Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For All You MSNBC Viewers - Glenn Beck Explains Glenn Beck

You may remember that I recently posted about Ms. Huffington's appearance on ABC's This Week, in which she and Roger Ailes discussed her theory on Glenn Beck's "Inciting the American people."

Today, in a segment that simply must be described as hilarious, Glenn Beck explains (to all those too stupid to understand) that "It's the economy, stupid!"

Pointing out that MSNBC had recently allowed Arianna Huffington to spew her ignorance on their network - the same network on which Chris Matthews yesterday compared the Republican Party to a Cambodian reeducation camp, Beck dissected his own segment, the one that apparently frightened Ms. Huffington so much that she felt the need to insinuate Beck should be "excluded from Constitutionally protected speech"

In front of a video screen and a teacher's pointer, Glenn explained step by step how he was discussing not real seat belts, not real plane crashes and trees, and not literally Americans being slaughtered by President Obama, but rather using metaphor to describe economic policy being enacted by the Obama administration. "

"Just to review the topics we've covered here so far," Beck stated in a very matter-of-fact way as he pointed to the screen, "The economy, the economy, the economy, the economy, and again... the economy."

"We will survive," the taped segment continued, as Beck interrupted with ""We're not talking about heart function here," "And we're not talking about all of us collectively continuing to breathe... no, no, no..."

For the sake of being unbiased, I present this link to Huffington Post, in which Arianna Huffington once again uses Media Matters clips as truthful evidence against Beck. Compare for yourself.


The Conservative Lady said...

Arianna Huffington is an ass.
Glenn Beck is a riot.
The left will keep trying to spin everything conservatives say and do. Desperation will do that to a losing political party and to a TV network doing a nose dive into obscurity.
Great post, Sol.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Huffington is a spoiled rich brat that throws a fit when she can't get her way.

Soloman said...


I agree with you on both counts. Huffington has no idea the damage she does to the nation with her dribble.

She is a media whore to the first degree and is a danger to freedom.

Soloman said...

Odie -

I agree, I'm sure being a spoiled rich brat since birth has not helped her.

Still, though.. so many times people come from foreign lands and learn to appreciate America's freedoms.

She seems to resent those values.