Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rachel Maddow Crosses The Line, Compares Lunatic Fringe to Conservative Bloggers

Please watch this clip completely, as I believe it is very important.

To be perfectly clear, there is a difference between threats and incendiary rhetoric. I have said from the onset of this debate over rhetoric that if anyone actually makes threats, that person needs to be brought to justice.

For example, as you watch this clip, you will hear about messages left for Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) that do indeed include threats. The information provided by Maddow in this segment states that the phone call was traced and the person responsible for the blocked number has been arrested and charged.


Then you will notice how Maddow proceeds into the gray area of rhetoric as opposed to legitimate threats. This is how the leftist media begins to put together the pieces of their carefully crafted puzzle. Angry and vile rhetoric are not threats, yet Maddow ever so gently eases the viewer from the clearly

Again, to be perfectly clear: I believe there is absolutely no need whatsoever for the language "beeped" out from the voicemails left for Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) as offered by Maddow. The language is vile, hateful, and disturbing.

Then again, So is calling a Tea Party attendee a "Teabagger," so I anxiously await Maddow's admonishment of such rhetoric from the leftists.

Next Maddow presents information about a 27-year-old man in Texas who reportedly threatened to use physical violence in order to stop abortions. While there was no direct threat made on any one particular person, anyone who puts forward threats of physical violence as described must be dealt with by the proper authorities.

Now comes the agenda.

Maddow next eases her portrayal of intimidation and violence from the legitimate information to descriptions of completely legal and non-threatening Second Amendment and Pro-Gun rallies.

One of these groups plans to hold a rally on April 19th, which coincides with the anniversary of Timothy McVeigh's terrorist bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. This is a group that plans to exercise its Constitutional right to keep and bear arms by marching in the State of Virginia. Maddow raises an issue of the proximity to Washington, D. C., "with loaded weapons."

There will also be a Second Amendment march in Washington. This will be an event attended by unarmed citizens, but Maddow certainly fuels the fire of fear and hate as she points out the fact that this is "only reluctantly so." She also makes an effort to insinuate "hatred" and "racism" to her viewers by stating that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has declared April to be "Confederate History Month." What she fails to tell her viewers is that this is nothing new, as this link from 2002 shows.

Conveniently, Maddow is hosting a special that airs that same night, a "retrospective" that will supposedly "Help us understand today's anti-government extremists."

Next Maddow brings in some leftist from TalkingPointsMemo.com, which without a doubt is one of the top five leftist agenda blogs on the 'net. The first couple of minutes of discussion with him are relatively benign - they rehash the same old "The Republican party is shrinking" lines we've heard time and time again.

However, as they bring the discussion to a close, they return the discussion to the first story of the clip. Maddow and her leftist comrade try to place blame on "Americans For Prosperity," since earlier in her story she described how authorities allegedly used that organization's name in an effort to gain comfort and trust with the alleged perpetrator.

Next they begin to tie all of these activities to Conservative bloggers. They describe how this person seemed to be "picking up on Republican talking points," and how he allegedly knew information about Eric Holder's "Cowardly Americans" commentary on race, and then they both said "almost like a Conservative blogger.

And Rachel Maddow wonders why there's so much hate in America. Nothing like a little guilt by association to make a person's evening.

I have absolutely no desire to act violently. And while I have not met my fellow bloggers face-to-face, I can say with great certainty that to a man (or woman, as the case may be) , there is not one person with whom I correspond on a regular basis who wishes to commit acts of violence. In fact, what I find most amazing about the group of people I have grown to know over the past year is that we all - each and every one of us - absolutely condemn violence in any instance, for any reason, from any person, regardless of political affiliation.

We condemned violence when it was SEIU thugs beating down a man in St. Louis.

We condemned violence when it was some crazy leftist biting off the fingertip of a health care protester.

We condemned violence when Eric Cantor had his life threatened by an Obama donor.

While I can only speak for myself, I trust that every Conservative blogger I know would condemn any legitimate threats or violence as described in this clip. Additionally, I personally condemn the language used toward Rep. Lewis. There is no need for such behavior, and it is not beneficial in moving this discussion forward.

Having said that - the tactics used tonight by Rachel Maddow are as incendiary as the rhetoric which she describes, because she attempts to malign good people by associating us with alleged criminals.

In doing so, she divides a nation that desperately needs to have an honest discussion about race, health care, and the future of America.


Just a conservative girl said...

The day of the healthcare vote and tea partiers went down to the Capitol. Three blocks away was a rally that was organized by La Raza.

