Monday, November 2, 2009

Glenn Beck and Michelle Bachmann Discuss Harry Reid and the Nuclear Option

From The Glenn Beck Radio Show, Monday November 2, 2009.

Glenn interviews Michelle Bachmann, who is asking people to gather in Washington, DC on Thursday Nov. 5 at noon to rally and potentially roam the halls of Congress and politely present themselves to anyone - most specifically 'Blue-Dogs' - who might consider voting up the "The Nancy Pelosi Destruction of America Act of 2009."

Text of the interview can be found here.

What is not included in either the audio clip or the transcript is the discussion Glenn had with his staff after speaking with Bachmann, at which time he said he believes even 5K-10K gathered would make a significant difference.


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi SOlomon. Thanks for posting this, I"m so far behind on Glenns shows and such, It's great that you keep up on stuff for the rest of us. I love how your banner keeps changing with great quotes every few days! Very Cool

Soloman said...

Bunni - glad to help you keep up! I try to pick up on the really important ones as I find them. This one goes kinda hand in hand with the Hannity video in the post I did on the Pelosi bill. Bachmann's really calling on people.. I wish I lived closer to DC...