Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mark Levin Scolds Glenn Beck: Stop Dividing Us

Left Coast Rebel posted this late last night and I just have to share the clip, as well as my opinion.

It seems there is now a new game in the Republican Party, and it's called Glenn Beck bashing.

First it was William J. Bennett scolding Beck for calling out some Republicans as big-government bureaucrats addicted to spending, as well as disapproving of Beck's use of his own personal history as a metaphor for what ails today's Republicans.

Today on the Rush Limbaugh show a caller brought up Beck's name and tried to engage Rush in a discussion about the problems inside the Republican Party as described by Beck in his CPAC speech.

Limbaugh more or less stated that he does not discuss the activities or commentary of other pundits, yet could not help but say that he does have some concern that perhaps "anger" is being spread too thinly between moderates and Democrats.

Clearly this was not a direct shot at Beck, yet could be interpreted to be aimed in his direction. My take was that Rush doesn't want to see so much energy devoted to exposing Progressive Republicans such as John McCain that if those incumbents win their primaries there is an air of defeatism that prevails, thereby offering the liberal Democrats a chance to disrupt a strong wave of anti-liberal sentiment.

Now it's Mark Levin who's got an axe to grind, as heard in the following clip:

My first problem with Levin's commentary is that he begins by attempting to take down Beck's presentation.

In that same vein, I have seen many bloggers lately discussing what they call Beck's "shtick" and the fact that they believe they have seen quite enough of it. That's fine, don't listen. The beautiful thing about a free market society is that we have choices.

Like it or hate it, his style is what has propelled Glenn Beck to the place he is today, and that place is certainly one of great stature in the business of Conservative punditry. Sure, he is a self-defined "Rodeo Clown" but the funny thing about that description is that when it comes down to it, sometimes it's the rodeo clown who saves the show, and most certainly a rodeo clown is always important.

I believe Laura Ingraham is on another radio network opposite Beck's show. Laura is a strong Conservative and would love to have the listeners; perhaps those who do not care for Beck should check her out if they'd prefer a different brand of talk radio.

Regarding Levin's issues with Beck's "Playing footsie with the mainstream media," I don't believe that Beck is being set up for a fall in any way, shape, or form. There's no way the MSM could disparage Beck any more than they already have, especially given that he's laid his personal life out on the table for all to examine.

Next, Levin suggests that Beck "Stop dividing us."

I don't believe Beck is a dividing factor at all; however, I do believe that Beck is speaking most directly to the truth of the matter we face today. I can not speak for Levin's presentation or what topics he discusses on his show, since I've honestly never heard it, but given the tone of this commentary I gather that Levin has a similar concern as what I took from Limbaugh's aforementioned discussion.

While it is true that Conservatives are united in displeasure for the current administration and Congressional leadership, it is not just this current group that is a danger to America. Past and future representatives have also caused our nation great harm, and it is extremely important to learn to differentiate between true Conservative leaders and those who do not have in their heart the essence of The Constitution.

There is an entire history in America that has been erased, and thanks largely to Beck's exposure the "Progressive" movement in today's political arena is being exposed and with any luck eradicated.

The 2010 election cycle for Republican Party still has a primary season to come; what happens after that time will decide the fate of the nation. During the primaries, I believe it is vital that Conservatives seek out and support the most Conservative candidates possible. After those primaries are decided, then we will all have decisions to make regarding our desire to support the candidate chosen by the people in our individual state.

Glenn Beck serves a specific and vital purpose in today's political discourse. And while he is certainly a dominant presence in today's discussions, what comes of the Republican Party from this point forward will not be the fault of a "Rodeo Clown" like Glenn Beck.

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Just a conservative girl said...

Well, it looks like Beck was right. All the republicans are coming out for McCain instead of Hayworth. This is exactly what the tea parties are about. We want principle, we don't care about party!!!

An apology to Beck is needed.

I did post on this myself. What makes me even more angry is I find out right after I posted that McDonnell, Virginia's new governor is also going to endorse McCain. AAAAAHHHHHHHH - when will the RNC listen?


Soloman said...

Hey JACG -

Soloman said...

Oops.. darned blogger comment box...

Anyway.. looks like what we're up against is the machine, and about that Beck's been correct all along.

I believe that the best thing to do is fight the machine at the local level, but then I think it's likely best to accept the results of the local decisions and support the GOP at the national level.

Even if I don't like McCain as compared to Hayworth, I will support McCain over a ham sandwich from the Democrat party.

It took over 100 years to get to the point we are at - this hostile Progressive takeover we are currently experiencing is going to be a long, drawn out battle.

Like a war, you win some battles and lose some others... the big picture, though, must be the constant and correct education of our citizenry so that little by little we return to a more Constitutional line of thinking. That's how we will gain proper representation over time.