Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An Open Letter to Congressman Alan Grayson

Dear Congressman Grayson,

You are not my representative, but I feel compelled to address this letter to you because I believe you epitomize the disgraceful behavior exhibited by the Democratic Party since the election of President Barack Hussein Obama.

Please allow me to start by stating the following:

If the event you describe in the following interview took place as you describe it, please allow me to be the first to tell you how sorry I am that any member of your family endured such a painful experience.

Now - having said that -

I do not believe you, sir. I do not believe you, not for one minute.

If this event - this threat to your family, as you describe - really transpired, Congressman Grayson - you have a responsibility to report it to the authorities. There should be a documented case file of the incident, your incoming phone records need to be investigated, and if at all possible a perpetrator needs to be criminally charged. If no charges can be filed, a public announcement such as a press release should be issued stating this is the case, bringing closure to the situation.

Until that time, it is my heartfelt belief that you are part of the leftist machine that is making every effort to smear good, honest, hard working Americans with your allegations and your animated behavior and statements, and I absolutely have no reason whatsoever to believe your story.

Congressman Grayson, you have a history of incendiary and hateful rhetoric. You are a vile, inconsiderate, and soon to be irrelevant man who needs to be voted out of office as quickly as possible. Your antics during television interviews and on the floor of The People's House are nothing less than reprehensible.

As a perfect example of your vile behavior, in the interview provided, you attempt to associate the behavior of your American political opposition to... is it Nazis, or Communists? I'm not sure, sir.

You see, Mr. Grayson, the two parties are both alleged to have been involved in the burning of the Reichstag Building in 1933, in case you're not familiar with history. Either way, what really happened in this case is that you inadvertently, and I'm sure accidentally, associated yourself with Communists. Or is it Nazis? Please help me out on this one, I'm not quite certain.

Shame on you, sir, for this outrageously hypocritical and outlandish behavior. Americans deserve better from our elected officials.

Congressman Grayson, do you not listen to the leadership of your own party? Have you not heard Nancy Pelosi and President Obama scold others for violent and incendiary rhetoric? Why is it that you choose to blatantly disobey your own party's leadership... or is this one of those cases of "Do as I say, not as I do?"

Additionally may I ask you sir; do you listen to the primetime hosts on the Democratic Party's cable news network, MSNBC? Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, and Chris Matthews are all constantly discussing the fact that the rhetoric needs to be toned down so as to not incite violence, yet here you are once again making obscure and irrelevant references to Nazi tactics as you attempt to defile honest, hardworking and Patriotic Americans.

Mr Grayson, we "Teabaggers," as you like to mock us, will not fall for your little game. We are not interested in violence, and we will not commit acts of violence in order to give you and your Democratic friends leverage. This is not a game, Mr. Grayson, this is The Constitution and the future of The United States of America we are talking about, and we "Teabaggers" take our nation's law and her future very seriously.

I hope you have enjoyed your one term representing Florida's 8th District. It is my sincere hope that your constituents have more self-respect than to ever consider reelecting you to Congress. You can count on me to provide them with all of the honest, influential information needed to make a prudent decision.


Teresa said...

This is a fabulous letter!!

Alan Grayson is a scumbag.

Just a conservative girl said...

I think you read about my little run in with him the night of the house vote on healthcare. He is such a disgrace.

Soloman said...

Teresa -

Thank you. And yes, Grayson is a scumbag - to the fullest.

Soloman said...


Yes, I do remember your post about him almost plowing over you.

I usually say I don't care about what type of person they are, it's purely about the politics.

In this case, it's different. He's clearly an ass, and although I've never met him, I despise him.