Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rachel Maddow, The Science Guy, Global Warming, and a Nobel Prize

Tonight on her eponymous MSNBC show, Rachel Maddow had as a guest Bill Nye, known to some as "Bill Nye The Science Guy."

I've honestly never heard of Mr. Nye, so I did a quick Google search and sure enough, Google filled in the "global warming" part of my search for me so I knew I was on the right track with my first impression.

Ms. Maddow began her segment with a handful of video clips of full-court buzzer-beater basketball shots.

She then went to a collage of Fox News hosts - including of course Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity - who were discussing the fact that the current blizzard (dubbed "Snowpocalypse" by the leftist media) was simply a storm, yet to have heard "knowledgeable" global warming "experts" like Robert F. Kennedy tell the story, Washington D.C. should have never seen snow again.

Next was some NBC weather guy outside who was checking to see if it really was snowing. Sure enough, snow. Cute, Rachel - you're funny!

She tied all these together by claiming that since we know that smoking is bad and frogs are real and monkeys do not disprove evolution, and since once in a while someone unexpectedly makes a difficult basketball shot, "The fact that it is snowing... somewhere, anywhere, at any one time, does not tell you anything useful about the overall climate."

Okay.. I'll agree with that. Climate is the overall picture, and weather is the daily occurrence. Fine with me. However... did she read RFK Jr.'s letter?

She then went into NASA'S statement on the last year and the last ten years, in which they state that 2009 was the second warmest year on record and 2000-2009 the warmest decade.

However, Maddow's argument fails in this way: If she wishes to negate a two-week snowstorm period because it is "weather" as compared to "climate," isn't the same theory applicable when attempting to use one year or even a decade as a sign of change, when we know the Earth is billions of years old and has had incredibly drastic shifts in climate over that span? After all, saying we were hot last year really is insignificant, when we have clear evidence that something changed our climate enough to cause an ocean to change into The Sahara Desert millions of years ago.

So then she brought in the "expert," Bill Nye The Science Guy, who as I mentioned earlier has quite the Google sheet (kinda like a 'rap sheet') on global warming.

I don't really to get too deeply into what Nye said, except that he clarified that what we used to call "Global Warming" is not "Climate Change, and that he reiterated the host's point about this storm being weather as opposed to "Climate Change."

Outside of that, what he said that really mattered was purely political, as he used a couple of key mantras of The Progressive movement.

"If you want to get serious about it, these guys claiming the snow in Washington disproves "climate change" are almost unpatriotic," Nye began. "Really, they're denying science. They're very happy to have the weather forecast be accurate within a few hours, but they're displeased or un-enchanted by predictions of the world getting warmer."

Okay... I'm unpatriotic? Interesting... I'm willing to have a debate, but the first thing you do is attempt to discredit me, and you and your ilk constantly claim "The debate is over!" even as you state that you are all for the free flow of ideas and freedom of speech.

Sir, I'm more than willing to look at data and accept any science you have to offer if you'd like to look at data over 1000, 10,000, or 100,000 years as real and significant, rather than telling me that because of a warm decade man has destroyed Earth.

Next, Maddow offered Nye an opportunity to expand on his "unpatriotic" statement and asked him if there was any legitimacy in the debate:

"Well, my thinking is really I've thought about this a lot, as an educator, I've spent a lot of time with a lot of people.. it's mostly generational, it seems to be - this is anecdotal to me. Older people just have a much harder time grasping the idea that you have many billions of people on the planet with a very thin atmosphere you're able to affect its climate. When you're younger... people are able to sort of embrace it, understand the evidence and move forward."

Interesting... so first, sir, you put yourself up on a pedestal - "As an educator." Well excuse me, Mr. Smarty-smart-smart pants. I know... I'm just a little person, and certainly not as capable of thought as you.

And your generation gap theory? Yes... I know it well. It's the same theory that Joseph Goebbels used while indoctrinating the "Hitler Youth," and has every organization under the sun using children to peddle the "Climate Change" message.

Like 24 year-old Meghan McCain mentioned the other day on The View as she discussed politics and the Tea Party movement, "Revolutions start with young people, not with 65-year-old people talking about literacy tests and people who can’t say the word vote in English. It’s ridiculous."

In other words, people who have lived a few years of life are stupid and should just shut up, because only the young can understand.

But the kicker?

Mr. Science Guy acknowledged the NOAA data on the El Nino shifts in weather patterns, but then went to the "They got a Nobel Prize" card as a form of accreditation for the knowledge of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, emphasizing what a big deal that award is and how it is simply inappropriate to question anyone who has had bestowed upon them such prestige.

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