Monday, February 8, 2010

You Betcha! Sarah Palin One-Ups The Lamestream Media by writing "Hi Mom" On Her Hand

It's no joke, unless we're discussing the joke Sarah Palin pulled on the crazy left-wing "Lame-stream Media."

By now you may have heard about the "crib notes" the leftists are railing about. Mrs. Palin was seen checking her hand during a discussion on stage in front of cameras at the Tea Party Nation Rally. It seems that she had seven words scribbled on her left palm: The words "Energy", "Tax" and "Lift American Spirits" are clearly visible. There's also what appears to read as "Budget cuts" with the word Budget crossed out.

Well, it seems the drive-by media just can't get enough of this. Teleprompter misfires, pauses, collapses and mispronunciation of 'Corpsman' be damned, the leftists have absolute proof that Sarah Palin must be the most stupid person in America, if not the world.

Huffington Post has become so obsessed with Mrs. Palin that they have titled their page regarding these notes "Exclusive: Palin's Tea Party Crib Notes," with an "Update" reading "New updates and media reactions after the photos."

While commenting on MSNBC after Palin spoke to the Tea Party Nation, former senior adviser to the failed Kerry-Edwards 2004 Presidential election campaign Bob Shrum called Mrs. Palin a "Merchant of hate with an oh gosh smile."

The next morning on Morning Joe on MSNBC, NBC Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell was so professional in her reporting on the Palin speech that she mockingly had notes written on the inside of her hand and showed her notes to the camera.

Palin however seemed to both take it all in stride and perhaps enjoy throwing a jab back at the leftist wackos. Big Government is reporting that Sunday evening as she campaigned for Governor Rick Perry in Texas, Palin was photographed with "Hi Mom" written clearly inside her right hand.

She's a smart lady... You Betcha!

UPDATE: Keith Olbermann offered this classy piece on tonight's episode of MSNBC's Countdown, which is (in the words of the host) a "News Show:"


The_Kid said...

Yea, can you imagine Palin or Bush needing two teleprompters to talk to some school kids.

It is the hypocrisy I hate. Especially in the light of the fact that the lefties don't even recognize it. And they don't. I talk to em all the time.

Soloman said...

Kid -

It is quite something, isn't it?

BTW - I just added a short video clip at the end of the post - Keith Olbermann made a complete ass of himself tonight over this subject, in case you're interested.

The_Kid said...

Soloman, Thanks but I can't watch that stuff. I want to just pull his head out, twist it off and toss it into a volcano.

I'd be wearing Mr Clean latex gloves of course. Extra Large size.

Seriously, thanks for your efforts.

WomanHonorThyself said...

the comparisions libtards make are amusing...did they all use brain bleach?..heh

Not_the_droid_you're_looking_for said...

Are you guys serious? You're still talking up this ridiculous teleprompter crap?

Since it appears to be the most important aspect of being President then I suppose you might appreciate these...
(From your very own Fox News (if you want to call it that) image library.

The use of a teleprompter has been a part of the job for a long, long time now. I'm in no way a fan of everything that Obama has to say. In fact, I'm right in the middle on most of what comes out of both sides these days. I guess, though, that Obama has one-upped Bush Jr since he can actually read what's on the teleprompter. Maybe you guys should have covered this for the 8 years that the shrub was in office.

Just for laughs, and to go along with being able to read what's on the teleprompter, there's this one with Bush Jr holding a children's book upside-down.

Soloman said...


It is staggering some of the things we see from the "unbiased" media today, for sure!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Soloman said...

Hey Droid.. nice to hear from you!

Posted in three segments... hang in there..

You have found a wonderful selection of pictures of former presidents using teleprompters, no doubt, and you are correct - it is a longstanding favorite tool of many a President or candidate.

I must take issue though... to say "Obama has one-upped Bush Jr since he can actually read what's on the teleprompter" is factually inaccurate.

Bush, when on prompter, could certainly read the words, and more often than not read them properly. He's not quite as eloquent as Obama, agreed.

Granted, he had quite the Texas accent (but you and I were born there and could have ended up with the same, mind you) and he certainly said "nukular" and made up a few of his own words in other places. Sure Bush occasionally mispronounced words, as did Obama when he said "Corpsman" as "corpse-man" (seen here)multiple times, when the word is pronounced "corzman" as defined by Websters here.

However... when Bush was off prompter or notes.. he may have had that drawl and his own language, but you could always tell he was speaking from the heart. With Obama, it's like he's afraid to be himself. The fact that there is such a big "thing" about him and the prompter has more to do with him and his integrity.. his inability to be "real" with the people, than it has to do with those of us who won't "let it go.."

