Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Harry Reid: The Double Standard Defined

Remember during the 2008 Presidential elections how the left accused crowds at a John McCain and Sarah Palin stump speeches of yelling "Kill him!" in reference to Barack Hussein Obama?

Remember how the media ran like wildfire with that story?

Remember how every media outlet began asking why McCain and Palin would not instantly admonish such hateful and violent rhetoric?

Every news network had a piece on this alleged rhetoric, yet not one media outlet, blog, or other source could produce an actual recording of such words being said. Crowds of tens of thousands at these rallies, camera crews from every major media outlet, yet not even one token piece of evidence.

The Secret Service declared that they had not heard any such rhetoric, yet there were absolutely no retractions from any of the media outlets that had brought the story forward as truth. Instead many, such as Huffington Post, produced additional stories with print versions of such allegations, but again; no audio or video evidence.

Now comes a story from the other side. It seems soon-to-be-retired Senator Harry Reid of Nevada held a rally in his hometown of Searchlight, Nevada this past weekend. As he spoke before the massive crowd gathered before him,estimated by the AP to be 100 people, Reid took jabs at Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, who just one week before had gathered an estimated 8000 Patriots in the same location.

While Reid was discussing how he wanted to make a few remarks about the people who gathered in the same location the previous week, one woman in the audience yells out very clearly, "Aw, they can drop dead." Reid continued by saying, "But I couldn't fit it all on my hand," clearly a reference to the ongoing joke about Palin from the February Tea Party Nation event held in Nashville.

The Palin jokes are fine. But let's ask the obvious question: Why on Earth did Harry Reid not stop and scold this woman in his audience immediately?

One thing that must be made very clear: There was no evidence whatsoever of any such actions or statements made by any member of any crowd member at any McCain or Palin rally.

Meanwhile, the evidence is very clear regarding the statement made by a person in Harry Reid's crowd of supporters.

This is not a matter of "They did it first." This is a matter of the fact that the media, Congressional representatives, their supporters and followers are all plainly and clearly liars and deceivers. For all the allegations being made, nobody from the left at any level can produce honest evidence of the incidents they allege, yet in a blatant act of hypocrisy they behave in the very same manner they falsely condemn.

At the time of this post, a Google search of the phrase "harry reid crowd drop dead" sorted for the past 24 hours showed a small handful of blogs that matched the search words, let by Gateway Pundit. The only major media outlet to appear was CBS News, but an investigation proved there is no matching text in their article which provides the same video appearing here. Therefore my conclusion is that their appearance in this query is due to a comment made by a reader.

Just another shining example of the lies, hypocrisy, and double standard coming from today's leftists in politics and the media.

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common sense duh said...

The lefty-loos are so full of hypcrisy and double standards it makes me sick.