Monday, February 22, 2010

Chris Matthews and Gerry Connolly Schooled by Thaddeus McCotter

MSNBC host Chris Matthews and Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) were given an education tonight by Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter on everything from partisanship and the Filibuster to the truth behind the national interest (or lack thereof) in Obamacare.

Matthews' biggest concern seemed to be "Covering the uninsured." McCotter clearly explained to Matthews how the market works, and that if government would work to open the free market to allow consumers to have more choices, the "Thirty Million" uninsured might have a better chance at gaining coverage. Matthews beat this horse over and over, at one time making references to Nixon, at which point McCotter said, "Well, I was eight years old."

Matthews quickly attempted to turn the debate to car insurance in an effort to equate car insurance to medical insurance. McCotter offered an abrupt, "We have car insurance at the state level," missing a grand opportunity to shut down liberals once and for all by describing how auto insurance is a requirement due to the liability of the insured to protect the victim of an accident, whereas medical insurance is an issue of personal responsibility and self-concern.

Matthews said "I love this Libertarian view," to which McCotter replied "It is your leftist view that somehow government can do everything and not raise the cost."

"Your argument is with the American people," McCotter added.

Matthews finally summarized correctly that this discussion between Matthews and Congressmen McCotter and Connolly was a clear breakdown between the two sides of the Obamacare debate.

While McCotter is not the most Conservative representative in Congress, he serves his constituency well and represented Conservatism well in this particular instance.


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Keyboard Jockey said...

That's an uneven match McCotter is so far ahead of Matthews in Intellect and Class.

We have to pay for being alive? That's what an individual mandate is, driving requires an auto and it's a privilege. (I wasn't born with an auto) So now being alive and breathing - existing is a privilege in this country? We have to carry Private Health Insurance. The Government can make you buy a product from the Private Sector? What can they force us to buy next? This is Constitutional?

Really, where is the Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Did you catch Matthews at the end. It's a Public responsibility to insure people for their own good?

That says' it all "For Their Own Good" who get's to decide for FREE PEOPLE what's for their own good?

The Common Welfare Clause was NEVER open to this broad an interpretation.

Teresa said...

Excellent video! This shows how Democrats put government up on a pedestal and that the Dems want to make this country into a nanny state. There was such a stark difference between the Democrat and the Republican.

Its self-evident that the Democrats don't believe in personal responsibility and that Republicans do believe in personal responsibility.

Soloman said...

Keyboard Jockey..

Life, Liberty, and you'd damn well buy your state-mandated medical insurance policy, or off to jail with you, I guess??

I like McCotter's style - I catch him on Fox News' "Red Eye" and he's hilarious.

I think he actually used words too big for Matthews to understand!

Great points... thanks for commenting!

Soloman said...

Teresa -

Exactly - as much as I don't care for much of MSNBC, occasionally they produce a gem like this one.

I hate to say it, but I think the decline of Obama may be the resurgence of Matthews. I used to actually like him for his ability to present and moderate a good debate.
These days he may be more a part of the debate, but if he can make points more clear like this clip, it can be worth it to pay attention to him.

Just a conservative girl said...

Lucky me, Connolly belongs to me.

ozzie said...

I love McCotter, even though his first name is Thaddeus!

I first heard him on Red Eye and his oratory skills and mastery of words are impressive.