Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sarah Palin v. Rush Limbaugh: The Truth Behind the Drive-By Media Orgasm

A few days back I posted about Sarah Palin and the fact that she took Rahm Emanuel to task for his reported use of the word "f---ing retarded" during a closed-door meeting. Since that time Rush Limbaugh, in typical Rush Limbaugh fashion, has shined an entirely new light on the situation, and in doing so sent the drive-by media into a tizzy.

On his radio show Wednesday, in discussing this situation, Rush made a point to discuss the fact that Emanuel was "calling a bunch of retards a bunch of retards."

“Our political correct society is acting like some giant insult’s taken place by calling a bunch of people who are retards, retards,” Rush said during his broadcast. Rush also added that Emanuel’s meeting yesterday with advocates for the mentally handicapped was a “retard summit at the White House.”

Since then, there has been a firestorm of discussion from the leftist media.

The Washington Post has posted on a political blog with the headline "Palin Camp Rips Limbaugh, Hits His 'Retard' Comment as 'Crude and Demeaning,' with the subtitle "Sarah Palin versus Rush Limbaugh!"


Apparently Palin Spokesperson Meg Stapleton, when asked for comment about Limbaugh's show, replied by email:

“Governor Palin believes crude and demeaning name calling at the expense of others is disrespectful.”

In other words, Stapleton's reply said: Drive-by's, you're attempting to make an issue out of a non-issue. Learn something about Rush Limbaugh's presentation and perhaps you'll understand why Rahm Emanuel should resign or be fired, and why Limbaugh is a genius regarding social and political commentary.

Take it from someone - yours truly - who used to think that Rush Limbaugh was a bit over-the-top. When Rush heard about the firestorm surrounding Emanuel and turned around the very next day and offered his commentary, he did so specifically to prove a point.

The genius is in the fact that he was correct.

Rush knew the moment he opened up the can of "retarded" worms, the leftists and drive-by's would jump all over the situation and demand of Palin the same aggressive stance against him as she took regarding Emanuel.

And they took the bait.

Update: While this does not in any way completely vindicate Limbaugh's on-air statements, here is a transcript from a call taken by Rush from a father of an eight-year-old girl who suffered a stroke at birth.

Furthermore, here is a transcript from Limbaugh's show during which he explains his motives. Take the time to read the entire transcript, including the comments made by Margaret Carlson on Keith Olbermann's show as well as by Arianna Huffington on Joe Scarborough's show. Also, it is extremely interesting to note that the "health care legislation" offered by The Senate contains the word "retarded" or some variation therein nine times! Also, Eric Holder's Justice Department uses the word in its description for ideal candidates for available positions for civil rights trial attorneys!

Additionally, I would like to make myself clear - I am in no way attempting to proclaim Rush absolved of any wrongdoing in this situation. Eyes of the beholder, as the saying goes. I simply am highlighting the amazing behavior of the left-wing media types and their followers.

Further proving the leftist hysteria, Keith Olbermann discussed the situation on his show, and attempted to throw Glenn Beck into the fray along with Limbaugh.

"Sarah Palin will stand up to anyone to defend her baby, except anyone who will help her political career," Bathtub Boy began his segment.

Olbermann essentially attempted to make the case that since Emanuel's use of the word was "behind closed doors," it paled in comparison to anything Limbaugh or Beck had ever said.

Additionally, Olbermann has gathered information on Dave Carney, an adviser for Texas Governor Rick Perry. Since Palin will be stumping for Perry soon there is a legitimate question regarding her stance on Carney's comments, although it must be remembered that the discussion about Emanuel is a discussion about a representative at the national level - specifically The President of The United States of America, a man who represents the political party that claims to be all-inclusive, concerned, and caring.

Additionally, Carney's comments were regarding an inanimate object, not people. Eyes of the beholder, I suppose.

Meanwhile, back at Camp Looney-Bin, Olbermann tried to take a stab at Limbaugh, saying Palin "did not call for Limbaugh to be fired, and if you read it carefully does not criticize Limbaugh at all." After reading Stapleton's press release, Olbermann continues his whining by saying "And yet never has the integrity to stand up for her son... blah, blah..."

Then Olbermann really ramps it up, as he goes after his new favorite target, Glenn Beck. Making claims that his uses of 'the word,' "Not once, like Emanuel's, not privately like Emanuel, but repeatedly on national television, repeatedly on national radio, laughing about it and it's perfectly fine with Sarah Palin... [...] were "too numerous for us to present in their entirety, in our time allotted tonight... oh my God my head is going to explode I hate the world so much!!!" (Okay, I ad-libbed the last part, but it was fun!) .

Anyway, back to Camp Looney-Bin, with your host BathTub Boy Olbermann. If there's one thing Olbermann needs to understand that he clearly does not, it's that Beck is the father of a child with Cerebral Palsy. Of course, that does not exempt Beck from any wrongdoing, but it is important to note. I'm sure Beck gives more in charitable contributions to research for mental handicaps than Olbermann gives to any cause whatsoever.

Second, and much more vitally important, is that once again, Olbermann is taking Beck's words completely out of context. In his first attempt at validating his existence, Olbermann uses a clip from Beck's TV show in which Beck is discussing California Governor Schwarzenegger's spending cut threats last year, during which Beck does indeed use the word "retarded," but he was not using it to describe a specific person or group of people as was Emanuel, he used it as a descriptive term in a hypothetical scenario.

