Sunday, August 23, 2009

If You Have Not Seen This, You Need To

On his YouTube page, the Marine in the video says this:

"I, David William Hedrick, a member of the silent majority, decided that I was not going to be silent anymore. So, I let U.S. Congressman Brian Baird have it. I was one questioner out of 38, that was called at random from an audience that started at 3,000 earlier in the evening. Not expecting to be called on, I quickly scratched what I wanted to say on a borrowed piece of paper and with a pen that I borrowed from someone else in the audience minutes before I spoke. So much for the planned talking points of the right wing conspiracy."

H/T to Nickie Goomba at the Goomba News Network.

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Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Soloman:
This is a great video, and This Fine Marine makes us proud to be American's