Thursday, August 6, 2009

More liberal lies...

The headline on the Huffington Post read:
Protesters Say They Had Been Spurred On By Conservative Activist Group, Fox News Host

However, if one actually paid attention, they'd learn this headline is totally misleading and a complete distortion of the facts. If one were to watch the video provided in the story, they'd see the violence was not started by "protesters" but rather by "security" which, as described on the Tampa 9/12 Meetup site, was clearly ACORN or SEIU. Also, on Tampa Bay Online, commenters who attended the event said that there were people wearing Obama shirts and "Organize for America" shirts who were moved past the line and allowed in, as the rest of the crowd was told the room had reached capacity.

Here's the video Huffington Post offered, which clearly was not watched by commenters on that website, as all they could do was babble on and on about how Glenn Beck "needs to be in an institution," "right-wingers all hate America," and the way to have a peaceful Town Hall meeting would be "to have a Tapioca Pudding stand across the street" (I guess that's funny?).

I'm as respectful of the next person when it comes to the matter of having an opinion, but these Huffington Post regulars are downright rude. Frankly, it scares the bejeezus out of me that there are that many people who think like these people do, but as I say that I still thank God we live in a land that allows them to have their freedom to have their say. Having said that, though - this is the same group as the "The Debate is Over" global warming believers, and they're unbelievably spoon-fed full of talking points, and they really seem to believe those talking points.

We're in for a long haul, we must be strong. America, we will protect you. We will not fail.

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Opus #6 said...

Great video. I put it up on my site as well. The word has got to get out.