Heh.