We did not go down to that rally, but they did come to ours. That is the difference. We leave them alone, we actually believe in the constitution and free speech and assembly rights.

I have gotten sick of trying to defend against these attacks, there is nothing we can do about it other than staying postive and policing our own when at these events to keep some of the loons that may show up in check.

Rachel Madoow will never change her narrative, as she truly believes that we must be evil to believe what we believe.

Ellen said...

not evil, just misinformed.

LL said...

I don't listen to MSNBC.

There's really not much to hear. I do understand MSNBC's agenda and it's largely liberal hookum, twisted facts and anger directed at anyone opposed to the regime of barack hussein obama.

Donald Borsch Jr. said...


Bravo, sir. This story is making a lot of noise and it should. To threaten a politician...come on, now. What are we, in fifth grade? Charles Wilson is an idiot. Period.

Of course the MSM will use this to their brainwashing advantage. Yep.

And as crass as this sounds: How the hell does a lesbian like Madddow know anything about tea-bagging? Oh, that's right- Anderson Cooper gave her the low-down.


Soloman said...


You said, "there is nothing we can do about it other than staying postive and policing our own."

While I understand your frustration, I disagree with your opinion in this respect: I believe we (or at least I) must try to point out the double standard, media bias and hypocrisy as much as possible.

I will remain vigilant in this quest, if for no other reason than that I enjoy it and I have a good sense for what the methods are that they use. I hope I do a good job of explaining what I see.

We - at least I know I - do occasionally have readers from "the other side," and if one post makes the difference and help someone see what is really happening, I consider that to be a worthwhile investment of my time.

Soloman said...

Ellen -

Are you suggesting that I am misinformed?

If so, I would ask that you please inform me, or retract your statement as it is false.

Soloman said...

LL -

Generally I agree, but as you might read in my reply to JACG, I believe this is part of my purpose.

As a former liberally minded person, I have some insight, and I hope a decent delivery of the translation from MSNBC-speak to truth.

Soloman said...


I got a good chuckle from your "teabagging" commentary..

I'm glad they are going after the real offenders. I saw today they got some nut who threatened Pelosi.

As much as I despise her politics, I pray for her safety and wish her no harm.

Anonymous said...

The original American Tea Party was the Boston Tea Party which objected to the taxation of the King, " No Taxation, Without Representation " was their motto! But, When the Whiskey Rebellion tried to copy their slogan when George Washington was President, he said " This tax came from Virginia, from Representatives of the Union ! " " It is the Law of the Land "
He promptly gathered a Militia of 1200 men, marched to Pennsyvania and put down with force the Whiskey Rebellion. George Washington was the biggest distiller of whiskey in America when he did this.
So Beck, Pallin, Hannity and all T-Baggers…. you are rebuked by the number one patriot of America…..George Washington….the real hero of the real Revolutionary War.
So you are not Patriots, you do not stand for Democracy ! You are Pony Boys and Girls scared by the lobbyists, scared by Fox News their Propaganda fake news outlet and siding with Anti American, Racist, fear mongering Scum. Stop demeaning yourselves! Stop embarrassing and threatening our Democracy.
Ask yourselves ….. What did Washington do for our Country? Then ask What has Glenn Beck, Pallin , Limpballs or Hannity ever done for America……NOTHING. Beck make 30 million a yr keeping you the sheerly in a frenzy running in circles against their own interests. Don't think, Don't Debate …..Just listen to me and act on it !
He does not tell you what he would cut. He does not tell you what he would have done to get you out of the your recession (not his, he's cleaning up on your hard times), or to stop it from sliding into a Great Depression !! Not a word. And what Palin has said is dead wrong, refuted by every economics expert in the World and Ronal Regan and Richard Nixon ….they are provably wrong….period ! All the other Countries did Stimulus spending to get out of this recession….as we have done for the last 7 recessions!
Pathetic, Anti-American, Anti-Jesus, lying morons….who could never defend their positions in a debate…thats why the never do!

Soloman said...

Anon -

Not brave enough to even post under a blogger profile. Hmm.

You do not understand this movement, do not pretend that you do. This is not about taxation without representation - this is about a government that is out of control and is spending America into ruin.

And please - we all know Bush did it too. So did every POTUS in the 20th century, if you'd like to be statistically accurate.

However - no POTUS has made promises and passed legislation that will take a $10 trillion debt and turn it into a $20 trillion debt in eight years after promising fiscal responsibility. No POTUS ever has quadrupled the annual deficit in his first fiscal year of accountability.

So please - shut it.