Sunday, August 16, 2009

Support Whole Foods Market

While there are a few Whole Foods Market stores within reasonable driving distance of my home, I had never heard of them until this weekend. However, due to a Wall Street Jornal Op-Ed written by the company's chief executive, John Mackey, in which he criticized President Obama's health care plan and offered his own alternative, I am now a proud supporter (and soon to be consumer) of their stores.

I was particularly intrigued by the plan that Whole Foods Market offers their employees, as it is similar to that which my employer offers. We have a medium-deductible plan, for which employees are eligible immediately upon direct hire. This plan has a reasonable payroll deduction for the first year. Dental coverage and eye-care are available as well. Upon completion of one full year of service, 100 percent of all three services are paid in full by my employer. My employer does not offer "Personal Wellness Accounts," which I find to be a particularly impressive part of the Whole Foods Market program.

I took some time to look over the Whole Foods Market website. I found it very interesting that this company operates on the surface in a way that would typically be supported by the most extreme left of America. On their front page they have an article about a couple that "raises grass-fed beef and lamb and pastured chicken, turkey and pork." They talk about the "Green Children's visit to Bangladesh" and have a song inspired by this visit. On their blog is "Eating with Dave Matthews Band," and they have a "signature reusable shopping bag" endorsed by Sheryl Crow.

Honestly, this is a store I typically might never consider shopping in. I'm guessing it has a feel much like "One Earth" (if you watched The Goode Family you know what I mean) but today I'm making exceptions, in support of a great Capitalist who needs our help.

I hope you all consider Whole Foods Market if they have a store in your area. A tip of the hat to Nicke at The Goomba News Network for the article that gave me enough interest to learn more.


Hazaa said...

Unfortunately, he apologized for his stance and took it back.

Soloman said...

I understand that the someone from the company issued a statement (that letter was not written by John Mackey). However, I personally believe that as co-founder and current CEO of Whole Foods, he (John Mackey) made excellent points which can certainly be supported. I'll be keeping an eye on the situation...