Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Thrill is gone for "Obama Girl"

Remember the "Obama Girl?"

It seems Amber Lee Ettinger, whose YouTube sensations "Crush on Obama" and "Super Obama Girl" have combined for over 35 million hits, has lost that loving feeling.

Ettinger -- the buxom sensation who lip-synched about her love for then-candidate Barack Obama -- said she wishes he spent his first year in office more focused on fixing the abysmal economy.
"I know he's getting a lot of flak for things that he's not doing. In my opinion, I feel like he should be focusing a lot more on jobs and the economy."

Ettinger, 28, said that even though she doesn't have health care -- "I can't afford it" -- she still thinks Obama should have waited to tackle the thorny legislation that has been blamed for the Democratic party's loss of Massachusetts Senate seat formerly held by the late Ted Kennedy.

"It's definitely a distraction because of the economy being as bad as it is," said the Jersey City resident.

"He did create some jobs, but most of them were government jobs and that doesn't really help the middle class. But it helps a bit," said Ettinger.

Her grade for Obama: B- minus.

Ettinger also appeared on Hannity tonight (video below). It was a very telling interview about the state of Obama's popularity, then and now. Hannity even got her to admit that she would consider voting for a Republican candidate - she picked Huckabee out a line-up of four.

She also offered a classic line during the Hannity interview, as she said "Well, at least I wasn't the Edwards girl."


Opus #6 said...

She is a cutie, you have to give her that. But I think she could have better taste in men. Obama is and always was a wussy girlie-man. Ick!

The Conservative Lady said...

Well, it was good while it lasted. At least he afforded her some popularity and a little extra dough before she the flame died out.

Soloman said...


She is cute, and she seems to be somewhat intelligent too.

As for her taste in men... she clearly hasn't met me yet.. lol!!

Soloman said...


Funny.. they did each other the favor of affording popularity.

Seems she used it to her advantage, and he's using it to our detriment..

Malcolm said...

Amber gives the president a B minus and yet Fox puts up the graphic "Obama Girl Turns Against Pres". Ha ha ha, they kill me. Good old Fox, "We Distort, You Decide".

Soloman said...

Malcolm -

Again with the dishonesty, you?

Obviously you didn't read or didn't watch the clip. She's very disappointed in many aspects of Barack Hussein Obama's first year in office.

She said she'd even consider voting for Huckabee over Teh Won. That's saying a lot for a gorl who's made a name for herself off the Obama drama.

Malcolm said...

You really need to stop accusing me of dishonesty. You say that I obviously didn't read or watch the clip. What's obvious is that you are making assumptions about me without knowing what you're talking about. Just so you know, I read your post and watched the clip before I commented. I just happen to disagree.

So what if Amber is disappointed in Obama's first year? I've been disappointed about some things too. However, that doesn't mean we are turning our backs on him.

Amber also said she'd consider voting for Mike Huckabee. Again, so what? If she said, "there is no way I would ever vote for Obama again", then that would be turning her back on him. If you and others want to say that a B minus means she's turning her back on him, go for it.

Even if Amber has turned her back on Obama, does it really matter? What's funny is that some of you on the right are ecstatic over her criticism of President Obama. It's like you look at it as a victory for your side.

Soloman said...

"We Distort, You Decide"

Malcolm, that's dishonesty.

The show this clip was taken from is an opinion show, not a hard news show.

Furthermore, Miss Ettinger clearly stated that she was not sure if she'd vote for Obama again.

Regarding your comment of "sides" - in the words of our President, "let me be clear" -

My "side" is the side that believes in and wishes to adhere to The Constitution.

You may very well be on my side.

Barack Obama is not on my side. He is a Progressive, just like Hillary said she is a Progressive - in the vein of early 20th century Progressives.

Those in that particular movement, of that belief system, do not wish to have a Constitutional Democratic Republic as we have today.

They wish to operate in much more of a Marxist, Socialist fashion. While they do not believe in violent revolution as did Marx and Engels, they have the same ultimate desire - an elitist ruling class, and the rest of us. They do not believe in the strength of the individual as a contributing part of society; instead they believe in a governmental rule, offering sustenance to the masses.

I don't mean to get so deep... but this issue has become much more than just a difference of left / right in the eyes of many, and while we are not under hostile takeover, we certainly are being postured for a transition... or as Obama said - "The fundamental transformation of America."

Malcolm said...

Regardless of whether this segment was on an opinion-based or a hard news show, the host still has an obligation to present stories in an honest manner. I still say that the graphic used during the "Hannity" segment is a distortion.

You said: "Furthermore, Miss Ettinger clearly stated that she was not sure if she'd vote for Obama again."

That's my point exactly! How you and others are reading her uncertainty as meaning she's turned her back on Obama is a reach in my opinion.

The bottom line is that we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

By the way, I thought we were talking about "Obama girl", but you hopped on the Marxist/socialist train... slow down, lol.

Jamw96 said...

why do we care what this girl thinks anyhow? Other than the fact that she has good looks, and actually what appears to be a sense of humor (Edwards crack), I am not sure her liking or disliking the great orator is newsworthy. Quite frankly, I think Hannity stretched it a bit by having her on. I for one, feel a little less intelligent now for even watching it.

just my two cents.

Soloman said...

Malcolm... given the obvious crush-like behavior of not just Miss Ettinger but more than half of the nation...

I'd say Hannity's graphic was right in line.

For God's sake, man... she was taking her clothes off in front of the world for Obama, and now she's not even sure she'd vote for him again?

Come on...

Soloman said...

Jamw96 -

To some degree, you have a point.

However, you must remember that this young lady largely epitomized an entire movement that swept the nation.

America literally fell under the spell of "Obamamania" in 2008 and early 2009, and Miss Ettinger was at the front of the Obama media campaign, albeit not by design.

My ex-girlfriends' (then) 8th grade daughter was walking around singing "I got a crush on Obama."

You never heard such - especially from youngsters... as young as middle school? about Gore, Kerry, Bush, Reagan, Dukakis... not since JFK has there been such an idolization of a presidential candidate.

Therefore, while to some extent it was kind of a fluff piece, there is an interesting point to be taken from the fact that a girl once dubbed "Obama Girl" is no longer completely in the tank, so to speak.

Jamw96 said...


I agree she did have an impact during the election last year, primarily because of her looks and well her looks.

But quite frankly, until I saw this piece (pun intended), I had completely forgotten she had ever existed.

That said, I get your point, but...I just don't see her being newsworthy or "hannityworthy"