Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Want You To Love Your Country

I have made no secret of the fact that I support Glenn Beck in his effort to inform the American people with information otherwise not being provided by the media in general. I believe Glenn Beck is today as important a voice as Rush Limbaugh was during the Clinton administration.

Of course Rush is still the most formidable Conservative Pundit bar-none, but right now Glenn is able to go places it seems nobody else has, and is asking questions I've not even heard Rush Limbaugh ask about Barack Obama. Additionally, since Beck is a relatively fresh voice, he's able to attract moderates who may have (sadly) tuned out Rush and won't try tuning in again.

Glenn Beck said tonight on his show:

"Questioning your government is not only a RIGHT or IMPORTANT, it is a REQUIREMENT in a Democratic Republic."

I believe this is true for both sides of the political aisle, always. It is my belief that it is not only responsible to question the party you disagree with, but it is equally or more important to question the party you tend to align with.

I first learned this lesson during the Clinton administration. He was the first president I ever voted for, and I voted for him twice. Full disclosure: I was still relatively young, and MTV's Rock The Vote influenced my decision making then. Back then I absolutely did not seek information like I do today.

George W. Bush's time in office gave me more insight to the fact that both sides can be right and both sides can be wrong. I supported and voted for Bush for his first term, and every day I thank God that AlGore did not win the 2000 election.

However, in '04 I didn't think we had a good choice. I was starting to see things in the Bush administration I didn't like, and I definitely didn't (and still do not) respect John Kerry, so I forfeited possibly the most important right all Americans have and abstained from voting.

There are always ethical and logical questions to be asked of politicians, regardless of party. It is my opinion that anyone who blindly follows a party line doesn't have all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Tonight, in closing, I would like to give a shout-out to Clifton B. at Another Black Conservative as well as TCL at The Conservative Lady for posting clips from Beck's shows this week.

As I commented on Clifton's blog, I watched Monday's show and took so many notes my head was pounding and my wrist was aching. I started to do some Google searching, but I didn't have the energy to put it all together and post something I was comfortable with, and because of the quantity and significance of the issues raised about Van Jones on Monday, I felt anything short of thorough would not be proper.

Anyway... if you haven't ever been to their blogs, please visit them, as well as everyone on my "wisdom of others" list. We all appreciate the traffic and the comments.

Tell 'em I sent ya, if you think it will help...


Meadow said...

I found you via your post at Clifton's ABC blog.

The 'one thing' (as Glenn would say) that stayed with me was his frequent statement/question: "Am I hateful, unAmerican if I ask questions?"

He asked that in a variety of ways.

We all (left, right and center) need to be asking these questions.

Thanks for your post, Soloman!

Sue said...

So Soloman you caught me blog surfing the conservative blogs today! I am a staunch progressive and a proud one. I know there is good and bad in every president we elect. But I truely believe Obama was elected because of his policies and his intelligence to succeed. Can't we all give him the chance to do his work? BTW, bad move on your part, you shoulda stayed put! :-)

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I wish I could catch Glen Beck more often. I'm thankful for the online videos!

j summett said...

Giving Obama the chance to succeed means we will most probably wake up one day in a Socialist nation. It would not happen overnight, but he is like a freight train, trying to push through socialized medicine. That is the first (huge) step toward the government being in control of your life.

Also, didn't Hillary fairly upbraid the Bush Admin. in her shrill, scary voice, that "it is our right to question ANY administration?" It's too bad that Dems can't erase video when their own words come back to bite them in the keester!!

I also voted for Clinton in 1992, but fairly quickly came to regret that decision. I have always said he was the best thing to happen to conservatism and the Republican party. After about six months of his presidency, the light came on for me, and I became a proud conservative.

Courtney said...

I'm glad we have Glenn. It's good to hear a fresh new voice on the hard-hitting issues. I will always love Rush though :)

Soloman said...

