Monday, November 23, 2009

Some Thoughts About Current Events

I've not been posting as much about politics lately; I've had a couple of issues I've been dealing with, but I'm sorting my stuff out and working my way back into the fold. I've been watching a lot of what has been going on, though, and I must say I am absolutely amazed at the things I've seen happen over the last week or so.

For example, Harry Reid flat out buying the vote of a Senator for $300 million in order to move his Dingy Harry Reid Hates America Act of 2009 past cloture and into the debate stage flat out floors me. I've not been the most astute observer of Washington politics over my life, but my common sense tells me this should be completely illegal. I say this not in a partisan fashion; I could give a rat's fat behind which party acts in this way. Buying votes is bull, and it needs to stop. Voting should be an act of conscience - either you agree or disagree in principle with what is being asked of you, and you vote accordingly. Expecting money to come from the other 49 states just to get you to say yes? Well, I guess you fell confident you'll be reelected. That's nice. Screw you.

If the decision on sending more troops to Afghanistan were a baby and Barack Hussein Obama wanted to abort it, he would now be perilously close to entering the phase where even a leftist liberal in good conscience might object to such an action. Mr. President - make a damned decision already. Either stay in or pull out (please excuse the bad visuals, no pun was intended). If you are waiting for that one voice to come along and tell you it's okay not to continue fighting this war.. the "good war, the war we must fight" as you put it - you'll be waiting a long time. American Generals do not go to war to lose; they go to war to win. You obviously do not want to fight in Afghanistan any longer, so please man up and make the call, or suck your gut in, deal with it, and take the advice of every person with four or five stars on their shoulders who's been around reality far longer than you. There is a reason we are in Afghanistan. Sure George W. Bush let that war go by the wayside while he worried more about Iraq, but you should be grateful that he essentially left you with one front to fight. Stop blaming and start doing.

The media is absolutely on fire. What the F#&% is with Chris Matthews and his description of those attending a Sarah Palin book signing in this video?

Are you kidding me? Can you imagine for one minute if a White anchor.. scratch that.. any anchor on any network said there was an "extremely Black crowd" at a Barack Obama rally, or that there was something "tribal" about those who gathered to support him??? The ACLU, NAACP, ACORN, SEIU, Media Matters, and whoever else could get involved would have that person's head on a platter in minutes. Remember Glenn Beck saying he believed Obama is racist? How about Rush Limbaugh wanting to buy into an NFL franchise? Need I say more?

On a happier note, Saturday Night Live seems to have caught on to the fact that we are spending our way into oblivion and that Obama is not perfect, as shown in the following clip:

Thank goodness some on the left are calling a spade a spade (will I be in trouble for that statement? if you wish to report me).

Today on page A1 of the New York Times was an article that said everything that we conservatives have been saying for years about the fiscal state of America. I must say it was very entertaining to listen to Glenn Beck revel in this one... he's been called every name under the sun by the Times for saying exactly what was written in this article, as he describes below:

And of course, there's the incredibly astute Martha Stewart commenting on Sarah Palin:

Finally - Thank you to those of you who have commented as I turned into a music video blog for the past week or so... I greatly appreciate it!


tammy said...

We were talking about these same exact things last night at dinner.

That SNL video? Love it. I love that they're not holding back anymore. More and more center-lefts are turning, and more will continue.

Buying votes is total BS. I'm with you all the way. Doesn't matter who's doing it or what the issue is.

Martha sounds like an idiot when talking about Sarah. But we know how ethical she can be, right?

The_Kid said...

Good post. Afghanistan. Make the call. Pull out or support the troops. The asshole isn't making Anyone happy as it is.

Soloman, DC is a filthy place. I find it amazing anything happens that actually benefits society, though there has been nothing on the agenda since Jan 23, 2009 that fits that description.

Fuck C matthews. He's a communist.
Fuck M stewart.

The cat's alright.

Soloman said...

Tammy -

Great minds, they say. And I agree about Martha.. she sounds as dopey as she's trying to say Palin sounds. Kinda bites her in the behind.

Soloman said...

Kid - you said all the things I didn't bring myself to say in the post..

Pedaling said...

every week brings more bad news.

seriously thinking about DC in august...

your thoughts are right on.
ditto to all said.

a few music videos are a nice mix-

Soloman said...

Pedaling.. I heard Beck talking today about August 28th. I'm having a tough time hearing his show as well as before, my work situation has changed a bit.

I've yet to watch tonight's TV show, I assume he'll be talking about it there too? Waiting for the football game to end....

Mikki said...

Love, love, love the SNL clip.
And exactly why does anybody care what Martha thinks about politics?

tammy said...

Another thought on Afghanistan... I think the president is putting off this decision for a reason. He's not being cautious. He's not weighing his options. He doesn't want to send more troops. He wants the situation to get worse so that the American public wants him to bring the troops home entirely. Then he's the hero for bringing them home!

Meanwhile he's letting our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers die fighting a losing battle. He's doing nothing to improve the situation, whether it be by increasing the number of troops or bringing them home. This president has blood on his hands. He needs to make a decision. Either fight to win or bring them home. Don't put off the decision until hundreds more of our brave patriots are killed.

But they're a great photo op, according to him, aren't they? What an incredible jerk.

Snarky Basterd said...

Obama won't make a decision on Afghanistan until he has health care. Don't be surprised if we don't know the direction for our troops come January 1.

tammy said...

Watching Glenn right now and I loved what he just said about BO taking his time with our troops. He said he doesn't see people dying in the streets waiting to get into a hospital here in the US, but they are dying over there in Afghanistan, and yet this administration is in a panic about getting this healthcare bill passed. Their priorities are majorly screwed up.

The_Kid said...

Tammy, Exactly right.

There is a reason for the cliche 'Democrats get Marines killed.'

Soloman said...

Mikki - about Martha, my point exactly.

Soloman said...

Tammy... a while back I posted something akin to what you said.. my thoughts had to do with the 2012 election.

That's too far down the line, but he may be planning for 2010, as he's apparently got a plan now that gives him options starting in June.

We shall see..

Soloman said...

Snarky B - I thought the same thing, but as we're now learning he'll be making a big announcement Dec. 1.

Soloman said...

Tammy - regarding your second comment, I agree with you and Kid -

And ultimately we all know this is purely politics no matter what he does, or he'd have sent the 80K troops McChrystal offered as the safest plan 3 months ago.