Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arizona S.B. 1070: Some of My Favorite Headlines

A couple of my favorite headlines related to the immigration debate revolving around Arizona S.B. 1070:

San Francisco Leads Charge to Boycott Arizona, But Calls Could Spark Backlash.

San Fransisco Mayor Gavin Newsom should think very long and hard before boycotting Arizona, and if he chooses to do so, he had better be prepared for a strong retaliation.

As this article from Fox News points out, Conservatives are just as capable of boycotting and waging economic warfare as are liberals, and San Fransisco and California may just need us more than we need them.

Today on Dennis Prager's radio show, he encouraged everyone in favor of Arizona's new law to boycott all San Fransisco Giants baseball games. Empty seats will send a message right back in their direction.

By acting in such an irresponsible, and dare I say "misguided" fashion, Mayor Newsom and other city or state leaders are essentially creating an economic civil war. At a time of such fiscal distress across our nation, American leadership should be coalescing in an effort to resolve our nation's issues rather than playing divisive racial politics.

City of Oakland moves toward Arizona boycott.

All of the aforementioned applies regarding the choices and consequences made by leadership types.

In addition, though... I'd have to believe that police chiefs across our state are high-five'ing each other!! Are you kidding me? Oakland? Really?

Lawsuits Over AZ Immigration Law Filed By Police Officer, Latino Group.

This article offers a few interesting points.

First, the lawsuit filed by 15-year Tucson police veteran Martin Escobar is based purely on politics and emotion. From the article:

In filing his suit against the law, Escobar, an overnight patrol officer in a heavily Latino area of Tucson, argued that there's no way for officers to confirm a person's immigration status without impeding investigations, and that the new law violates constitutional rights.

Officer Escobar is simply incorrect in his assertion that there's no way for officers to confirm a person's immigration status without impeding investigations. All an officer must do is ask for identification, just as he would during any other situation. This law calls for nothing out of the ordinary. If a person is not able to provide proper identification (as required by law in the case of green card holders) then that person should be detained until verification can be made through communication with federal authorities. And regarding Constitutional rights, I believe it is well understood by now that this law is simply a derivative of already existing federal statute.

Second, the suit filed by The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders is incorrect on all fronts. While in theory it is correct that border security is federal jurisdiction, a state has the right to act in any way necessary to protect its sovereignty. Also, federal officials would hold suspected illegals during the time their status is verified and before conviction, therefore the state is acting as an agent of the federal government as defined in this law.

Also noteworthy in this article is the fact that Arizona lawmakers approved several changes to the law, including one that would strengthen restrictions in the law on using race or ethnicity as the basis for police questioning. The law's sponsor, Republican Sen. Russell Pearce, characterized those possible changes as clarifications "just to take away the silly arguments and the games."

And finally...

Illegal immigrants plan to leave over Ariz. law.

In other words... it's working!

Our apologies to the states in close proximity to Arizona. You may soon be overrun with masses of illegals attempting to avoid possible deportation as we Arizonans enforce the rule of law. We encourage you to contact your legislators and ask them to enact similar such laws.

Eventually if all goes well, all 12-20 million illegals will end up in San Fransisco. Once that happens, Gavin Newsom and his silly little sanctuary city can figure out how to maintain a budget while providing security, education, housing, and medical care to his new citizens.


LL said...

The "threat" that illegal aliens would leave Arizona made me ROFL.

I mean, that's the POINT, isn't it?

The Conservative Lady said...

Speaking of San Francisco...
Rush recommended that the AZ governor give each illegal alien a one way ticket to San Francisco. I think that's a great idea.

Soloman said...

LL -

Exactly. Like I said, it's working!!

Soloman said...


I heard that... I'd chip in a few bucks if it would help. I'd consider it charity... you know, real charity, not this social justice crap!!

Opus #6 said...

LOL at the "it's working" part. Those were my thoughts exactly!

Soloman said...

Yeah Opus... I even made myself laugh at that one. Those of us who get it knew that would be the results, yet if you read the article the leftist writer tries to make it a pity party for the "poor little undocumented worker."



I think between the boycott of Arizona Tea and the treat of illegals leaving, Arizona may just cave. What will they do?

Pedaling said...

arizona is winning.

as some "threaten" to boycott, others are coming to buy-cott!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Soloman, as you know I own my own business. I purchase some of my supplies from San Francisco. I'm afraid some of these businesses are going to feel an economic pinch. The Mayor should keep his mouth shut during these trying economic times ... Oh Well!

Soloman said...

Trestin -

I'm not sure, but I think maybe we just might go ahead and give the land to Mexico.

I mean.. what the hell, if we're going to have an open border, why have a border at all, right?

Soloman said...


I've heard about the "buycott" idea.. I did a Google search of "buycott arizona" and was peasantly surprised to see HillBuzz at the top of the list, and their post definitely slams San Fransisco.

Imagine that..

Soloman said...

Odie -

If it doesn't affect your shipping costs to dramatically, see if there's a competitor in Arizona from whom you can buy your supplies.

Hell, you might even consider moving to Sedona... it's quite the artist's paradise, you can soon legally carry concealed without a permit, and your taxes would be a lot lower!!

Teresa said...

Arizona's law is working if its encouraging illegal immigrants to leave Arizona.

I say let San Francisco deal with them if the people of liberal love are so offended by this law.

Soloman said...

Teresa -

Right on.. and like TCL said, perhaps we can work with our governor to give 'em all one-way tickets to SF...

tammy said...

I totally LOL when I heard of the boycotts. And laughed again when I heard the liberals saying how this law is going to hurt the Republicans.