Remember the DNC with the Greek columns? Have you heard about how he told troops at one gathering that they would "make a good photo op?" That's not funny stuff... that's a man who is so conditioned to being conditioned he doesn't even know who he is, and he's scared to death to make a mistake to the point that they become painful when he does.

However, you are missing the bigger point. I know my post has a few "mockeries" of Obama, but that is not the real issue.

The real issue this post is about is the ridiculous double-standard held by the far left in this nation who do nothing but call Palin names and put her down. They have no real substantive policy arguments with her, so they say she doesn't present policy.

Yet these same people, some of them "news" people like Andrea Mitchell, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Chuck Todd.. these people will not discuss Obama errors of any kind, and literally seem to be carrying water for him, even as his policies are clearly not being accepted by Americans. NBC - especially MSNBC - is extremely guilty of Obamamania, and the other networks have their issues too. Additionally there are a number of writers who call themselves "Conservative;" David Brooks and Maureen Dowd of the NYT to name a couple, who have actually written rather embarrassing pieces in an effort to seemingly mock Palin, but with little to no substance to offer in their rants.

Soloman said...

Part two of the longest reply in history:

If you watched Palin's speech Saturday night or her interview on Fox News Sunday (FNS) (all available online) you'll see that given the forum offered in each setting, she does have clear ideas. She does not go into great detail, but a convention speech is not a presidential debate, and a Sunday morning news show does not offer the forum to lay out specific plans. You always only get generalizations, no matter the guest or the show, including when Russert did MTP.

Palin has much more executive experience than did Obama when he was elected President. She was a governor, a mayor, sat on a city council, and has operated a business with her husband. Also, she has taken issue with those on her "side" (Republicans) when she was Governor in Alaska. Obama, on the other hand, had never run a business of any kind before becoming president, and was rated the farthest extreme on his "side" (liberal) as a Senator. He has never acted in a "bi-partisan" fashion, and the letter to The White House from House Republicans highlights how partisan this "health care" debate has been.

Obama was elected because of campaign slogans like "hope" and "change" and "McCain, more of the same", and what was essentially a campaign by the media against Bush, therefore by default McCain. Mind you I wouldn't have wanted to see McCain in office either... but he really didn't have substance that met the real values of Americans.

Another thought... notice the specific people I pointed out in my discussion, as you make a mocking statement of Fox News Channel.

Andrea Mitchell is supposed to be a professional "hard news" journalist. Her title, directly taken from, is "NBC Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent."

She is not supposed to be an opinion person, she is a "hard news" reporter, and so when she shows up on NBC's morning show and acts as she does it makes a mockery of what is supposed to be a news network we can trust for unbiased information.

If NBC wants to have someone do that type of skit, then they should have Olbermann or Maddow on the Today Show acting like that, since most everyone might know they are opinion people... although sadly Maddow has appeared on MTP a few times, yet she says things like this on her MSNBC show.

Bob Shrum is the equivalent to Kerry / Edwards '04 of what Karl Rove was to Shrub. Yet you'll never hear Rove say anything so mocking or derogatory. He (Rove) may present policy differences with Obama and other Democrats, but he will not enter the fray of such immature discussion as to call someone a "Merchant of hate". That's for us bloggers, after all!!

For the sake of comparison - you'll never see Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity on the panel of FNS or on "Fox Report" with Shepherd Smith, and you'll never see Major Garrett or Carl Cameron on Beck's show engaging in a discussion about how Obama's people worship Marx and Mao and Che Guevara.

Fox has news, and it has opinion, and anyone with any common sense should be able to differentiate. I can tell you with great certainty Beck tells viewers almost daily that his show is opinion of the day's news.

Soloman said...

And finally, he shuts up. Part three of three:

I appreciate the fact that you say "In fact, I'm right in the middle on most of what comes out of both sides these days." We had that discussion once before, and I honestly am in a similar position, although I will admit I align more closely with "Republicans" than "Democrats" because historically, the R's have been more conservative in their fiscal policy. Bush and a Republican Congress screwed that up though... and had I had a blog for the last eight years I might have made some points about it.

In some ways though, I will admit that I'm glad it was Obama over McCain in '08 because Obama is so drastic and spending us into such oblivion, he woke up the "sleeping giant" including people like me. For that I am grateful.

I know you don't care too much for him, but I would suggest you watch this clip of Glenn Beck from yesterday's program. It very clearly defines spending over Clinton, Bush43, and Obama's time. He uses real numbers provided by Obama in the official Obama budget agenda, not some made up crap from some right-wing blogger...and it's simply astounding to say the least.

And FYI - Beck is not the radical I know you believe him to be.. he's changed the tone of his show, and his primary purpose has become defining how America was founded and why.. as in what exactly the Constitution is all about and how we are losing touch with it... and then showing who today is or is not working in America's best interests based on our most important document, and the laws of our land.

