Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Does Barack Hussein Obama Hate Las Vegas?

President Barack Hussein Obama has once again slammed the city of Las Vegas.

During the president's campaign-style town-hall meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire, he discussed the need to curb spending during tough economic times. "When times are tough, you tighten your belts," the president said. "You don't go buying a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage. You don't blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you're trying to save for college."

The president's comments come nearly a year after he criticized companies that received federal money for taking corporate junkets to Las Vegas. "You can't go take that trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on taxpayers' dime," he said at the time. Local business leaders say Nevada tourism suffered last year in part because companies canceled trips to Las Vegas in the wake of the president's comments.

His statement Tuesday drew sharp criticism from Nevada lawmakers. "The President needs to lay off Las Vegas and stop making it the poster child for where people shouldn't be spending their money," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat. "Las Vegas is suffering through one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and we cannot afford for the President to bring us down any further," added Republican Senator John Ensign. "Nevada has one of the most distressed economies in the country, and the President has done little to focus on job creation over the past year. Discouraging people from coming to our state to make a political point adds insult to injury," said Republican Congressman Dean Heller.

"Tourism is the number one economic stimulus for Southern Nevada and for many cities and states across the country. While we appreciate Las Vegas is top of mind for the President, we would ask that he offer words of encouragement instead of criticism," Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority President and CEO Rossi Ralenkotter said.

President Obama is scheduled to visit Las Vegas this month.

While I understand that Obama is attempting to use Las Vegas as a metaphor for risky fiscal responsibility, he clearly does not seem to understand that each and every word he speaks has repercussions. Additionally, actions speak louder than words, and when The President introduces an annual budget that does not account for 35% of the nation's planned expenditures, perhaps he would be wise to take a good look at his own fiscally irresponsible policy before he uses such metaphors that seemingly criticize the actions of others.


Anonymous said...

More importantly... Does Las Vegas' money hate Obama?

The_Kid said...

I was bout to comment that IU couldn't see any agenda based reason why oblama would rag on Vegas, and therefore it must simply be stupidity on his part.

Then I read Nickie's comment above and the lightbulb came on.

The_Kid said...

I gots a speeeling class nex week

Kris said...

I'm starting to. I live and work here in Las Vegas. My business is completely unrelated to tourism and gambling but those who are in these professions are hurting and spending less on the products and services I offer. Obamas' words hurt people. Mayor Oscar Goodman put it well: "This president is a slow learner" Yes, I'm starting to hate him, but he started it.