Friday, February 26, 2010

J. D. Hayworth Appears on The O'Reilly Factor

Tonight on The Factor with Bill O'Reilly, J. D. Hayworth took advantage of an opportunity to pound Senator John McCain on some particular issues, as well as clarify his position on the "Birther" issue McCain has attempted to pin on Hayworth.

Getting right to the point, O'Reilly played the meat of McCain's recent mudslinging advertisement before he even introduced Hayworth to the audience. Right out of the gate, Bill asked Hayworth, "Are you a birther guy, J. D.?", to which Hayworth replied, "Bill - no, I'm a broadcaster," referring to his most recent employment as a radio talk show host at AM 550 KFYI in Phoenix.

Hayworth went on to explain how as a talk show host part of his role is to be a catalyst of conversation, and O'Reilly agreed with Hayworth's assessment of the idea that if as a media personality you approach a subject, many of the media-watchers from the left (i.e. Media Matters) will instantly pin you as an associate of the group you are discussing.

O'Reilly then asked and allowed Hayworth to define his own views of the "birther" movement:

"I view this entire debate as esoteric," Hayworth replied. "It's as esoteric as arguing about the eligibility of Chester Allen Arthur well over a century after he served as President."

Hayworth went on to define exactly that he believes Obama to be president, and that McCain is involved in the politics of "Distortion and distraction," offering that McCain "Doesn't want people talking about his bailout vote that included $150 billion in earmarks, he doesn't want us talking about the fact that he voted against the Bush Tax Cuts that I helped write, and he doesn't want us talking about his amnesty..."

This is exactly the type of interview Hayworth needs to conduct from this point forward. I'm not sure why Hayworth was willing to even entertain the hosts interviewing him on leftist networks MSNBC and CNN when they approached the "birther" issue, but tonight's clear break from the issue is better for his campaign moving forward.

Additionally, the explanation he gave regarding the recording McCain used in the commercial does provide a reasonable explanation to any clear thinking voter who really wished to decide their vote for Arizona Senator on the issues rather than the dirty politics McCain will definitely be entrenched in throughout this campaign.


ozzie said...

Saw it, Hayworth came across as creepy and untrustworthy. He was pretty obviously manufacturing his sales pitch based on the populist sentiment and didn't have any substance to offer.

Better McCain than this guy. McCain might actually win.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

GO J.D. !!!

tammy said...

We must've turned O'Reilly off before seeing this (Luvpilot has issues with him). Thanks for posting it. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

The_Kid said...

McCain is not opposition to the socialist party. Therefore, I'd like to see him retire. We know what John McCain is.

If we get the same with JD, at least we have a less tenured and skilled alternative.

Soloman said...

ozzie -

Of course you're entitled to your own opinion, but I respectfully disagree with your assessment of this clip.

O'Reilly did not allow Hayworth any time to bring forward substance. This interview was as much as anything else a chance for Hayworth to shut down the birther crap the leftists and McCain are trying to attach to him.

You'll remember that nobody in the MSM liked McCain during the presidential election, but watch now as he once again becomes a media darling, because they certainly do not want a real Conservative like Hayworth in office.

I posted two radio interviews tonight - one of McCain, one of Hayworth. There's some time involved - McCain's is about 1/2 hour, and Hayworth spent about an hour in the studio. They're both on our local AM station, and both very fair to the candidate. check them out here and here if you get time... I think you'll come to see Hayworth as the more desirable choice.

Soloman said...

Odie -

Couldn't agree more. Check out the interviews I posted if you want to hear the profound differences.

Soloman said...

Tammy -

Not to be redundant... but since you're an Arizonan this one's important to you as much as anyone.

Here's McCain's interview, and here's Hayworth.

There's an investment of time, but it's well worth it to hear the differences between the two.

Tell your Arizona friends...

tammy said...

Thanks, I will!

Soloman said...

Kid -

You might remember some of Hayworth's positions, since you lived her during some of his tenure in The House.

I definitely see him as the better choice, and hopefully not just the lesser evil but as the real deal. With Hayworth and Jon Kyl in the Senate Arizona could be proud.

Soloman said...

Wow, Tammy... what are you watching over my shoulder? lol!!

tammy said...

Maybe : )

I just happened to check my email at the same moment you replied to comments.

ozzie said...


Just listened to the radio interviews and Hayworth sounded much much better. It was a bad interview on O'reilly's behalf, possibly due to time constraints. Having heard both interviews I have a different opinion now.

I will be curious to see how this works out. I would much rather see a conservative than McCain who sounded panicky during his interview, and used a lot of distractions to avoid answering the questions directly.