So.. thanks for prompting a big ol' rant from me about what is clearly not "the most important aspect of being President" yet important all the same!

Not_the_droid_you're_looking_for said...

@ Soloman:
I had an equally long response all ready to post. But... I thought better of it. Here's the short version.

Your personal views of President Obama's personality, or his ability to appear "real" as you call it, remind me of one of the bigger reason why I do not care for Jimmie Johnson.

As for the far left, of which I am no part, picking on Palin, there is no difference in the general public opinion of the all measures of the right picking on everything Obama since before he was in office. Be it name calling or anything else. I understand that it is politics and a big part of the game. But, many of those on the right, including the Right Wing Radio Gods to whom so many bow, have so much as called for Obama to fail. No matter who the President that is completely uncalled for. In order to succeed and remove ourselves from what has become of this mess of a country shouldn't they root him on and encourage success? Sure there are differences in policy and general opinion but wanting him to flat out fail? That's not anyone that I will ever give the time of day. Had they encouraged Obama's failure before, and only before he took office, then that would be a different story altogether. To continue it, and preach it to the masses, after he's been elected is the root of what many Americans see as what is wrong with the Republican Party.

I'll leave it at that for now 'cause politics give me a headache!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

This is the Palin teleprompter and proud of it!

Soloman said...


Just two parts this time.. nowhere near as long as the last :)

First - You're talking about a NASCAR driver. I'm talking about the leader of the free world. If the NASCAR driver is a little plastic, so be it. If the POTUS doesn't really stand for anything personally or doesn't know what he's doing well enough to manage without the aid of his preplanned talking points every time he's in front of people... that's a pretty serious issue.

And regarding the calls for Obama's "failure," you're getting your information out of context. Read this, and then read this. These two transcripts - straight from the horse's mouth (Rush Limbaugh) will clarify for you why he said what he said.

It's about his policies that we knew about before he got elected.

"The fundamental transformation of America?" (Obama's words, not mine) I also hope he fails. Sorry to all who don't like my saying it, but I love my country. Everyone who said that invading Iraq did so because they love their country. Fine. Realistically, that was a smart position to take.

Now.. saying Bush fabricated information in order to invade? False and partisan, just like I belive discussing Obama's birthplace is ridiculous and partisan. But to say I want Obama to fail in his efforts to enact his policies on America, knowing what his policies are based on his own words? More than fair.

The man himself? All the best. I hope he has a very happy life.

America in 233 years has advanced Humankind more than during the entire previous 6000 years of mankind's existence, because it gave man freedom and the incentive of profit. Greed is not always a bad thing, and can be great when applied properly.

Now, if he (Obama) were to go back to more Constitutionally defined concepts? I would definitely hope he succeeds.

But he won't. Bush didn't, Obama won't either. Bush actually enabled Obama with many of his own behaviors. This is a path we've been on since the early 1900's, but we don't learn enough in school to really know what it's all about. We were taught that FDR was a great president because he ended WWII, but we were never told he wanted to enact a "Second Bill of Rights" that essentially were full-blown Socialism, and that can only be obtained through the Marxist redistribution of wealth.

I'm not a financially wealthy man, nor are you. But would it be fair if someone who created his own product or business, or took chances with his money and gained riches were to be forced through taxation to give a massive amount of his money to the government so they can decide how his money should be spent? I think not. What if you came across great fortune, and that person suddenly was you?

Soloman said...

Part two...

We're losing our freedoms and leaving your children with a massive debt, and its time for it to stop. Our government cost us $100 million today because they were closed in DC, but every last one of them got paid anyway. That's your money and my money, because the government does not create income, it only takes income from those who earn income through taxation.

It's not about Republicans and Democrats. It's about people who believe in America and The Constitution versus "Progressives" who wish to destroy our individual sovereignty and become thought and behavior police. Like the stuff about taxing soda and other "junk" foods. Not the government's place to expense me out of enjoyment... as long as I'm not hurting someone else, they should stay out of it.

Sorry to rant... but I believe you're being fed some false information and that bothers me, because I'm passionate about what I see happening.

I also get it that Fox isn't perfect.. trust me, I get it. Sometimes that network allows things to be said that just crack me up, and some Republicans are real blockheads.

We must all be intelligent enough to read between the lines and use common sense in order to decipher the truth from the information we gather from multiple sources. I've watched with great intent the words and actions of this president since early 2007, and done research like crazy on who he was before that. I've looked at who he associates with, and I sincerely do not trust the overall picture I see. He may be as scholarly as all get-out, but his policies - especially the fiscal and national security ones - are not in line with what I know America to be when she's at her greatest.

I care about all this not for my kids... I don't have any, as you well know. I care for your kids, and all the others who deserve better than we are leaving them based on the situation today.