Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Little Spring Cleaning

I got an "Are you okay?" phone call today that I was glad to receive (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and it reminded me that it's been about a week now since my last post, and I thought I'd check in with everyone and say hello. I hope this note finds you all well.

I've visited some of you through the past week and left comments on items you've posted, but my personal priorities have shifted a bit, and so I have not been posting as much.

Quite simply... we all know by now that we're bigoted, homophobic racists who cling to our God and our guns. There are only so many ways that we can discuss how Barack Hussein Obama and his crew are mocking us and poking their finger in our chest. And while there certainly are some other events taking place, I've decided to do a little personal spring cleaning, and it's shifted my focus just a bit.

Literally, I've taken on some spring cleaning in my home. There's not a lot to a one-bedroom apartment, but in addition to the basic dusting and mopping I'm planning a little re-organizing... kind of give the place a fresh feeling.

Additionally, I've begun a bit of personal cleansing this spring too... as in a new exercise routine that has consumed some of my time and much of my focus. This is something I've been needing to do for a long time, and now that I've started I'm feeling really good about it. I've got some inches to shed from the waistline, and I need to turn the flab to fab, so to speak. And while a diet of salads and veggies is helpful, there's nothing like hitting the weight room and pumping some iron to get a body back into the shape it needs to be.

A couple of days this past week I came home after a workout and tried to put together a post, but I just didn't have the energy or the focus. I've found in the past that when my schedule changes it takes some time for all the other aspects of my life to find their place, and I expect in this case the same will hold true.

So - since the narrative seems to have flattened a bit lately, and I've taken on a couple of new personal priorities, I may be posting a bit less than normal over the next little while. While I may not be writing as consistently, I'll be keeping up on events, and it's likely I'll drop in and comment on your blogs from time to time.

And I promise that no matter what, at heart I plan to remain the same racist, homophobic, uneducated, bigoted redneck that Barack Hussein Obama expects me to be, and I'll be damned proud of it!


contento said...

Soloman -- I'm like your mom and dad, wanting to say: everything okay? but figured it's just quiet time -- always a good thing. as usual, you're ahead of the curve. glad it's all good in wisdomtown. keep it clean, bro.

Just a conservative girl said...

Good luck with the new workout routine. Your right, your body will need some time to adjust.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Your fellow bigot et al.

Chris W said...

Glad to hear things are going well. I understand completely that the exercise routine can take away from blogging. We recently started exercising ourselves and the last thing you want to do afterward is try to sit at a computer.

Good luck on the spring cleaning both in your body and environment.

Soloman said...

contento -

yes, all is well... I just needed a bit of a break - as you called it, "quiet time," and as described have a couple of new items on life's plate.

and keeping it clean is the only way to keep it..

Soloman said...

Hey JACG -

I'm a former jock of sorts, so the exercise routine will come naturally once I get a rhythm going.

Adding the blogging back in regularly will come in time... but as I said, I'll certainly be keeping an eye on events.

And you know I'll chime in when something grabs me... heh.

Soloman said...

Chris -

Exactly... it's tough to focus on anything for too long, beyond putting a meal together and making sure everything's set for the next day's work.

I'm enjoying the feeling though... I haven't worked out in almost ten years, and I missed it.

Merri Ann said...

Glad to hear everything is okee dokey. Changes in routine always throw off my blogging ... it's always nice that your followers tend to stick with you.

tammy said...

I've been blaming this nice spring weather on my lack of blogging (and commenting) lately too. Like you, I think of things that I should blog, but then lose the energy or motivation to do it. My blog posts have been short and sweet lately. But I have been enjoying my time away from the computer. Gotta take advantage of it before we can't leave the a/c house.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Ah yes, we're all a proud group.

I have done the same with the diet and exercise the last couple of weeks myself. I hope, down the road, I can change my name from Woodsterman to toothpicksterman.

Snarky Basterd said...

Well I'm glad your personal spring cleaning hasn't taken you to the light. We need you here on the dark, racist, homophobic, teabagging side.

Teresa said...

Good Luck at shedding those extra pounds. That is so sweet of your mom and dad calling to see whether your okay. Take all the time you need with cleaning house and the new exercise routine. We'll be here waiting for the "new" Soloman posting great stuff.

What Makes Us Right said...

Sol, glad to see you back. I have been fighting the same doldrums recently and have taken on a new hobby myself, mountain biking. I can get a great workout, and see some beautiful countryside in the process. Maybe I will find something to inspire me out on the trail..

One Ticked Chick said...

I think a lot of us have been on a hiatus recently, Sol. With the nice weather upon us, we've got lots of other things competing for our time. Good luck with your new exercise/diet routine and the dreaded spring cleaning. We'll be waiting patiently for your return.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Solomon. I have been arranging and cleaning the house myself lately. I have ALOT of rooms, areas, and the garage and don't even mention the yard.

I post about 2 times a week now myself.
We have to get off the computer, and take care of our lives. I hope you are enjoying your freedom, and you are making great progress. Happy Spring!

The Conservative Lady said...

Hi Sol,
Glad to hear all is well. Blogging takes up a lot of time and the most important things in life can get shuffled to the back. I've noticed that myself, so I think you've got your priorities in order.

The_Kid said...

Soloman, Work those priorities baby !

Good luck !

Candle said...

Good idea man, recharge the batteries. I've been spring cleaning as well. Listen, regarding the "self" cleansing stuff you were mentioning, I highly recommend you pick up Ben Franklin's autobiography. You'll find a wealth of important, forgotten things in there about how to live your life that worked for a very long time but is suddenly not cool. If you've already read it, maybe read it again if its been a while. I read it in high school and just picked it back up.

ozzie said...

In my experiences in exercise (went to school for an education in Dietetics and was a "former" gym rat) I can see where you are coming from. The gym definitely wears you out, but you will soon realize how well it focuses the mind and how you will have tons of important thoughts during the process. Keep a notebook handy- that exercise will spring a new life into your blog-

I have a notebook/pen on my treadmill for such epiphanies.

Good luck with what you're doing, if you have any questions post them up- I am very knowledgeable in the physiology/kinesiology/nutrition areas.

Opus #6 said...

Thinking of you, Sol. Glad to hear you are out and about and doing what you like.

Soloman said...

Hey everyone -

Thanks for the support and well wishes in my change of personal agenda.

The workouts are going well - I haven't bought a scale, but I can see a difference around my waistline already, and I see a change in my posture. I'm feeling burning sensations in muscles I probably haven't used in years, and it feels great!

The housecleaning... work in progress. It's cleaner, but I am still debating turning my entire living room around. We'll see.

Truth be told, I've sat in front of this computer nearly every night wanting to put some thoughts to the keyboard, but instead I end up just skimming all your blogs or flashing around the news sites.

I've spent a few hours at Huffington Post... Oh, my... they're wackier there than I remember!!

I finally got enough coherent thoughts together to put up a post - needless to say it's about this ridiculous immigration debate. This is now the issue of our time - perhaps more important that health care was...???

The government can ask us to prove we have bought health insurance or they'll fine us, yet that same government refuses to ask the citizenship status of people who might be here illegally.

The world is truly upside down.

God help us.