Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah Palin Speaks to Tea Party Convention, Leftists Flail in Despair

Sarah Palin spoke Saturday night to Tea Party Nation in Nashville, Tennessee.

The speech was feisty and full of honest jabs at the Beltway insiders of both parties. She discussed many times the idea that government works best when it grows from the bottom up, rather than ruling from the top down. She repeated many times the need for small businesses to be the lifeblood of our economy, and she invoked Ronald Reagan a few times in discussing that government should be working for the people, lowering taxes, and getting out of the way.

She also discussed matter-of-factly how the left and the mainstream media are attempting to marginalize the Tea Party movement as "ideologically extreme, and the counterpoint to liberal intolerance."

She talked about the movement, saying it is "Fresh, and it's young, and it's fragile," and how "these enduring truths have been passed down from Washington, to Lincoln, to Reagan, and now to you," then adding "We are now the keepers of an honorable tradition of Conservative values."

She also called out those who wish to target the children of any candidate as fair game, clearly a shot at the likes of David Letterman and others who disparaged her for being the proud mother of five, including her youngest Trig who is afflicted with Down Syndrome.

Certainly Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Congress took more heat than did Republicans, but Palin once again put all of the establishment on notice.

If you missed it on CSPAN or Fox News Channel, you can check out all of the clips from YouTube at Left Coast Rebel. Thanks to The Right Scoop for uploading them.

In the wake of her uplifting and patriotic presentation, the lame-stream media and civilian "Progressive" trolls alike are in a frenzy.

Most obvious at the top level of leftist slams is The Associated Press. This article as posted on Yahoo and widely distributed clearly displays media bias in one way, and in my opinion shows more in others statements as well.

The clear bias comes from the statement in the article:

"Palin suggested that the party should remain leaderless and cautioned against allowing the movement to be defined by any one person. "This is about the people" and "it's a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter," she said, jabbing at Obama.

"Let us not get bogged down in the small squabbles. Let us get caught up in the big ideas," she said, though she offered few of her own."

Really, AP writer? Is that your duty as an unbiased and professional reporter to determine how many ideas Mrs. Palin did or did not offer to the crowd? That sounds to me like you are offering an opinion...

Clearly this is a matter of personal perception, because while she (Palin) did not get into specific details of any particular plan of action, I believe she offered quite a few ideas about how we might put this great nation on the comeback trail.

My second example is a bit more questionable, because part of it has to do with matters of personal beliefs:

"Catering to her crowd, Palin talked of limited government, strict adherence to the Constitution, and the "God-given right" of freedom."

Now, I will say that there is a proper time and place in which we might have a debate over the existence of God, but again, in an "unbiased" article? Furthermore, the quotations around the word "right" are clearly incorrect. Freedom is a right in America as defined by our Constitution, no questions asked. Therein also lies the Constitutional definition of God, as in "Endowed by our creator." Perhaps the AP writer would like to learn some history. Or not...

In addition to the clear bias in the words used for the AP article, the bias continued with the use of this picture associated with the article by Yahoo:

Now I'll be honest and say that it's amazing that I find it difficult to find an unattractive picture of Mrs. Palin, and even in this picture she is not unattractive, but of all the choices they had this is certainly not the best available.

The picture at the top of this post, for example, was taken from Yahoo's picture file of 48 pictures, and having watched the speech I know it was taken during a moment from Saturday night's event.

And if you want some real entertainment... check out some of the comments on Huffington Post. Although Palin expressed the need for civility during discussions about policy, it seems that idea went right over their head. They are using the well known "Caribou Barbie" and have added that Palin is now the "Moosiah." They also seem confused by the idea that someone could give a speech by occasionally glancing down to the podium.. to check notes, rather than bobbing back and forth and losing their way if the funny looking screens don't scroll quickly enough.

And although some claim to have watched the speech, they also seem to believe that Palin offered no ideas and did nothing but lie throughout. They must have been asleep when she discussed reigning in the big bonuses paid to Wall Street execs, and Palin was spot-on in all of her statements about Obama's lack of commitment to his campaign promises.

And then there's this screen shot I grabbed at Daily Kos, describing how "The first-ever National Tea Party Convention brought together 600 racists and criminals to plot revolution."

(click to enlarge)

No worries, though... when it comes down to it, it will be the truth and commitment to American values that will prevail. You Betcha.

Hat tips to Gateway Pundit and Founding Bloggers for the lead to the AP story.


tammy said...

I loved every minute of it. And no matter how the leftists spin it, you are absolutely right, "when it comes down to it, it will be the truth and commitment to American values that will prevail". That thought brings me great peace, along with my own personal religious beliefs about what God wants for this country.

Opus #6 said...

That the AP ran a picture like that makes everybody see their bias.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

"Brought together 600 racists and criminals to plot revolution." I can tell you there were probably no racists or criminals there, but the revolution part is dead on! WE have stood by for decades and watched them (Liberals) incrementally change everything about this country, including the meaning of our Constitution. We the People are taking it BACK ! Revolution ... Hell Yes ... if that's what the libs want to call it.

LL said...

I really don't pay ANY attention to what the MSM says anymore. They've destroyed every last shard of credibility in their coverage of Dear Leader.

And remarkably, the American people would seem to agree with me. Usually as a conservative, I feel like the odd person out.

Amusing Bunni said...

Sarah was great, Solomon. The frenzy with which the MSM is attacking her and the tea party is proof they are scared.

I watched her on fox news sunday today, too and Chris Wallace tried to fluster her a few times, but she was wonderful and really held her own.

I'll have to watch all the other video's later, thanks for posting.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Nice work here Soloman, I'll try to send some readers over here to read your take.

Soloman said...

All -

I checked out some other blogs commentary, and I liked the way Cliff at ABC put it. He said it wasn't so much a speech as a conversation.

That's what the leftists fear the most about her.. she talks to people like they understand, not like they need to be told. None of this "sit down and shut up" as Palin said so well on Fox News Sunday.

Bunni - thank Rebel for the videos... I just offered the link to him, and he'll tell you to thank Right Scoop...

Rebel.. thanks! Glad to have people stop by, always!