Meadow - yes, I agree. Beck's ability to framt the debate about the debate, rather than about himself, is making the 'boycott' groups look like fools. Additionally, tonight (Wed) he reiterated the point that the only FACT being disputed was whether or not some of the advisers are 'czars' or not.

He's shining a bright light on a dark situation. Time to see if the rats scramble, freeze, or attack.

Soloman said...

Sue - thanks for stopping by my site as well. I don't believe I made a mistake at all, because I actually think about things and check facts now, rather than believing Dan Rather or Tom Brokaw or MTV, the faces of the MSM in my more liberal days. I have nothing against any of them personally, but the MSM on TV and in print does not ask you to think. That's why I respect Glenn Beck, Rush, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, my local talkers, and a handful of others on the national "Conservative talk" scene. They present the topic, but they all challenge their listeners to think for themselves and find the truth on their own, as opposed to following blindly.

Maybe someday you too will find yourself seeking the truth...

Soloman said...

Pasadena... I DVR his TV show since it's onm while I'm working, and I'm lucky enough that his radio show is broadcast while I work, and I have an office environment job that allows me a radio to be on quietly in the background. My boss actually likes me listening to my talkers, because I'm in cost estimating and purchasing, so I have to have my Capitalist mindset working strong...

Thanks for stopping by.

Soloman said...

j summett - you're spot on about that Hillary quote. However, I don't and will not stop my questioning at the line of the Obama administration. There are plenty of Republicans who have been in office long enough to be complicit in the growth of government we are currently witnessing.

I believe we should have term limits in Congress, so nobody has the cause to create centralized power for the next guy in line.

You're right about 'health care' though.. that's the pass to the takeover.

Soloman said...

Courtney - Glenn actually helped me understand more of what Rush is all about.

Glenn has a way of distinguishing between humor and sarcasm in his presentation that I relate to very well.

That, and the fact that since I was a Clintonite in the '90's I had a tough time with Rush - but I'm well over that now and probably appreciate him more for it.

Now, my local broadcast of Beck's show comes on while Rush's last hour is still being broadcast.

I flip to Beck's show, because usually his monologue is the best part of his show.

Thanks for checking in..

tammy said...

I am loving your blog. Your posts and your comments to others are intelligent and full of facts. I hate it when I read someone's blog and they disagree with you, so they start name calling or making hateful comments.

I'm with you. I supported Bush in his first term, but not so much his second, and I totally agree with not blindly following a party line. I like to say that I belong to the common sense party now. I'm thankful to Glenn and to the others that are opening eyes.

(p.s. and I'm an AZ girl too!)

The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for the mention. I appreciate it. I like you blog too and have it on my blogroll. Keep up the good work.

Soloman said...

Tammy, thanks you. I appreciate the commentary.

I try to only deal in fact, even in my opinions. I'll admit it, if I could, I'd be a TV or radio host. I'm thinking about getting a decent camera and doing video clips, maybe a YouTube Channel and link to the blog. It's fun and a passion.

Stay cool... I don't know where you are, but we're 111 tomorrow in PHX. Can't wait 'till it breaks.

Soloman said...

TCL - glad to linky love ya! We're all on the same team. Like Tammy said... the Common Sense Party...

j summett said...

I also believe we should question Republicans when they are wrong. I am a conservative, and I do not vote straight ticket. I will tell you, though, that more often than not, Republican candidates are a closer match to the stances I have on almost every issue.

j summett said...

I also believe we should question Republicans when they are wrong. I am a conservative, and I do not vote straight ticket. I will tell you, though, that more often than not, Republican candidates are a closer match to the stances I have on almost every issue.

Soloman said...

j summett - i agree. I'm much more a Conservative, therefore aligned with Republicans - although I might say I'm Libertarian more than Republican.

Either way, it's a rare Dem who would really attract my vote, but I'm good with a BlueDog who is a straight shooter being in office.

tammy said...

You should make some videos. Seriously.