Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RINO Mitt Romney Endorses Progressive John McCain

Mitt Romney today announced his support for his former presidential primary rival John McCain.

McCain, who is likely to have full support of the Republican Party machine in his Senate primary campaign against Conservative J. D. Hayworth, added Romney to a prestigious list of endorsements from moderates and those who feel indebted to the Senator.

In addition to Romney, McCain has announced that he will have the support of new Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, former campaign prop Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher, and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

You may remember McCain and Romney were far from friendly during the 2008 presidential primary, although eventually Romney conceded and threw his full support behind McCain once the Senator received the Republican Party nomination.

In an interesting discussion on his radio program today, Limbaugh blasted Scott Brown for his recent deviation from the party line.

Limbaugh also blasted Romney for supporting the "Out of step" McCain.

"I like Mitt Romney, but I think he's risking his career over a guy, endorsing McCain, who is so out of step with what's going on right now," said Limbaugh.

"McCain's always conservative when he's running for reelection in Arizona. The tea parties have produced a wave of conservatism that have swept Republicans-in-name-only aside."

"I understand Palin endorsing McCain," Limbaugh continued. "She's got no choice. Loyalty, plus if she doesn't the media will cream her, 'Oh, he's good enough to be president but you won't endorse him to be Senator?'"

"And it's understandable Romney would endorse Brown, but I don't understand Romney endorsing McCain," Rush added. "I just don't think it's going to fly. These endorsements are unnecessary. What is there to gain by this? Look, it's unfortunate, but people are weeding themselves out of the process all the while engaging in this kind of behavior. So in one sense it has a cleansing aspect to it."

Discussion via Memeorandum and Ben Smith's blog at Politico.


Just a conservative girl said...

Ya think they may owe Beck an apology? This is exactly what he was talking about.


nacilbupera said...

Here in Utah where Mormon Romney is a fav, Romney endorsed surprisingly unpopular Senator "Bailout Bob" Bennett who is 8th most lib GOP Senator, hasn't found an earmark he didn't like, and supports a heathcare bill with an individual mandate (Wyden-Bennett).

Romney's endorsement of RINO Bennett here ticked off quite a few conservatives here as well.

Mark your calendars May 8th and prepare for the shock heard round the nation when 3-term Bennett loses in the Utah GOP convention to a nationally unknown, conservative candidate who has been compared to Sarah Palin. That early date will send RINOs facing primaries running for cover everywhere.

Romney will not be in such a glorious position then although we must remember it is Obama/Reid/Pelosi that are the problem right now, not Romney.

j summ said...

you know i respect mccain's military record and sacrifice, but not his politics. i think he ran a shitty campaign against obie, and because of that we face one problem after another. time to step aside, i think, and let a younger brave fight the battles. as for romney, i think he will regret the decision to support mccain, as it will probably kill any national aspirations he has.

of course if mccain told him privately that he won't run for president again, it could be just political maneuvering. remember he got something like 45 million votes, even if lots of them were people like me, voting for the lesser of 2 evils.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Politicians as a rule are an unscrupulous group. He will receive more favors from McCain than he would from J. D. Hayworth. "RINO is as RINO does !"

LL said...

Romney is posturing himself as a populist in Republican ranks.

I don't think he stands a chance in a run up for the presidency. Romney is nearly as much of a RINO as McCain.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Great post! And I totally agree with every word LL posted above. Romney's not going to be president, not in 2012, not ever.

The_Kid said...

Agree with LL and Fuzz. What concerns me is Paul, Romney and Palin coming out as 1,2,3 at CPAC.

None of these people are electable.
I don't want another useless election like 2008, at least put someone up who has a chance, and is hopefully conservative. But I'll take anyone of the obama.

The_Kid said...

.. take anyone Over the obama

The Conservative Lady said...

I really don't understand why Romney decided to endorse McCain, unless he made some commitment to him at the end of the presidential elections. I can understand Palin feeling allegiance to McCain, but Romney had no reason to do it. I can only imagine he thinks McCain will reciprocate in the 2012 presidential election. Why he would want McCain's backing, you got me.

Soloman said...

All -

I'm keeping up on the Hayworth / McCain race quite a bit, as you all probably understand.

Tonight I posted a clip of Hayworth on O'Reilly discussing McCain's mudslinging advertisement, and right now I'm listening to a podcast of Hayworth as he appeared this morning on local AM KFYI 550. He discussed these endorsements from all the major players (Romney, Pawlenty, Palin, Shaddegg) and he basically absolved all of them with the understanding that McCain is the establishment, part of the machine.. and although Hayworth is more Conservative and is very well respected, these big guns are going to go where the money is.

Over the weekend I hope to be able to put this audio onto YouTube (we'll see if it works, I've had no success in the past) and also be writing about McCain's newest piece of progressive legislation.

cujo said...

If Romney is the best the repubs can come up with, then they are just wasting their time and money. He will never be elected. He is no better than RINO Mccain. Just remember this. Bush and Mccain dually brought down the Republican Party with Immigration. The Tea Parties will take over from here. They save their time and money henceforth and Michael Steele might as well resign.