Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Nanny State from Washington - Feds Consider Free WiFi

Reuters is reporting that the Federal Communications Commission announced Tuesday that U.S. regulators may dedicate spectrum to free wireless Internet service for some Americans to increase affordable broadband service nationwide.

From the article:

The FCC provided few details about how it would carry out such a plan and who would qualify, but will make a recommendation under the National Broadband Plan set for release next week. The agency will determine details later.

One way of making broadband more affordable is to "consider use of spectrum for a free or a very low cost wireless broadband service," the FCC said in a statement.

The FCC statement was released during a Digital Inclusion Summit aimed at connecting one-third of Americans without home broadband service.

The FCC also said there would also be a recommendation in the broadband blueprint to launch a Digital Literacy Corps of volunteers who would provide training to communities with low rates of adoption.

Now I love my internet as much as the next person, and I know there are many who do not have money in their budget for high-speed internet service. However, the idea that internet access would be provided in any way via an FCC dictate is simply another attempt at redistribution of wealth by the federal government and should not be allowed.

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