Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rachel Maddow Spinning Out of Control

Enjoy this clip of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow spinning out of control as she attempts to diminish the significance of Doug Hoffman's late rally in the NY-23 Congressional race.

Specifically fun to watch is the point at which she tries to mock Hoffman for pledging to uphold the nine principles and twelve values of Glenn's "9~12 Project." In my opinion, this is an attempt to smear Hoffman in the eyes of the left much in the way that Van Jones and many others in Obama's circle have been associated with Marxism and Communism.

The interesting thing about the comparison is that the values and principles of the "9~12 Project" are good, wholesome ideals that have made our nation great for 233 years now, whereas Marxism and Communism have been proven to fail time and time again.

It is also hilarious to watch yet another national media platform attempt to state that Dede Scozzafava was actually a viable candidate that represented anything besides big interests and the progressive agenda.

Without further adieu...


Teresa said...

Maddow is making fun of good ole common sense values. The Tea Party's values and principles are in line with our Founders values & principles. Maddow just doesn't get it. She is for the socialist and communist way of life. Maddow and the rest of the liberals make up about 20% of voters, so in actuality she is a part of the fringe. Conservatives are a part of Mainstreet USA.

Pedaling said...

yes, in regard to her mocking of hoffmans "pledge" to the 9-12 project..i noticed she didn't actually READ THE VALUES!
she couldn't do it - because, like you said they are wholesome, good, and successful ideals that have been proven successful and any person listening to her read them would then be truthfully enlightened as to what hoffman is all about!
unlike say, glenn beck who when he mocks, he actually DOES FOLLOW-UP, READING, WITH SOURCES, TO BACK, the agenda & pledges of those currently filling the white house ( Dunn, van jones, wright, ayers, timmy g, Valerie what's her name, AND THE LIST GOES ON & ON!....)

and might i add, their agenda's & sworn loyalties ain't so pretty!

anyway, rahel, is perfect for her typical audience....what more can i say.

tammy said...

She's trying, but she's just not pulling it off. Making fun of someone that wants to stop the bailouts and high taxes? Rachel = fail!

Sue said...

I'm sorry...I couldn't stand to watch it all. Thanks for posting it!

Is there a record for how fast someone can remote past MSNBC? I think I hold it. But this caught my attention:


Thanks to, "I hate the Media"'s blog. Watch it...it is a hoot!

Soloman said...

Tersa - isn't what you describe - making fun of good ole common sense values - the hallmark of the modern 'progressive'?

I think you're very generous offering them 20%. I'd give them 12-15 at most.

Soloman said...

Pedaling, to some degree you're right. I think she'd lose half of her viewership if people actually paid attention to what exactly she mocked in that clip.

Sadly, there are some we've lost for good, but that's the way that goes.

Soloman said...

Tammy.. I'm sure there are 15-20 people who feel the same as she does?

Alright, maybe as many as 32... but only because they're the youth vote that hasn't had to work for a living!

Soloman said...

Sue.. I see it kinda like a train wreck, you can't help but look. Once you've seen the carnage though, you have to move away quickly!

Truthfully I love studying the leftists. It simply strengthens my faith in all that is good in America, seeing such pathetic dribble being allowed on air.

The Conservative Lady said...

Hi Sol:
I forced myself to watch this and you are right, it was hysterical.

I thought it was funny that they guy thinks that every Republican in Congress is "right wing" and he can't think of anyone (RINO) that can be purged, except for one person I don't even know.

I can't wait to see Maddow eat crow after Hoffman wins. She didn't look too happy to hear that the guy thinks Dems have something to worry about in 2010...the conservatives are doing what the libs did...organize.

At least she didn't say "teabaggers".

Soloman said...

TCL - it is hysterical how far left these people are. They probably see John McCain as a fringe righty..

And you're right - no 'teabaggers' slam this night... amazing!