Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Big Event in Our Small Blogging World

Saturday, Left Coast Rebel posted about the fact that Clifton B. over at Another Black Conservative is scheduled to be on Glenn Beck's show on Friday, November 13th. This is great news for all Conservative bloggers, and I am especially excited for Cliff.

Cliff gave me a place on his blog roll very early on in my blog's existence, and he even offered me help when I had questions about improving blog traffic. His blog has been growing quite a bit as of late, and he is a great guy who holds solid values.

Cliff recently was interviewed on a blog radio show; he posted a recording of the interview here.

Also scheduled to appear on the same Glenn Beck show are Adrienne Ross who blogs at Motivation: Truth and Maria, who many of us know as her comment name Namaste. Maria's blog is My Voice on the Wings of Change. I wish them all a wonderful experience!

Rebel's post about Cliff's planned appearance can be found here. Again, this is is great news that I believe everyone should be extremely excited about. Please visit Rebel's page and tell him I sent you, and then go see Cliff over at ABC and wish him luck!


Opus #6 said...

Awesome news!

Pedaling said...

i'll be tuning in as usual!

Left Coast Rebel said...

This is great news, thanks Soloman for pointing to this! I'm jealous of Cliff, he sure has earned it.

Soloman said...

Rebel - gladly, I'm very happy for him!

I don't know how some of you do what you do. I struggle sometimes to get in one post a day around working; occasionally I get a quick post in during lunch, but that's not often.

Seems some of you are posting all day and night - more power to you, and I'm glad I can do what I am able to do!

The Conservative Lady said...

Great news. Clifton's blog is terrific. I'll pass the word and I will certainly be watching on Friday.

Candle said...

Thanks for the tip, I just left him a post (of the non-freaky kind...but I did joke a little).

Soloman said...

TCL - I know you watch pretty regularly.. this is especially exciting!

Soloman said...

Candle - I read your comment... very funny stuff!