Friday, August 7, 2009

America, Shut The Hell Up!

It seems that "The One," Barack Hussein Obama The Almighty, has had enough of We The People.

In a speech somewhere in Virginia today, "The One" said this:

Now, Your Higness... to be fair - if you don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking, I'd like to suggest you go to Congress and tell them - all of them who are on at least their second term - to keep their mouths shut and listen to their constituents when they come home to these town hall meetings over "summer recess."

Dear Annointed One, it is my sincere belief that if you take my suggestion and have those Congressional Representatives listen instead of silencing the "angry mob" at those meetings, you might find there is a reason for the anger you see.

You see, Dear Leader, We The People do not want what we see from other nations that have been pushed into a "single payer" system that you seem to believe is best for America. We are fully aware of what that kind of system will do to our medical care industry. We are aware that while it may force people into taking insurance they currently choose not to have, and while it may insure 12-20 million people who are here in an undocumented (illegal) status, your "single payer" system will fundamentally destroy the quality of health care, the timeliness of procedures, and ultimately cost more for all people than the system we currently have in place.

President Obama, send your Brownshirts home. There was no violence until your goons from SEIU & ACORN arrived at these meetings, now things are getting ugly. Listen, do not preach. Show some respect to those who elected you - all of those who elected you, because even many who voted you want you out.

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