Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Glenn Beck Discusses "Progressive Republican" Meghan McCain

This is seventeen of the funniest and most interesting minutes of radio I've heard in a while.

Meghan McCain appeared on The View as a guest host, and had quite a bit to say. If you're interested, ABC has posted a video clip on their website.

Glenn Beck got hold of this clip and had a field day on Miss McCain's self-proclamation as a "Progressive Republican," as well as some of the other commentary offered by the daughter of Senator John McCain.

What becomes clear is that Meghan McCain defines herself in a way that is somewhat correct based on her personal attitude, yet truthfully her politics are more along the lines of a "Socially liberal Republican." She clearly does not truly understand the definition of the Progressive movement and what it means to America today, so what she seems to do is combine the currently popular label "Progressive" for her socially liberal viewpoints such as her openness to gay marriage, while perhaps still holding some of her father's fiscally Conservative viewpoints.

The beginning of the second clip is especially interesting, as Miss McCain attempts to define the "Tea Party" as a "New movement within the Republican Party," whereas most Tea Party Patriots would say the Republican Party needs to accept the definition of fiscal Conservatism and adherence to The Constitution that The Tea Party assumes within itself, regardless of anyone's stance on social issues.

In two segments. Mind you, this is Glenn Beck radio, so there is a bit more satire and sarcasm in the presentation, but also perhaps more detail and honesty due to time and radio freedoms.


Hat tip to The Right Scoop for uploading the audio segments.


Hyphenated American said...

This is from my blog:

Meghan McCain: Literacy is racist

According to little green Johnson (formerly a progressive right-winger and currently a blogger with a progressive case of untreatable and acute liberal insanity), Meghan McCain, a classical brain-dead left-wing bimbo (and also a daughter of senator McCain - need I say more?) claimed that Tom Tancredo was a racist. What exactly did he do to deserve such a harsh treatment? In his recent speech Tancredo proposed a literacy test for all Americans as a condition for voting. He also claimed that illiterate people were the ones that put Barack Hussein Obama in charge of this country.

In her remarks, the plus-sized model claimed that literacy tests were innately racist, and, making fun of Tancredo's age, said that revolution was always launched by young people. The art's history major also claimed that Blacks could not vote in the 1950ies because of the literacy tests of exactly same nature that Tancredo proposed. And, as you may imagine, the little green football agreed with her.

At this point I am torn between leaving this stupidity as it is without commenting on it - or spend time and actually rip it into little pieces. After some hesitation - I decided to rip it into little pieces - since I am feeling I owe it to those very few that clicked on my link and decided to read my posts. Here it goes.

Firstly, to suggest that a literacy test, executed in same way for all people who wish to vote, is innately racist is, well, racist. Can Meghan explain which races have innate illiteracy? Does Meghan believe that some races inherently cannot learn how to read and write? Clearly, her claims indeed make it obvious that she does believe so.

Secondly, the literacy tests designed to keep Blacks from voting were not color blind. Wikipedia states that "... the literacy test was applied in a patently unfair manner, as it was used to disfranchise many literate blacks while allowing many illiterate whites to vote." In other words, Meghan either does not know anything about the Southern literacy tests, or she is lying. In short, she is either illiterate (innately or not - who knows?) or evil - and quite possibly both.

The point she raised about the age of the revolutionaries is also quite peculiar. For example, George Washington became the Commander in Chief of the US army at the age of 43. He became the US president when he was 56. In short, he was hardly a teenager - particularly if we take into account that people live and stay active much longer today. Vladimir Lenin was 47 years old when he commandeered the communist takeover of the Tsarist Empire. Mao Zedong conquered China at the gentle age of 55. Abraham Lincoln took over presidency when he was 52.

All in all, what Meghan McCain demonstrates is that while genius may be lost from one generation to another, the idiocy is not only saved but greatly multiplied. As for the little green football - I refuse to make fun of his medical condition. It would be too politically incorrect. I can only hope that some day he gets better.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Ugh, I can't get it to play, but based on your description of it, I'll have to hunt it down.