Friday, February 5, 2010

As Seen at Goodwill

I went out and did a little thrifting tonight. I love stocking up on "like new" quality t-shirts at $2 a piece, and occasionally a cool button-down as a casual throw-over - kind of like a jacket.

Seems a lot of people part with their Harley-Davidson shirts at my local Goodwill, and I love to collect them. Bonus for me!

Anyway.. as I was shopping, I ran across dozens of these... literally a couple dozen or more. I came across the men's t-shirt version of course, but I was laughing out loud there were so many of these.

The other shirt I saw one of was this.

I saw just one, but one was enough to tell me someone has had a change of heart.

I came away with four "new" shirts that made me happy, a big ol' grin on my face, and all I could think of was this:

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