Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best Buy Advertisement Disses Christmas, Includes Islam

In yet another slap in the face to Christianity in America, electronics giant Best Buy has released an advertisement for its Thanksgiving Day sale that does not mention Christmas or Hanukkah but instead offers potential shoppers "Happy Eid al-Adha," which roughly translates to "Festival of Sacrifice" in Arabic.

In addition to the disgraceful attempt at "Political Correctness" by Best Buy, what is fascinating about this situation is the media coverage from various media sources.

From Fox 9 in the Twin Cities:

"A scanned version of the Best Buy Black Friday ad on wishes Muslims a happy Eid al-Adha, which falls on the extended Thanksgiving weekend. Since the ad was posted, a message board on has filled up with plenty of responses. Tuesday morning, a discussion of the ad on had more than 100 responses. Some of those comments were supportive of the greeting and some called for a boycott of the retailer, including boldly racist remarks."

Read more of that article here.

Meanwhile, from the leftist Huffington Post:

"A recent Best Buy ad [...] promoting the store's Black Friday sales includes a nod to the Muslim holiday Eid Al-Adha, which is celebrated that day.

Sounds rather innocent, doesn't it?

Instead of being praised for its inclusiveness, Best Buy is being attacked by some customers who have made their views known on the company's message board. Some consumers are particularly irked because the home electronics retailer recently announced that it will no longer put "Merry Christmas" in its flyers.

Conservative groups like the the American Family Association began attacking the retailer in 2006 after the chain said it would replace "Merry Christmas" with "Happy Holidays" in its ads. Best Buy, for its part, denies it has abandoned the C word altogether; it can be found on gift cards and online. The AFA has yet to comment on the ad."

Read more of that article here.

The AFA list of "Naughty or Nice" retailers can be found here".

The Best Buy forum with comments from potential shoppers can be found here. Some of the comments are interesting, to say the least.

I must say... interesting use of the "C-word" connotation by HuffPo, no? Also, it certainly is objective of them to point out "Sounds rather innocent, doesn't it?"

And the leftists wonder why we believe that journalism is dead.


The Rattler said...

It is an extremely huge step to put Huffington and journalism in the same context. I still owe Best Buy for a tv I bought 2 years ago. When it is paid off I am through with them. Merry Christmas.

Amusing Bunni said...

Yet another reason to hate best buy...they are the WORST! They never have any good sales, I've not shopped there for years. What a bunch of jerks!
I'll never go there now.
Happy Thanksgiving Solomon.

The_Kid said...

Well, that's disgusting.

What marketing genius came up with that?

It's not even demographically sound.

I assume this is true. If it is I won't be buying from best buy until they get their head out of their ass.

I don't buy from YUM foods (pizza hut, kfc and someone else) because they fired the kid who had the Conceal Carry permit and saved his own life by using his weapon against some vermin that were going to kill him for his pizza tip money he had in his pocket.
I don't need YUM and I don't need best buy.

Opus #6 said...

Do muslims even celebrate by buying expensive electronics for their loved ones? This makes no sense at all, in a country like ours.

Soloman said...

Rattler -

i know it, HuffPo isn't really real journalism, bus as I'm sure you know the leftists will cite it as a reliable source all the time, whilst bashing Fox News Channel, of course.

The only reason I ever buy anything at Best Buy is if I get a gift card, or if I find an incredible "open box" deal.

Merry Christmas to you too! And a happy Thanksgiving.

Soloman said...

Bunni - but their staff is so kewl, don't you know?? lol...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Bunni!

Soloman said...

Kid - obvously a marketing genius that volunteered for the Obama campaign, or at the very least another victim of a worthless university education.

Actually though from what I hear the twin cities are quite the little Jihad central lately. I don't know if you remember Michele Larson (Barry Young's co-host on KFYI) but she's from the area and she says its appalling what her home has turned into. There's a lot of liberalism invading Minnesota too - Al Franken, anyone?

I never heard the story about the pizza driver. That's pretty pathetic. Most companies have policies and there are no CCW exemptions, but still... sheesh.

Soloman said...

Opus.. Honestly, who gives a crap what Jihadists buy for what holiday?

I mean that in the nicest way, but here's the reality (and maybe this is what you mean by "in a country like ours")

Christmas is a federal secular holiday. That is all the reason we Americans need to argue the idea of what holidays are represented where, in my opinion.

Sure, it's very related to Christianity... but ultimately in this nation it is a universal day for all Americans, regardless of faith, or lack thereof.

tammy said...

Seriously?? Glad I don't shop there.

Soloman said...

Tammy.. funny - you ask "seriously?" and my first thought is to joke "well, it was on Fox News so it might not be true!" lol!!

Anyway.. seems it was real. That's a scan of the real ad, and it was reported on locally by the TV station I linked, picked up by Fox nationally, and obviously the leftists felt the need to throw in their two cents.

DISH Network said...

At DISH Network, we're definitely not afraid to wish everyone a merry Christmas! We encourage you to check out our latest commercial spot and celebrate Christmas right along with our employees!

simi said...

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Justin9 said...

Working for Best Buy, I must say that you are a bunch of over sensitive morons.

First we yell when people are not being INCLUSIVE enough, now we throw a fit that they are "excluding" a holiday?

You all need to get your story straight, and learn to, GROW THE F*CK UP.

Justin9 said...

Also if you'd do your research, it says in big letters the to of the x-mas ad, Merry Christmas

Do your research, and lighten up. Arn't we suppose to be inclusive?

Soloman said...

Justin9 - nice of you to comment, over one month after the issue.

It's Christmas, not x-mas. Get it fucking right next time you come trolling here.

No, we're not supposed to be so God Damned inclusive. Inclusiveness as you believe we should have is what is destroying this great nation. We're founded on Judeo-Christian values, not Mohommed and Allah-Akbar blow up the bus in Jerusalem values.

Don't tell me I'm over-sensitive, when you're the one here crying because I don't like your company's piece of shit advertisement. Get a clue.

Anonymous said...

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