Again, I am not attempting to exempt Beck from wrong-doing here, but there certainly is a layer of context with which one must hear the full quote. Olbermann, in true Olbermann fashion, only offers a clip, most likely extracted and edited for desired effect from Media Matters.

Next, and most laughable, is his use of a discussion from Beck's radio show. This discussion between Beck's radio crew and '24' star Mary Lynn Rajskub is taken so pathetically out of context it would be quite disturbing, were it not Keith Olbermann taking a quote out of context. The text of the full discussion Beck was having with Rajskub is available at Beck's website, and it is clear that there was much laughter prior to the clip offered by Olbermann.

Additionally, Beck was simply repeating Rajskub's word back to her. Again extracted and edited for desired effect from Media Matters. Again, I am not attempting to exempt Beck from wrong-doing here, but to say context matters is quickly becoming an understatement.

Note: Beck later offered to Rajskub that he would promote her work, and delivered on that offer, as is seen via the link provided in the paragraph above.

Of course, I honestly don't know why I go on about Olbermann so much, because as Nickie Goomba points out, it's not like anyone is watching anyway... but to watch the drive-by media spin, fling, and wail is nothing short of hilarious.

Olbermann's final point, in his discussion with "MSNBC Contributor," Obama biographer, and Obama PR representative Richard Wolffe is that Mrs. Palin if nothing else should be consistent.

Consistent. Like complaining about Fox News employing a former White House Chief-of-Staff or other Republicans, all the while employing a man who did PR work for the current president - while he was campaigning for president. Consistent.

You Betcha.


Just a conservative girl said...

Just a fyi - Beck's daughter has CP not Down's.

Regardless of the point that Rush was trying to prove he shouldn't have said. I am a special needs mom, and it insulting no matter the context. I put a story on my blog about my son's experience at camp last summer. This dialouge makes the woman who hurt my kid think what she did was ok, and it is not. Not that I want to agree with Olbermann, but Palin should have given the same type of tough statement. It isn't acceptable for anyone to use this language, it is hurtful to kids who can't defend themselves and the parents who are very overwhelmed with trying to protect them.

Soloman said...

Hey JACG -

After receiving your comment, I did a bit of revision to the post. I added a couple of links to transcripts from Limbaugh's show (from his website) and addeda a personal comment too. Also changed the info on Beck's daughter. Thanks for the correction there.

Fair enough... maybe Rush wasn't completely right in what he did. However, she (Palin) did put forward some tough words. Outside of what she said, what should she do - demand that Rush resign his position as a talk show host?

It is entirely possible that Palin and Limbaugh may discuss this entire issue privately... or if you care to believe the link I offered in the update, there's an understanding between the two personally.

That being said, maybe Limbaugh could offer a statement of apology on-air, just to be thorough... but I'm not holding my breath. We know that's not his style, and those who know him understand he was making a point, not being petty, rude or juvenile.

I simply brought it up (the entire story) as a discussion about the terrible hypocrisy and amazing lunacy on the left which we all know exists, which Limbaugh once again proved within a matter of a few words and a few minutes.

As I said further down the post, I wasn't attempting to exempt Beck from any wrongdoing. I feel the same about Limbaugh. I made mention of that in my update.

As I mentioned in my other post on the subject, I do not know the feelings a parent of such a child will have, therefore I see things from a different perspective.

Mine is simply the over-politicization of everything by the likes of Olbermann, and the other leftist drive-by media.

BTW - your statement "Not that I want to agree with Olbermann" is interesting, but certainly not necessary. I actually agree with him on rare occasion.

The right isn't always right... most of the time yes, but there's a rare exception that gives people like Olbermann hope... lol!

Regardless - thanks for your perspective. I do appreciate it, as any firsthand insight (such as your own) into such a situation can only help me grow as a person.

DEO said...

Rush is a drug addled pig.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Above (DEO) resorts to the usual name calling when he can't state one idea of substance.

I personally feel you give the Olbermanns of world to much ink. If we are quiet about this guy, he would have no audience at all.

DEO said...

usual name calling

"DRUG ADDLED" isn't a name, it's a condition.
One might acquire that condition with lots of pain killers (Oxi-C) and Viagra.

As for PIG, yeah that's a noun that could be used to describe the CONSERVATIVE Fatty Arbuckle.

DEO said...

I personally feel you give the Olbermanns of world to much ink. If we are quiet about this guy, he would have no audience at all.

That's what WE say about Sarah Palin.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Comment withheld ... shortage of ink.

Soloman said...

Deo -

Thank you so much for your substantial and significant input.

Soloman said...

Odie -

Sadly, there are actually about 500K-800K per night that consider Olbermann's rant something of value.

Either that, or there that number of people who, like me, just love to watch a train wreck in progress!!

Soloman said...

Oh, and Deo...

Your statement about Sarah Palin is completely untrue.

I visit Huffington Post once in a while. There's always a post about Sarah Palin there, and that post always has the most comments.

You lefties are scared shit-less of her, because you know that she is what America needs to stop your agenda.