Sunday, August 16, 2009

As I originally wrote about on Friday, August 14th, Fox News Channel's Major Garrett has raised questions regarding The White House sending unsolicited emails regarding health care reform. This led Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to give evasive answers, and Fox News Channel to file a Freedom Of Information request, to obtain the full e-mail distribution list for the Axelrod health care e-mail and all internal White House e-mails about the list's creation.

The White House for the first time Sunday somewhat acknowledged that people across the country received unsolicited e-mails last week on health care from the administration, suggesting the problem on third-party groups it claimed placed the recipients' names on the distribution list.

In a written statement released exclusively to FOX News, White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said the White House hopes those who received the e-mails without signing up for them were not "inconvenienced" by the messages.

"The White House e-mail list is made up of e-mail addresses obtained solely through the White House Web site. The White House doesn't purchase, upload or merge from any other list, again, all e-mails come from the White House Web site as we have no interest in e-mailing anyone who does not want to receive an e-mail," the statement said. "If an individual received the e-mail because someone else or a group signed them up or forwarded the e-mail, we hope they were not too inconvenienced."

The White House previously would not answer questions on how the e-mails landed unsolicited in so many inboxes. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on Thursday said he couldn't give an answer until he saw who received the e-mails because he doesn't have "omnipotent clarity."

Yet the White House ignored repeated offers from FOX News to share with the administration such e-mail addresses, to help determine how the recipients ended up on the White House distribution list.

"Further, we suggest that they unsubscribe from the list by clicking the link at the bottom of the em-ail or tell whomever forwarded it to them not to forward such information anymore. We are implementing measures to make subscribing to e-mails clearer, including preventing advocacy organizations from signing people up to our lists without their permission when they deliver petition signatures and other messages on individual’s behalf.""

Now, if there is truth to the statement put forward by The White House that "The White House doesn't purchase, upload or merge from any other list," how exactly can The White House claim that the problem lies with "third party groups it claimed placed the recipients' names on the distribution list?"

Does this White House really have that little control over private information that may or may not need to be interactive with White House servers, and what does this tell us about... oh, let's say privacy with regards to our health records??

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blackandgoldfan said...

They're now saying it was a third party that sent these emails. Yeah...and I've got the body of a supermodel. This is classic CYA.

Soloman said...

Hey.. I've got the body of a supermodel too!! lol...

They made a lot of changes.. I just posted about them.