Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do It For The Children?

As I have previously documented, the left seems to thoroughly enjoy using children to promote their "Climate Change" propaganda.

This time is is the World Wildlife Fund that has made a video using innocent little ones to try to convince The Obamessiah to head off to Copenhagen for the big United Nations Global Warming is Going to Kill Us All Gathering scheduled for next month. It seems that, as the video tells it, the United States will "Stand in everybody else's way" in the effort to save the planet if The Obamessiah does not "Act quickly."

Do you leftists mean "act quickly" like when he "jumped to a conclusion" about the behavior of the Cambridge Police Department, even though we are not supposed to "jump to a conclusion" about a terrorist who was trying to communicate with Al Qaeda and declared himself "A Muslim first, an American second?"

The kids then let us know that "The rest of the world is ready," as they tell us some of the attendees of the conference, making the U.S. out to be the bogey man. "President Obama, please... please.. please..."

Oh, please.

Next they ask, "Do you think he knows where Copenhagen is?"

Guess what, liberals.. he sure does. That's where the big meanies that turned him down for the Olympics in Chicago reside. He knows, trust me.

Hey, leftists - stop using children to promote your agenda.

I don't like that my Congressman did it on the floor of the House on Saturday night, and I don't like that you are doing it all the time to propagate this falsehood that doesn't even have the same name as it did two years ago.

Have an honest debate, or shut up. The science is not settled - the science is not even old enough to come to the beginnings of a conclusion.

Oh, that's right... you and your Obamessiah can come to conclusions quickly, it is Conservatives that need to not rush to judgments.


Pedaling said...

nice point!

watched the video.
can i throw up, now?

once again, we are the big, bad, evil united states!

when will we ever learn?
maybe obama will teach us how to behave! he will show us the way! maybe, just maybe, with obama as our teacher, we will CHANGE!
one can only HOPE!

Soloman said...

Pedaling.. I'm proud to say I make you sick?? lol..

If it's not Obama blaming us for everything, it's his minions, for sure.

And it is not we - as in you and I - who need to learn. There are many who need to change, however, if we are to have hope...

The Conservative Lady said...

I heard this on Rush's show today. Using innocent children to promote the relinquishing of sovereignty...absolutely disgraceful.

One Ticked Chick said...

You're right Sol, enough is enough with using children to spread propaganda. If the US signs the climate change treaty, these children will grow up in an America that has ceded it sovereignty to the new world order.

blackandgoldfan said...

Obama can only quickly come to conclusions if they don't have to do with giving our troops much-needed help.

All this crap makes me wonder what the Obamarx Youth uniforms will look like.

tammy said...


I have kids and guess what world powers? They're not worried about global warming. They're smart enough to know that a power higher than us is in charge of the weather and what happens to this planet.

I agree with you, have an honest debate or shut the hell up. But of course that would require them to actually open their minds to other opinions and fact.

Candle said...

Soloman, why must you attack this video? Are you trying to tell me that YOU know better than children floating around in the sky?

Soloman said...

TCL - using them in any instance that is not literally directly about them.

As I said, I even take issue with Shaddegg bringing a baby on the floor of the House during the health care debate.

It's all the same - do what is right because it is right, but they've got to stop using the kids as props..

Plus these poor little kids today have nightmares about the world ending because Daddy drives a pick-up truck instead of a Prius.

Soloman said...

Ticked Chick - I'm starting to wonder if we aren't already seeing a lot of that 'new world order' already...

Soloman said...

B&G - something like this.

Soloman said...

Tammy - good for you for keeping them from being indoctrinated. I don't have kids, I can't imagine the battle you fight against the 'agenda.'

Soloman said...

Candle - Children floating around in the sky?

Did I miss a Pink Floyd album?

Candle said...

Soloman: if you watch the video, they are in a white "area", no visible ground, no background other than white. What is keeping them suspended in the air like that?!

Soloman said...

Candle... well, it's all the carbon, of course!


This is so typical, when an argument has not logic all you are left with is emotion. How things have changed when I was a kid trucks were cool and polar bears were to be feared. It's only a matter of time until cats and dogs start sleeping together.