Monday, August 31, 2009

2010: In, or Out?

These five items (with which I fully agree) have been laid out by The Glenn Beck Program as values to which our Congressional Representatives must commit.

If you too believe in these five core values, and believe that those representing you in Washington, DC should too, please inform your representatives that if they are not willing to commit to you in writing that they agree with the ideas before them, that they will not be receiving your vote in the upcoming election.

Senate contact information can be found here:

House contact information can be found here:

You can copy and paste these directly from this page into an email or the form provided on the government website.

1. I believe in a balanced budget and therefore will vote for a freeze in government spending until that goal is realized.

2. I believe government should not increase the financial burden on its citizenry during a difficult economic times, therefore I will oppose all tax increases until our economy has rebounded.

3. I believe more than four decades of US dependence on foreign oil is a travesty, therefore I will support an energy plan that calls for immediately increasing usage of all domestic resources including nuclear energy, natural gas and coal as necessary.

4. I believe in the sovereignty and security of our country and therefore will support measures to close our borders except for designated immigration points so we will know who is entering and why. I will vehemently oppose any measure giving another country, the United Nations, or any other entity power over US citizens.

5. I believe the United States of America is the greatest country on earth and therefore will no apologize for policies or actions which have served to free more and feed more people around the world than any other nation on the planet.

Please contact your Congressional Representatives in both Houses and demand that they commit to these five basic American values.


Steve: The Lightning Man said...

And why do I have the feeling that NO ONE will sign this?

Soloman said...

They'll all sign, Steve... but who has the record to show for it??

As an Arizonan, I would say Jon Kyl does. I watch his voting record, he's truly one of the good guys. However, he's in his 3rd term, and when he entered in '94 he said he'd only do 2, so we'll see if he re-ups in 2012 or calls it a career.

McCain, on the other hand - he's blown it on the border, and is on an appeasement tour since his term is up in 2010 and he wants to go Teddy K. lifer-style. I'll vote for anyone over him right now, as long as it's not a moonbat leftist.

My house rep is John Shaddegg, and he's pretty good. That's where they spend the cash, so I'm going to have to look over his history and see, but he seems pretty good from what I've watched.

Keep an eye on 'em...

j summ said...

yeah, it would be nice if they would not only sign but also abide by these ideals. thanks for stopping by, i've added you to my roll.

Soloman said...

j summ - thanks for the link! You've got one on mine too.. we're all in this together!

See ya..

The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for posting this. I watched Glenn's show tonight and was planning on doing this. You made it easy.

Soloman said...

TCL - thank you.. and glad I could help.

We all must do our due diligence and hold our reps responsible. I have faith in the bloggers I've connected with to date, we're obviously on a mission. It's the 'Everyday Joe' we need to inform...

tammy said...